Sunday, January 9, 2011

I love you

I"m going out to washington
to fly free with birds
eating breadcrumbs in the parkinglot with seagulls
tar and feathers my boon my bane
homage holied, sordid shame
rest my knave, grendel is the ospreys game
grendle is the osper name

Jarring dominion of a trapped poe
horseless sheets raise tainted bones
moonwrought laserbeams
breakfast with james dean
god is dio

 Hemlocked misery
stray not hearchel
lest indigo poppies
straine le train's main
vein in plain vane trieme

JAImE! hide the fromaldahyde
enzime analitic amine unredundensup for
free range mange
couth bellanscoup vermouth
riotchoirs rephrase ratespeech
randomly castrate and empeach
the ones who preach
taking after Nietzsche 
lord rest restless souls
in the  sands of time
life's a beach

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