Monday, July 16, 2018

Putin fucked up big time in Helsinki

Putin fucked up big time today, because despite his KGB training he let his ego get the best of him, he put more precedence in overpowering Trump and manipulating him instead of making decisions that would actually benefit himself. He may have dominated Trump, but that only benefits his ego in the short term, because any benefit that Trump is able to offer him relies entirely on the ability of Trump to maintain the public support of the American people, and when he makes Trump look terrible like this, he is only hurting himself, because on account of his actions he gains little to nothing but has caused Trump to be the subject of brutal criticism from people who would usually be more supportive of him. The aims of Putin hinge on the global stage hinge largely on the success of Trump, and the success of Trump depends on the support he receives from the American people, so by using this as an opportunity to stroke his own ego rather than one to empower Trump by using this meeting as a tool to further the public support and empower the public image of Trump, he sacrificed a golden opportunity because his ego got the best of him and distracted him from the long con
.               Trump is not a despot, he is just an asshole, and while that may be popular among American people, he will not act out of any respect to some legitimate plan and instead use his personality to win support and simply be satisfied with that. It is up to Putin to manipulate Trump in such a way that it actually benefits Trump, because Trump will not do this of his own accord when faced with a truly dominant person like Putin even though he will gladly be the powerful asshole when conversing with the eunuchated pouting sycophants who rule the West by appealing to the emotional delusional parasitosis induced by being demonized for failing to coddle anything and everything that happens to exist. The power of Trump is the only thing that is capable of providing relief for Russia, and Putin should understand that this is only possible if Trump can garner enough unquestioning public support for his actions, and this can only happen if Trump is able to create and maintain a positive public image, and unfortunately for everyone involved, today’s meeting only served to severely hurt both parties involved due to a failure to understand the breadth of the situation beyond a simple wrestling match between the egos of each of the two people in that meeting.

Monday, July 9, 2018

At Navy Headquarters...

(At Navy Headquarters)
“Sir, Thirteen Thai boys are trapped in a flooded and dangerous cave system, what should we do?”
“We send in a crack team of the best cave divers in the world to Thailand in order to rescue those boys.”
“That will cost millions of dollars sir, that same amount of money could save the lives of thousands of African children who are guaranteed to die of preventable causes.”
“Sending in the Navy Seals in that dangerous cave will be totally badass and show the world how awesome we all are. The first rule about saving people’s lives is that nobody cares about human life, people only care about badass heroics.“
“So we’re going to let thousands of children die from in Africa from easily preventable causes just to save these 13 boys who are trapped in a cave due to their own stupidity of exploring a cave that is commonly known to flood during the monsoon season?”
A few days later
“Well, one of the best and most highly trained Italian cave divers has drowned attempting to rescue these boys. Do you still defend your reasoning?”
“It was 100% worth it. Last time I checked, zero people gave a fuck about those Africans, and we’re on the news every day for being badass heroes. The public opinion is the only front we’ve yet to surrender on in our conquest of Western imperialism, and I’ll be damned if we wave that white flag today. Good men die at war, and you give them a 21-gun salute and cry one noble tear knowing they died for the greater good.”
“So the greater good is bettering the public opinion of the West as opposed to actually saving anyone’s lives?”

Sunday, April 1, 2018

I Feel Amazing and I Love Myself

As much as I may appear to be some angry insane bastard, i am largely driven by a mania fueled megalomaniacal god complex, it causes me to love myself to an irreverent degree and feel amazing for absolutely no reason most of the time. It is nearly if not impossible for me to question my own opinions due to the god complex full well knowing that I am veritably correct at all times regardless of whatever I am talking about. It truly is a mental illness, but I can hardly complain because it feels amazing, even though it probably cost me plenty of job opportunities and the respect of everyone due to my insane ranting. It is only a problem when I am alone, because the demons get loose, in public my paranoia tends to keep me very calm and collected and normal, thankfully.

