Sunday, April 1, 2018

I Feel Amazing and I Love Myself

As much as I may appear to be some angry insane bastard, i am largely driven by a mania fueled megalomaniacal god complex, it causes me to love myself to an irreverent degree and feel amazing for absolutely no reason most of the time. It is nearly if not impossible for me to question my own opinions due to the god complex full well knowing that I am veritably correct at all times regardless of whatever I am talking about. It truly is a mental illness, but I can hardly complain because it feels amazing, even though it probably cost me plenty of job opportunities and the respect of everyone due to my insane ranting. It is only a problem when I am alone, because the demons get loose, in public my paranoia tends to keep me very calm and collected and normal, thankfully.

I’m just full of enough downers and sedatives to the point where I am not effectively blind-deaf from hallucinating all the time and spending the majority of my time, fighting all sorts of gods and demons and witches that I hallucinate with my magical powers, even though I lose all of the fights and they torture me with terrible sensory hallucinations for losing, but still having the megalomaniacal god complex I refuse to stop fighting them because of my naturally unshakable blindly cocksure mentality, at least in regards to hallucinations and thinking and things, and become extremely irate shouting into the thin air in a made-up language trying to fight off these demons with magic all day, it is very infuriating to hallucinate all of the time and have all of your attempts to resolve whatever nonsensical bullshit the ghosts are plaguing you with by any form of logical reasoning, argument, or magic.

The secondary problem is that since I’m no longer consumed by hallucinations to the same degree, as it is far easier for me to ignore them  thanks to the downers, I still have the aggressive cocksure god complex that fuels me at all times which makes me feel the need to attempt to (futilely) dominate everything and remind existence of how fucking powerful and amazing I am, regardless of having mountains of proof contrary to that argument, which doesn’t fucking faze me in the slightest because that’s how god complexes work.

I may be a shitty insane person, but hopefully it’s a bittersweet feeling, since now you know I’m only doing this because I feel amazing, I feel like my opinions are irrefutable facts, and I fucking love myself.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Put Me in the Gulag Already

I glanced at a newspaper opinion piece where a former Supreme Court Justice wants to strip people of their civil rights because some kids died. Not only is that disgraceful that someone who’s job it was to protect the constitution could betray his country like that, but that is shameless to give anyone with that mentality the time of day.

These communists argue that just because guns very rarely kill children, that nobody should have a right to own a gun, guns should be illegal, and they should be removed entirely from society because this prevents the deaths of the children. This is the same logic used by racists who argue that being a black person should be illegal and all black people should be removed form society because of the very rare instances where a black person kills an innocent person.

Sure guns kill children, but men kill children, women kill children, plastic bags kill children, cars kill plenty of children, prescription drugs kill children, fires kill children, drowning kills children, choking on food and toys kills children, falling from heights and windows kills children, household chemicals kill children, bicycle crashes kill children, accidental strangulation kills children.

If something should be illegal because it very rarely kills children and should otherwise be prevented, we need to make the following things illegal and remove them from society. Plastic bags, cars, prescription drugs, any unnatural source of heat and combustible material, any manmade bodies of water, all nonliquid food and toys, any manmade heights and all windows that open, all chemicals that are

Friday, March 23, 2018

Boo, Racism

Social liberals are insane when it comes to playing the “racism” card, they will see that Muslims are disproportionately suspected of becoming Radicalized Islamist Terrorists when compared to people of other races and religions, and they will label this racist discrimination. It is just common sense that Muslims are far more likely to become Radicalized Muslims than non-Muslims. If Muslims are 1% of the American population, it makes no sense to spend 10,000% more money so that you can monitor people of all races and religions in equal proportions for signs of Islamic Radicalization in the name of political correctness. The argument from the liberals that any form of racial profiling is “unfounded racism” is saying that Black people are equally as likely to be members of white supremacist hate groups like the Klu Klux Klan as white people themselves, which is nonsense.

I bring this up because I was glancing at the Smithsonian magazine, where a journalist argues that the fact that wiretapping in criminal investigations disproportionally targets African-Americans and Latinos due to the “war on drugs” is a “civil rights issue” as well as a “civil liberties issue”. This occurs due to the disproportional prevalence of gang culture and hence the drug culture, drugs being the gang’s main source of profit, amongst African-Americans and Latinos.

 Arguing that this is a “civil rights issue” due to the happenstantial fact that drug crimes are more proportionally more common amongst a certain section of the population like arguing that gangbangers are equally as likely as wall-street stockbrokers to commit securities fraud, insider trading, and bank fraud, and the fact that the Securities and Exchange Commission is being “racist and discriminatory” because they largely suspect successful business people of these things who are predominantly white people, thus causing them to monitor and investigate a disproportionate number of wealthy white people when compared to the number of poor, gangbanging minorities that they happen to investigate. Of course the liberals would never argue this because their logic argues that it is impossible to discriminate against white people, solely because they are white, regardless of the fact that the logic proving the case of “discrimination” is identical to their own.

Clearly I’m a big bad racist who doesn’t understand what social justice and moral decency are, forgive me.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Stand Up Against Fascism!

It is ridiculous that the blue fascists are using their fascist freedom of speech to protest the fascist freedom of speed of the red fascists, all while the blue fascists claim that they are not fascists at all, regardless of the fact that they are blatantly fascist terrorists using the fascist weapon known as freedom of speech to in an attempt to commit fascist ideological genocide.

