Friday, January 14, 2011

i am what i am

i am a communist only in the hope
that god might spare a bullet for to
endear an old horse

All i need

All i need is a barbering blade and a glass syringe
just to tap the needle

johnny doosi

fickle white men who have no gods
but the pickle jars holding
soft white skin secreting secrets
fluids of frozen froshned froth
no dickets dire of deathen sloth
ferus lyre shernen drogen doth
post phallic penury wringeth cloth
pheremones of heron bone soft as crepe
soft as scone
white sickness breaks soft bones of plastic
 carton rejects fold west rolfe wrenhneces for dirty wenches
throngless dirgess leftroot prongshned
penyyflurlepenchant ereire vivi
gost lie nefertiti rhewnslievken

themes of james thames
firhen knaves
london sytaves
poli heres herchel

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


how am am i samwise sand
burguess dances holds my hand
peotyr opiri piri,piri pity pipier
sledge gavel pipe bombs
gravel rode prichards rose
floating gallows, no one knows'
like tables chairs and elboes
musical death throes
tickling fingers tickle your toes
nipping boas, hairless bones
bass river fiends old crones
gripping moroes
the penchant woes
of dr.know

Monday, January 10, 2011

when i die

when i die
christ will come down from heaven
to ressurect the dead
and with my gun and mechanical steed

we ride to valhalla
with voodoo and witchcraft
mummified blunts
brandish 5 stroke gatstraps
with infrared scopes
wizards weed like it's barney snopes
ski powder down
snow slopez like jump ropes

toss rocks like hopscotch
coke lines wrought chalk on the sidewalk
all play and no talk, gots a 40 oz  one day
next you know what my 45 has to say

shoulda just dropped the dolla for a quap
lay low n don't stop
love water just for the drip drop
love sally d just for the dun drop

Like i'm sam walton, hitting
up special K like it's a holiday
getting nostalgic knowing when
i used to be the one baling all that hay
know i'm grown up house made of bricks and yay
got to follow suit listen to what i say
its not worth the effort if your game don't stay
missing calls for the drop, just leaving cards where they lay

skip dreaming for gold records just loop culdesac's
like it's trip-naugt, know what you're taught,
rolling bones ain't how you got what you got,
lest you jest with the best or that just all your not
all tents dervish dub strains, delay will fry brains,
reining parish in the field of dreams
no simple berth, may tarnish cherish
lazarus therien knaves laud lout lutists sire
such as a soft somber limbed  lyre

of sadness

Goatshed Christmas

Jericho wrought effigy
aloof lusting poets
foreshadowed by cacophony
of jeering jealous knights

jean dice, man ducks
anklet angers anchors
anodized apples
hamper fresh linus

porchenight porchlight
fright to insight
recalcitrant to the pilot kike
reeving riots wrongfully rich
men with sticks, dope bats and schurm sticks
razor knicks,slipdick and slapstick
only stealing the time to hear the clock tick
people rear turtles repenting to the wizard or oz
never in right, with only just cause
mummify burn vicims like radar with gauze

clean white fades fast to ash grey
seeping, crying to fluster bloodstrain
no use for soggy water weight,
try to float but not amalgamate
once tall tress now just rotten logs holding
once free men as they tell truth, lord beholding
racing sparrows as they breach the delta
soft sand tombs for broken Negros
crypts raise the dead to the surface
breathing the air of foul straights edging
sullen statistics wrought from the rape of rocks

good glaze is gloss,
grendel and gregor mendel
floss like spanish moss
woven tress kriss-kross
berating bereaved directorate relations
all cardinals say their god is lost
in the mist, run amiss
with missing children
bayou's breathing
Grendel's done it
Highwaymen and hellions
think they might have seen a ghost

Boogieman Holocaust

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I love you

I"m going out to washington
to fly free with birds
eating breadcrumbs in the parkinglot with seagulls
tar and feathers my boon my bane
homage holied, sordid shame
rest my knave, grendel is the ospreys game
grendle is the osper name

Jarring dominion of a trapped poe
horseless sheets raise tainted bones
moonwrought laserbeams
breakfast with james dean
god is dio

