Monday, January 10, 2011

Goatshed Christmas

Jericho wrought effigy
aloof lusting poets
foreshadowed by cacophony
of jeering jealous knights

jean dice, man ducks
anklet angers anchors
anodized apples
hamper fresh linus

porchenight porchlight
fright to insight
recalcitrant to the pilot kike
reeving riots wrongfully rich
men with sticks, dope bats and schurm sticks
razor knicks,slipdick and slapstick
only stealing the time to hear the clock tick
people rear turtles repenting to the wizard or oz
never in right, with only just cause
mummify burn vicims like radar with gauze

clean white fades fast to ash grey
seeping, crying to fluster bloodstrain
no use for soggy water weight,
try to float but not amalgamate
once tall tress now just rotten logs holding
once free men as they tell truth, lord beholding
racing sparrows as they breach the delta
soft sand tombs for broken Negros
crypts raise the dead to the surface
breathing the air of foul straights edging
sullen statistics wrought from the rape of rocks

good glaze is gloss,
grendel and gregor mendel
floss like spanish moss
woven tress kriss-kross
berating bereaved directorate relations
all cardinals say their god is lost
in the mist, run amiss
with missing children
bayou's breathing
Grendel's done it
Highwaymen and hellions
think they might have seen a ghost

Boogieman Holocaust

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