I’m just full of enough downers and sedatives to the point where I am not effectively blind-deaf from hallucinating all the time and spending the majority of my time, fighting all sorts of gods and demons and witches that I hallucinate with my magical powers, even though I lose all of the fights and they torture me with terrible sensory hallucinations for losing, but still having the megalomaniacal god complex I refuse to stop fighting them because of my naturally unshakable blindly cocksure mentality, at least in regards to hallucinations and thinking and things, and become extremely irate shouting into the thin air in a made-up language trying to fight off these demons with magic all day, it is very infuriating to hallucinate all of the time and have all of your attempts to resolve whatever nonsensical bullshit the ghosts are plaguing you with by any form of logical reasoning, argument, or magic.

The secondary problem is that since I’m no longer consumed by hallucinations to the same degree, as it is far easier for me to ignore them  thanks to the downers, I still have the aggressive cocksure god complex that fuels me at all times which makes me feel the need to attempt to (futilely) dominate everything and remind existence of how fucking powerful and amazing I am, regardless of having mountains of proof contrary to that argument, which doesn’t fucking faze me in the slightest because that’s how god complexes work.

I may be a shitty insane person, but hopefully it’s a bittersweet feeling, since now you know I’m only doing this because I feel amazing, I feel like my opinions are irrefutable facts, and I fucking love myself.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Put Me in the Gulag Already

I glanced at a newspaper opinion piece where a former Supreme Court Justice wants to strip people of their civil rights because some kids died. Not only is that disgraceful that someone who’s job it was to protect the constitution could betray his country like that, but that is shameless to give anyone with that mentality the time of day.

These communists argue that just because guns very rarely kill children, that nobody should have a right to own a gun, guns should be illegal, and they should be removed entirely from society because this prevents the deaths of the children. This is the same logic used by racists who argue that being a black person should be illegal and all black people should be removed form society because of the very rare instances where a black person kills an innocent person.

Sure guns kill children, but men kill children, women kill children, plastic bags kill children, cars kill plenty of children, prescription drugs kill children, fires kill children, drowning kills children, choking on food and toys kills children, falling from heights and windows kills children, household chemicals kill children, bicycle crashes kill children, accidental strangulation kills children.

If something should be illegal because it very rarely kills children and should otherwise be prevented, we need to make the following things illegal and remove them from society. Plastic bags, cars, prescription drugs, any unnatural source of heat and combustible material, any manmade bodies of water, all nonliquid food and toys, any manmade heights and all windows that open, all chemicals that are

Friday, March 23, 2018

Boo, Racism

Social liberals are insane when it comes to playing the “racism” card, they will see that Muslims are disproportionately suspected of becoming Radicalized Islamist Terrorists when compared to people of other races and religions, and they will label this racist discrimination. It is just common sense that Muslims are far more likely to become Radicalized Muslims than non-Muslims. If Muslims are 1% of the American population, it makes no sense to spend 10,000% more money so that you can monitor people of all races and religions in equal proportions for signs of Islamic Radicalization in the name of political correctness. The argument from the liberals that any form of racial profiling is “unfounded racism” is saying that Black people are equally as likely to be members of white supremacist hate groups like the Klu Klux Klan as white people themselves, which is nonsense.

I bring this up because I was glancing at the Smithsonian magazine, where a journalist argues that the fact that wiretapping in criminal investigations disproportionally targets African-Americans and Latinos due to the “war on drugs” is a “civil rights issue” as well as a “civil liberties issue”. This occurs due to the disproportional prevalence of gang culture and hence the drug culture, drugs being the gang’s main source of profit, amongst African-Americans and Latinos.

 Arguing that this is a “civil rights issue” due to the happenstantial fact that drug crimes are more proportionally more common amongst a certain section of the population like arguing that gangbangers are equally as likely as wall-street stockbrokers to commit securities fraud, insider trading, and bank fraud, and the fact that the Securities and Exchange Commission is being “racist and discriminatory” because they largely suspect successful business people of these things who are predominantly white people, thus causing them to monitor and investigate a disproportionate number of wealthy white people when compared to the number of poor, gangbanging minorities that they happen to investigate. Of course the liberals would never argue this because their logic argues that it is impossible to discriminate against white people, solely because they are white, regardless of the fact that the logic proving the case of “discrimination” is identical to their own.

Clearly I’m a big bad racist who doesn’t understand what social justice and moral decency are, forgive me.