Saturday, January 8, 2011

there was once the diodoci
god gave us bonneduchi
therine lies napoli
pertained to dehpenti

rentacostal nonophones
rehoahn irvine
like one glove i do combines
apohen weren apostolic rhine

 shingeth, wringeth, therien lieth the pentalith
wroght naught nigh grapes for sought
sillen silence surfari surfait
 earphone horseshoe conglomoworld corpus-hate

]just one sock like rocko
van damme like the dutch
erect elections for dry dykes
phase hate rates like vandross

B=bommes for Andross

fhero fherus fandy mando hando
recripolate the jam though
black boys berry the merry
two tears sadness
sins to carry
dreary death
Beef like jerry
yellow canaries

want to start shit just throw a chair-y

get randy; drink sherry

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