Thursday, October 19, 2017

Boo! The First Amendment! Boo!

Today on the radio show The 1A on NPR, a woman representing the black lives matter group of her Virginia university, maybe William and Mary, was being interviewed about how her group protested and shut down the speech of an ACLU lawyer who was going to give a speech about the first amendment. One of her arguments was that “Liberals are all white supremacists” because by defending the first amendment you are in tandem defending the rights white supremacists to do what they want.

That might make me one of the few people who isn’t a “white supremacist” by that definition. I don’t support much of the first amendment. I am indifferent to religion, but I don’t support freedom of speech or the press, for these are wasteful, the news is irrelevant to the working man and his opinions and sentiments are irrelevant to the powers that be. Nor do I support freedom of assembly, people have no business assembling in public in any way whatsoever, people should be assembling things in a factory or otherwise assembling things in a productive way rather than being a public nuisance and threat to the safety of those who simply want to go about their day. As for the right to petition the government for the redress of grievances, such can be deemed irrelevant because if the government was at fault for any “grievances”, the punished likely deserved whatever happened to them. The stubborn ox does not get treats after he is beaten because he refuses to work.

I’m easily a hypocrite because I run my damn mouth so much, but I’m glad I’m not a white supremacist though.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Humanity Will Die Chasing the Internet Dragon

                 The internet is like a drug that gets people hooked by using anything and everything to get and keep a person’s attention. It is a competition on the internet to see who can sap the most time out of somebody’s life because this means making money. Even though computers themselves have this capacity without the internet, the internet makes this a perpetual cash grab between content providers. Though the internet has many practical applications, the vast majority is easily just a narcotic form of entertainment that is more mindless than television at best. Even that would be too nice of a way to describe the internet because it neglects all of the reprehensible parts of the internet. The internet brainwashes people like a slot-machine that has the capacity to tell you that the slots are the real world and determines your winnings based upon how much you conform to the mob mentality of whichever self-righteous indignant circlejerk of idiots that you happens to try to interact with. People get addicted to these feelings and the dangers of the internet have been thoroughly documented, but people disregard this just like how a heroin addict doesn’t care how unhealthy their addiction is because it feels so good.
                People should pay a heavy tax to use the internet for the purpose of their hedonistic addiction to the mind-numbing slot-machine that pays out in brainwashing and fallacious beliefs of one’s own relevance that people find themselves hopelessly absorbed in. Instead of gambling with money these people are gambling with their own identity and more often than not forsake their ability to speak freely in order to shill whatever bullshit the botnet determines is going to give the most internet points in a certain echo chamber at the present time. Clearly the internet is not a threat to the government, or else they would have more thoroughly censored it, it is clear however that the internet is a dangerous threat to the humanity of the people and for this reason this large source of electronically induced dopamine must be reigned in, for as the internet becomes more developed, it’s inherent flaws become that much more prevalent and palpable, and since it is these inherent flaws with the internet that cause people to get addicted in the first place, it will simply become harder and harder to prevent the originally independent and unique human mind from becoming more and more ubiquitous with sentiments algorithmically shilled through the tubes in order to maximize the profits of the titans who’s heavy handed grip forcefully shapes and molds the online experience of the common man.
                This scenario is strikingly similar to the opium crisis that china experienced in past centuries. The difference however is that the addicted will see no alternative to contrast to their own life of meaningless addiction and this lack of a contrasting figure means that there will be no source for indignation and outrage at their own meaningless life as a human with little if any capacity to think freely due to the constant stream of media that courses through their sensory organs and obfuscate if not eliminates their ability to think independently from this medium of media. Using the internet in any way that induces dopamine is fueling the addiction to the web and those who do not spend their life chasing the internet dragon will spend their life chasing the money of those chasing the internet dragon. A noble man would slay this dragon, but when such a feat is unimaginable, the feeble minded men take the path of least resistance and pledge their allegiance to the dragon in exchange for piddling specks of bullion from the dragon’s hoard or simply for a taste of the magical pleasure the dragon can easily impart in exchange for one’s humanity.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Matata sent to mend the vice driven schism
Come to take some names and crack some skulls
All the beasty feelys clouded its wisdom
Hence be smitten all cognizant souls
If suffering is fire, torture be the coals
But fire be needed to spark up fat bowls
If living be nothing but folly and gaffe
Where is the point if not for a laugh?

Monday, August 7, 2017

Fighting Nihilism with Nihilism

Reality and existence are meaninglessness. Searching for meaning is futile because there is none. There is however the illusion of meaning. This is illusion is caused by a cognizance searching for something that isn’t there, but it’s belief is so strong that it is capable of imagining something and being incredulous to this fact and instead believing that this fiction is real.

The fact that reality in any of its forms will always be meaningless is wonderful for anybody searching for meaning. This is because meaning is much like a hallucination, and this hallucination can only be experienced by those that are capable of feeling it. In a sense, one’s own cognizance and ability to give significance to the concept of meaning is like taking a hallucinogenic drug.

The law of large numbers would side with people in search of meaning, because of the consistent near 100% probability of meaninglessness, the illusion of meaning would need to occur at some point, and as such those capable of perceiving the illusion of meaning will more than likely experience this perception and contrive some sort of meaningfulness in something, even if it is not some grandiose meaning that defines all of reality.

The point being that since you are capable of perceiving meaning, the law of large numbers would weigh heavily in your favor if you attempt to find meaning in something or everything. Factors that can increase these odds are the possibilities of omniscience that acknowledges the truth of universal meaninglessness, computers capable of understanding some form of meaning however simple, and undeveloped minds of lifeforms that have the capability to understand meaning but have not had the random spur or education that would cause them to ponder these things. All of these individuals add to the data set of cognizant entities capable of acknowledging meaning yet for some reason or another refrain from doing so, and this leaves the probability yearning to fill the dearth in results of cognizant entities that believe in meaning, seeing how a belief in meaning cannot be all too improbable considering its persistent historical presence, however when the majority of beings capable of believing in meaningfulness refrain, the complimentary set of probable outcomes must be fulfilled, and thus those who are do not stalwartly believe in meaninglessness by their own free will or ignorance are compelled by probability to find meaning and believe in this meaning.

This means that while meaning may be an illusion, it is something that those who are willing to believe in it are very prone to believing in. When searching for meaning, just know that you have to create or imagine the meaning in the first place, and this strategy should prove more fruitful than looking for something that isn’t there. Long story short, don’t look for meaning in things, because this is fruitless, instead you must simply create the meaning for things, and this is how and why they will become and stay meaningful.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Friday, June 2, 2017

But the Founding Fathers never paid a tax on their gasoline, why should we?

People complain that “The previous generations didn’t have to spend all of there savings on healthcare, why should we?” which is comparable to “The Founding Fathers didn’t have to pay for health insurance, why should we?” 

There was hardly any healthcare to spend money on the first place. People that want to enjoy the “longevity” of contemporary healthcare without spending money on it just want to have their cake and eat it too. People want millions of dollars of care for free to treat their cancer and what not when in previous generations these sorts of things would just be considered untreatable and would kill you. If you want to die with savings then don’t be Ponce De Leon, the quest for immortality inevitably kills you in the end.