Monday, January 22, 2018

Wow, look at me, i think my opinions are right and other people's opinions are wrong, i'm different than everybody else because my opinions are actually right, i'm so smart, everyone else is dumb, i am upset with things and clearly my ideas will make everything perfect and way better and amazing

One of the few forms of government I can put any faith in is plutocracy. In a plutocracy the government exists solely to facilitate the ability of successful businesses to make more money. The government will always be in agreement with each other, they simply want to make more money by any means necessary. I have faith in this because it is very well documented that people can veritably make money and that the government can facilitate business. 

I am disheartened that democracy exists in its current form. Politics consists of appealing to the masses of indignant largely irrelevant idiots that comprise the voting public. This is a futile and inane waste of time that sadly fails to accomplish nothing, but instead produces results that are worse than nothing. Trying to make people happy is impossible, everybody knows that even the rich who have everything will consistently be upset about something, so attempting to make every poor bastard in America happy is probably one of the stupidest ideas anyone can think of. Making every irrelevant fuck happy accomplishes nothing and amounts to nothing, even if it were possible, there would not be a golden age where massive technological and economic progress occurs, the people would simply be contented and return to dimwitted fuckery with a shit-eating grin on their face for a while before becoming indignant over some trivial bullshit and taking to the streets demanding that all of their desires be met.

Democracy is a shitshow because it’s mission of ‘giving the people what they want’ is not only impossible, since people’s desires contradict each other, but also pointless, because public approval and smiles and on the faces of lowly people don’t pay the fucking bills, the cost money and accomplish nothing. These are people who only matter because the political system deludes them into thinking that they are anything more than wage-slaves or workhorses owned by some business or at least the government if they are self-employed. Have a political system that deludes them into thinking that their opinions are relevant in any way is no different than a cult, something that relentlessly preaches fallacious things to indoctrinate it’s followers and can easily result in the mass suicide of it’s faithful.

Plutocracy is a recipe for success because money makes the world go round; cash rules everything around me, cash is king, common fucking sense for Christ’s sake. If you disagree, come back when the common idioms above all have “indignant irrelevant sign waving idiots” in place of cash in their common forms. Appealing to indignant people is a hurdle, it is the common hurdle of keeping a population happy enough to voluntarily do labor, and an authoritarian military plutocracy could hurdle that hurdle much easier, because even if lowly people don’t make money, they’ll be happy enough to work because they’re happy that they’re not being tortured for failing to do so.

 Sure, being tortured into slave labor might suck, but for me personally, the pleasure of living in a country where people finally came to terms with the fact that their opinions are irrelevant would overshadow any pain from the torture. Listening to people reiterate commonplace opinions and political beliefs countless times is that fucking painful to me, their opinions are irrelevant, futile, worthless, pointless, and accomplish absolutely fucking nothing. These are people that compose easily 98% of a country that is literally ruled by fucking opinions, and the opinions of both majorities are still irrelevant because they just disagree with each other and agree to accomplish nothing. If we had a true plutocracy, at least we would accomplish something, we would make money and be competitive in business around the world, as of now, we accomplish nothing but indignation and it is fucking disgusting that people buy into this bullshit.

Sure, this is an opinion, but if people were humble for once, it could be the final opinion. No more opinions, no more relevant people, people are just animals, stupid animals, if you don’t give a fuck about how a horse feels about politics, then there’s no reason to give a damn about what a person thinks about politics. If a horse could vote, I guarantee you they would vote for whoever would give them more hay and carrots instead of whoever had the sustainable and prolonged success of the country in their best interest.

P.S. if you agree with me, and I can impose this sort of world, I promise plenty of hay and carrots for everybody!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Happy Days

People think it’s tolerant and inclusive to say “Happy Holidays”. It’s not. It’s basically a huge “Fuck you” to atheists and maybe some other people who don’t celebrate a winter holiday. So instead of saying a phrase that is the equivalent to “I hope you have a great day because you have the same color skin as me and the people who don’t can go fuck themselves.”  I hope people can be respectful and keep it to Happy Winter , Merry Monday if you have to, and Happy Days, because you can’t call them Happy Day’s-Off because not everybody gets those days off work. If you want a real day to celebrate, you can wish people Happy Solstice, because science will agree with that. Even saying Happy New Years is racist against Asians, Jews, and probably plenty of others, so take the tolerant approach with Happy January. Hopefully society will learn to actually be respectful of everybody’s culture instead of blatantly trying to force religion down people’s throats. Happy Birthday is also bigoted against Jehovah’s Witnesses, and you know who else was bigoted against Jehovah’s Witnesses? Hitler. Try to be a decent person. Happy Days, everybody.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


People might say I’m full of myself. What do you expect? I’m certainly not going to be half full of myself and be a pessimist about it.

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

In the past, elected officials were expected to be racist, misogynistic, bigoted, as well as govern effectively. The only thing that attempting to separate out the racism, misogyny and bigotry has done is ensure the fact that many politicians are no longer expected to govern effectively.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Boo! The First Amendment! Boo!

Today on the radio show The 1A on NPR, a woman representing the black lives matter group of her Virginia university, maybe William and Mary, was being interviewed about how her group protested and shut down the speech of an ACLU lawyer who was going to give a speech about the first amendment. One of her arguments was that “Liberals are all white supremacists” because by defending the first amendment you are in tandem defending the rights white supremacists to do what they want.

That might make me one of the few people who isn’t a “white supremacist” by that definition. I don’t support much of the first amendment. I am indifferent to religion, but I don’t support freedom of speech or the press, for these are wasteful, the news is irrelevant to the working man and his opinions and sentiments are irrelevant to the powers that be. Nor do I support freedom of assembly, people have no business assembling in public in any way whatsoever, people should be assembling things in a factory or otherwise assembling things in a productive way rather than being a public nuisance and threat to the safety of those who simply want to go about their day. As for the right to petition the government for the redress of grievances, such can be deemed irrelevant because if the government was at fault for any “grievances”, the punished likely deserved whatever happened to them. The stubborn ox does not get treats after he is beaten because he refuses to work.

I’m easily a hypocrite because I run my damn mouth so much, but I’m glad I’m not a white supremacist though.