 I feel that I am one of the few people who is actually politically correct here, because I don’t support any part of the first amendment whatsoever. Religion should clearly be illegal in any form because it is dangerous and used by terrorists around the world.

 It should be illegal to say anything at all, if something should be said, then it is the government’s responsibility to say whatever it is, anyone who even thinks about opening their mouth and saying a god damn thing should have their jaw broken and their tongue cut out, because speaking is the epitome of fascist terrorism. Any and all forms of press should be illegal, because the only news that should be published is that whatever facts the government feels like telling you, if you think the sky is blue, but the fed tells you that it is red, you better know damn well that the sky is red and the fact that you disagree with the official story is because you are a terrorist hell-bent on instilling fascism.

There is no reason to complain about peaceable assembly, because it is in and of itself an oxymoron, any group of people that choses to assemble should without question be instantaneously assaulted with a hail of automatic assault rifle rounds and if there are still people standing after that they are manhandled and have their skulls placed under the treads of a tank and subsequently crushed for being so bold as to attempt to incite a fascist coup by assembling somewhere. It is clearly an oxymoron because it should logically be impossible to assemble peacefully.

The government can do no wrong, so I oppose granting people the right to petition the government for grievances clearly because it is equally as meaningful as a law telling you that it is illegal to buy and sell unicorn horns before noon on Sunday.

I oppose the 4th Amendment because it is another unicorn law, seeing how there is no such thing as an unreasonable search and seizure, and a warrant is a meaningless bit of bureaucracy because logically there is guaranteed to be probable cause for any allegation, seeing how if one has not provided probable cause for one’s on suspicion, probable cause will be provided for one’s own suspicion.

I oppose the 5th amendment because double-jeopardy is once again a unicorn law, because nobody has ever survived their execution after the first show trial, so clearly they will not need to be tried again. Self-incrimination is also another redundancy, because if somebody was ever in a position to incriminate themselves, they were already incriminated before they even started to incriminate themselves. Jurys are also a form of redundancy because one’s guilt has already been established before one is tried in any functional judicial system. Compensation for the seizure of private property under Eminent Domain is once again a unicorn law, seeing how private property does not exist in any politically correct form of government, as private property is yet another weapon used by fascists to terrorize the good people of the world.

The 6th amendment is pretty strong, show trials should always be speedy and public, the jury should be impartial in the politically correct sense meaning that they agree with the verdict provided beforehand by the state, clearly it is important to harangue the defendant in public, witnesses should always massacre the respectability of the defendant with testimony and should be compelled to do so, and the assistance of the council just because it wouldn’t be politically correct if you didn’t let the guilty party get a plea bargain and take their pick from the wide variety of public execution methods.

The 7th Amendment is fine, twenty dollars worth of civil crime is more than enough to have a jury of your peers who are loyal to the politically correct state condemn you to a public execution for your unforgivable fascist ways.

The 8th Amendment is a unicorn law, as bail should not exist in any politically correct system as this would allow dangerous fascists back on the street once they have been caught. It continues with the fantasy seeing how there is no fine too high, and no punishment that could possibly qualify as cruel or unusual when used to punish a fascist who opposes political correctness.

The 9th and 10th Amendments can be used to ensure that if need be, we can use political correctness to grant the government, the states, and the people, as many rights as they need be to combat and destroy the red fascist and the blue fascists who both seek to destroy all that is good, meaning political correctness, by having opinions, being critical of things and even criticizing things, committing treason by failing to wholly and unquestioningly support political correctness, tolerance of things that are not punishable by death, aiding and abetting fascist terrorists, and many other atrocities that must be rebuked in the harshest possible manner.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I'm sorry, I don't love terrorists

                People upset about Trump’s nomination for the head of the CIA seem to be confused about the fact that the Central Intelligence Agency is not the god damn American Civil Liberties Union. It’s beyond even that and these people are upset that the sole function of the CIA isn’t performing the duties of the Terrorist Civil Liberties Union. It is ironic on the day of protesting gun violence people make themselves clear that they fully support people firing assault rifles at American Citizens and killing them, but only when the people doing so are god damn terrorists. These people want American citizens to die so vehemently that they are upset that every terrorist isn’t treated to high fives, cocaine and a blowjob when he gets arrested for being a god damn terrorist. Clearly they don’t understand that gaining valuable information that can save the lives of many American soldiers by interrogating people that are literally fucking terrorists is a critical function of the CIA.
                When people value the comfort and happiness of terrorists more than they value the lives of humble American citizens, that is the point where the people themselves should be tried and easily convicted of treason and terrorism. Seeing how it is somehow politically correct to hate your own countrymen to the point where you would rather make a terrorist happy than save American lives, I don’t understand why we’re not going the extra mile and just handing all political power, civil rights, property, public property, and private property over to the Islamic State so we can all sleep easy night grinning ear to ear knowing that every good little terrorist is happy and anyone who actually loves America and seeks to protect her is being raped, tortured, and beheaded in the streets.
                I’ve got a solution, anyone who opposes torturing terrorists can be tortured because they’re a terrorist for believing such a thing until they are wise enough to come to the conclusion that torturing terrorists is a good thing because it saves American lives, especially when it prevents people from even communicating the opinion that the comfort and happiness of a god damn terrorist is more important than the lives of American citizens who actually have  a backbone and are willing to fight and risk their lives in order to defend this great nation, even if it is a painful double edged sword because they are also defending the cultists worshiping the pro-terrorist anti-American agenda known as political correctness.