Monday, January 10, 2011

when i die

when i die
christ will come down from heaven
to ressurect the dead
and with my gun and mechanical steed

we ride to valhalla
with voodoo and witchcraft
mummified blunts
brandish 5 stroke gatstraps
with infrared scopes
wizards weed like it's barney snopes
ski powder down
snow slopez like jump ropes

toss rocks like hopscotch
coke lines wrought chalk on the sidewalk
all play and no talk, gots a 40 oz  one day
next you know what my 45 has to say

shoulda just dropped the dolla for a quap
lay low n don't stop
love water just for the drip drop
love sally d just for the dun drop

Like i'm sam walton, hitting
up special K like it's a holiday
getting nostalgic knowing when
i used to be the one baling all that hay
know i'm grown up house made of bricks and yay
got to follow suit listen to what i say
its not worth the effort if your game don't stay
missing calls for the drop, just leaving cards where they lay

skip dreaming for gold records just loop culdesac's
like it's trip-naugt, know what you're taught,
rolling bones ain't how you got what you got,
lest you jest with the best or that just all your not
all tents dervish dub strains, delay will fry brains,
reining parish in the field of dreams
no simple berth, may tarnish cherish
lazarus therien knaves laud lout lutists sire
such as a soft somber limbed  lyre

of sadness

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