Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Godfather

 Today was the day, All Saints Day,

 The man was going to make his speech in public, like Saint Marys day parade. Vidrio Banesqueo the all colorful public figure of the spanish news and also member of the infamous Santa Maria Heroina coup taking the drug cartels into the hands of a few young missionary who would smuggle the drugs into the states in bibles, the boards thick like rubber, the books made their way into the southern states, profits bought corruption within the central Mexican govenment and the seige took effect when they took to the tunnels to take kilos of powder undercover. All things they called were the mexican pharmacy. All cartels took that name, and the socialism covered the indifferent pill bottles of acetaminophen shipped in code holding number so illicit cocaine and morphine based substances. The children of poor farmers took to smuggling hashish, and the  topography of the mountian range near the arizona border led to ziplines capable of moving tens of hundreds of kilos into caves and caverns in the Arizona desert. These made their way across America through green carded refugees exiled to the desert lands. The border towns of LA broke out into riots as the gang war took over all ghettos priorities. Every race so poor as the only option was to take up arms against the insurgency. Infighting killed out most of the previously established American gangs, but the remaining blacks fight ceaselessly against the Mexicans near the border stealing escorts and killing immigrants. The suburbanites had connections with madmen who would negotiatie with the cartels exchanging amphetamines, ketamine and pcp, for the heron and  cocaine in question, this trade became know and the KAMP triad, the veterenary facilities corrupt into the ketamine market, the pharmacists and meth labs controlling the amphetamine and pcp, the heron coming from the asian smuggling rings. This coalition armed the youth and protected the warehouses like churches in france. Some youth had taken to impractical kamikazi style warfare aimed at the heads of traffic, some coups taking up to twenty lives to kill one made man, these were sporadic, and the kids took honor and homage to their families, most of them Italian mafioso hopefuls. The mexicans bred like rabbits and the natives had nowhere to run but natural economic holocaust, eventually bleeding out a new, independent mexican state taking confederacy in america, adopting the same guerilla tactics that were seen in Tijuana and other border towns.

Old "NAM vets took to mortars and collapsed many border tunnels while snipers took out drug runners while bikers stole vehiciles under cover. But the war was brutal. Those in the northern states watched while the distracted army of the US fought communism overseas, with nuclear missiles threatening all of the verdant arbor of Indian Eden. Up here, the war calmed down and the puerto ricans held everyone in a black market showdown will all the willing succumbing to death in the form of KAMP or violence, and with this status, the italians took over city politics to kill mindlessly every drug affiliate known to man with no brutality law saved from more and more exemption.
Today was the day for peace.

There was none. '

The godfather was shot in the head before the speech was made, the italians car bombed the projects and killed thousands of poor puerto rican immigrants, and with this, the disease had broken into little slice of hell. We live in Hells Kitchen, and a kitchen it is.

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