 Hemlocked misery
stray not hearchel
lest indigo poppies
straine le train's main
vein in plain vane trieme

JAImE! hide the fromaldahyde
enzime analitic amine unredundensup for
free range mange
couth bellanscoup vermouth
riotchoirs rephrase ratespeech
randomly castrate and empeach
the ones who preach
taking after Nietzsche 
lord rest restless souls
in the  sands of time
life's a beach

Should have been jesus

I wish i could have been jesus
so i could spring mirth like diyonisus
taint the seas blood red
sacred wine my blood and bread

laura engles  w wilder

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I gots a hole in my pants so my dick can dance
backstreet lightblacklapstrap lamppost nostgalgia
 hammerman heads rambo smith gunnery bomba
killer dope radicals find fiends friendly funnery fundays

not like jestpants on the run days
ike might like lundays
jessyrello nopolo
Marcos like hambone, slamboasting rimshoops
golden hoops, derail, nojeio viejo conejo
foerjlleo inrioa, ferneia, linableu cordona

belle, raqelle, por sue fie no manajie meansouquon mangen

fereozo fresasntao  pleandaoado, risonatao

there was once the diodoci
god gave us bonneduchi
therine lies napoli
pertained to dehpenti

rentacostal nonophones
rehoahn irvine
like one glove i do combines
apohen weren apostolic rhine

 shingeth, wringeth, therien lieth the pentalith
wroght naught nigh grapes for sought
sillen silence surfari surfait
 earphone horseshoe conglomoworld corpus-hate

]just one sock like rocko
van damme like the dutch
erect elections for dry dykes
phase hate rates like vandross

B=bommes for Andross

fhero fherus fandy mando hando
recripolate the jam though
black boys berry the merry
two tears sadness
sins to carry
dreary death
Beef like jerry
yellow canaries

want to start shit just throw a chair-y

get randy; drink sherry

Fricshe LIrehy

Qualie Frehu juehino dernuio?
dnai, foirih, eminrho  erhinio?

kivlen drevend slsenrceih
scneliichso crope liialekq

fleik derhi sehiro
peroej reli fajejahafn


arha harum carhahallah
herdehn schengne foreshelda
entreh renche de feurze list frouche
firhe deihgo sheh degreu sleincho

plrencha derehcho delentre deltiro
ergrin cansable dernitrhersh liehcrhe
chaaanlinesheos ihrenrheot slohpsh
cnrheith throeiu eohthryeotp avheixe

aaparaghye fruerbuies derhiahsoi likeceve
 cnahalaku fksjkruks aohgskfuhshua eghlhl

forheu haent acusuche freihndi afohfahrhhaeh

ajjaheuhurh feirjujeuhshe peoiorlekkejr achheuheaus

 equs desque derehu elikxi

rcichsjke leijke wpoeieij ancunehuhncha chaa alhflshiro
---sjij shrihhui

6h eaared frohsned

aareh rewshineshone teirh hrerio epoprlek afnnnrkriieoo alllah
adorie direhe direhama disechromathieropolli sheroei cahralla
aahre leiave thriei dershies ferigni frenollos apogroeh sfkjansekjs scanearh rsokckhseshffvfgieury ferhirasnrerts

afha alkjfjhe apoallstlic aohhgsikgheorijl kjahihrguihfalkeoirs

srs rhe frendoah fike lifke derheih a;oikkflj poeoirjsi sirn chaov

rescderen herks frhoesh likeabarh alkike hijemhnhyslhrhoraops

derhe fehruesch sohechaehnchampysmshahcpylnspchapys

As toast to bread, shnaps, schrenaps, schonehnaps,
Roughtnigh forethe nithe blitz foraellegare afrontsend

liken astraith entra beaoucouth enthriligant reiliquandries

peaolanodo carjaie ire equnsotilpoe rehifrasque versrhernce

qweusheunce whereouhe csaonusehru cashhrouhsmounse

Matt Thaden for Poet Laureat

I should be poet laureat
so i can drink all the sherry