Sunday, April 17, 2011



Chasing off the letter i pulled out on the negro and sent back down the stairs and took a rubber around a sprey can of Jerri-freeze, and with that mans hair still burnin, dipping death like cold sherman, old woes and misrery underacomplished next to confusion, hair glowing in embers i shoved that spray can in his mouth to incite the flame, watching the fire encompassing his hair turn into a massive fireball, with flaming j-grease burning like petrol, i cracked their bottle of 151 and breathed new life into the flames, masterfully vaporizing the alcohol into a fireball, tumultuous conflagration hit the gas leak pipe loving the oven, trying to bathe his grease locks in that scherm bucket,with juice a flame this man scarred by his interest with hustling, getting a bit of the bustle from the city now. WIth the bottle drained i slip the rubber of fluid into his mouth, tied with a knot, due class, all rubbers being pinholed, the leak spewed up hisnose, and the fire raced down to the bomb and almost took his jaw off, rigormortis practically held the explosion inwards, with fire and blood rearing out his nose and ears i feel acomplished, his one true basefiend trying to outdance the pants of gingercrack, i took with the case and the base, allready cut, downgraded to mexican dope lords, Nafta and the unions made pardons state wide, and the corruption took me down as main stream slinger, hooked up with hot dice, and clean price homebrew. I feed their wretches. Insolent filth. I don't really give a fuck about what my dope is cut with, i can always tell if it's straight when it's just white powder, crystals are honeslty the only way to smoke Ginger, most niggers figure that scherm is the only solution, taking death with death, but clean is cut up with Ket and PCP.

None of what i did was murder, below the waist excemption for attempted, and honestly there is always a good chance a man with dreads with burn his grease down to the curl and burn like a sadist. Cops really don't give a fuck, they really just say let the negros kill themselves. So it leaves it down to street authority, one man mob boss, gun for hire, jet strapped for every chemical desire, always play it high low.

I got back in my car and burned the gloves, trash action lawsuit reposessed my tight and bloodstained leather, fingertips shaved down to dullness, all revocable and random delerious witnesses gettin the show done for me. Every time. This time i had too much dirt crack to hand out for free, i got some little dopeboy mexican street peddler a gift and i tells him christmas came early. No doubt the bag will kill him, see if he knows the 10 commandments all hopefuls should take as the bible.

I run down the alley lookin for Jezzy, and i see her suckin some mans cock, not even lookin, mans mind is space, hit with slick tounged dreams, soft like the french, i whistle and she does her magic, deep throating with head massage, works every time. This old white capped  man shared a look of mutual respect with me and he tossed her a twenty and a five, looking kind of sad i just tell that bitch to get in the car.

I take her back to the brothel, leaving the other girls to work, and i take my cut and i start to break the base open, strapped with the hard ducks in the safe, tippin to my lady for excellent work of course, I tell her get that rider of yours come down to flip some base, we need to put it on lock down, old string rope zipline from the bastion of justice. Scales always even, tell him to stay strapped, knowing nobody would ever hurt Francis "Hellhound" Defo, meanest crack lord since Nixon, flippin base at dirt cheap knowing addicts can't tell if it's cut, euphoric recall runnin wise of sly base, filled up some vials of KAMP, bleading Ketamine, Amphetamine, Morphine and PCP, call it the death rocket. it's a gift for the neck scratches and the ones bangin on the door like zombies. Just put the old dogs down, nobody gots the money so you know they just get some pimp treatment in the limo get their hopes up and get abandoned at the park. Most of them shoot up to the air, leavin them breathless, literally. World is rough, my boys had to go the same way, pain is suffering, why let the sick be weary.

Drop was set and safe, with Tyréno strapped at the house, all money is runing dog door if the chaps can make it round the back, all the lights off. fiends all shuffle through the back allys of Allegheny, got that underground railroad going, one candle in the window. Tyr practically knows every base fiend on the north side, trippin and trappin, easy going, easy knowing. read the faces of the belligerent, dope that speedball for em.

  Knowing the philly street life i know that the weed stays brown, so i ride 80 down 86 and find my boyo standing sully at the weigh station, passin bricks like midas shits them. lace weed comming heavy yellow sundried afterthoughts, nature's mako waves inheriting the werenocht like dolphin chatter, sets it up on the ham, not taps, algorythem and radio confusion lets us keep our sanity. meets me in the middle half way with the case, i shell him out 4 vials of k amp and a key of ginger for 5 key hemlock heat grass dutchess, fresh from the forest.  The only dancer i need to taint the bikers, who knows what he's cooking up anymore, probably nature shrubs snuff and jimson. Tell by the smell of the briks it had taint. How much Jimmy you drop in these sacks? Bout a quarter Key, even. Damn spliffy, leaves still whole? "Yezzir" he say all tweaked out, already tryin to take a chip off the old block. That'll do me good man, i'ma have my lady run you some hashish for the arabs.

So i dip back to the safehouse and filter down these keys into hashish, devils brand, sun and moon, cooked up with white or yellow, saving the bubble and making bricks of delirium, cut it down sellin keys sayin they're prayin for Santa Maria, the jane gets cut down into mostly powder, roll up a few scherm blunts for the deathly ill folks and toss em up in original casings. Gifts for the girls, who play the fool for straight dollars, no I.O.U no Drugs, no fun, always the rule. they always match and hand out one of the necroweed blunts to the violent, tells em they love it. Easy fuckings, every one of em. I catch up with Sunshine and Sally D, and threw a few good books up in blotter, on sale classic pages of classic books, flipping the j weed quick for schwagstars wanting to rep their click and look cool smokin ditch, sunshine is pure bubble, others gets the mad taint, but it makes the cut for potency, got most of the streets all the way up to harlem fiending for the sunshine but runnin base means rolling deep, uptown the niggers stay strapped and don't mean nothing but to fox with the boxman. Straight and easy the playboy hustlers respect the fact that i ride with lovely Jezzy makes the dick hurt with her teeth, most otherwise these men done be fucked out, always a good time with a dirty girl.

"Brando, aye Marlon" bulshitting was this negro named Klondo he likes a snatch n grab but his title was tight, so in the car we got murder in the back with the garrote, always keepin it down, rust etched flayed electrical fencing, running like a jumprope with batterys. Ain't shit was raised cause he knows what happens, got to give your guns to the girl and we weigh out and pay out. some pimps is strong, some pimps is stray, either way, all bout the yay. Colombia was his only friend today, with about 4 oz fresh white, probably cut, so i cut him a good brick of sunshine and took the coke out to be baked up. CHB, Creedencespice Heron Bone, make you see the devil then find god, only when you come down and your in the same place you were. I ditched old homily and drove back with that bitch on my dick, traffic laws and everything.  Got home and the safehouse ain't burned down so Slow wasn't cookin tonight, praise jesus. I flipped out some free bags to the homies holding it down for Allegeny, my army stands steadfast. Old Jaguar gets respect for the being and service of death, we all want to die. Drugs make us fiends and we all smoke the green and lace like lingerie almost invisible within the trichromes, calls it duneberry spice. Sprinkle the magic mix on the key of bud shining and sell it discount to the trappers lookin to stray the game from hard rock. And with this, we hustle.

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