Friday, December 28, 2012

Experimental Charlie Brown for Christmas

fuck being white, i would say my skin is instead rather rosy, as opposed to quite rosey all pale irish reds what nots. Its just red colored under there.

Just an old classic

pigpen bitch you know i got aids
but me and charlie hoodinie
so it dont matter anyways

Scrodinger tounge tingler
titty tittiler pussy fiddler
fast black magic with
the schrondoctor
got my balls in your mouth
giving you the shocker
 nice and proper
slippy sloppy
straght an slow
light up
get down
and smoke drow
linus nigga
lines all day look at my sinus
i cry cocaine i sneeze white dust
touch the white keys
like i touch white kids between the knees
all day baby tap a black bitch if i need the feeleys

lucy, bitch goose me, catch a loosie, asian phenom-pehn deus
backgammon acey ducey dice game nigga what you got to lose
nickle and diming, two time riding, rag leanin, peace cleanin
why you think im on that nigga dick what you think im fiending

Ol saint nick santa bitch get on this dick,
 think i get this gifts like a nigga flip the tricks
beardy, giving gifts to the needy, bitches bake for me
let me know how much they need me, feed me
fuck a bitch feebly, with the feelings,
think the house is weebley getting shook up
Think its not bout to go down, dirty brown down
Old time town more a man about his rounds
than an old yeller lassie saved the pound
figure she build to get lost and the rabies
castrate men and let the bitch have babies

Fucking Face Blunts and Face Fuck Floozies
It's Franklin Nigga Pull the Trigga Dick Gets Bigger
Taste of my dick linger in mouth magestic maligner
bloody bandana pocket katana got yor nose
Skull fucking that michaeljackosn breath hole
straigt to the dome fuck petrone
ever clear brain enema bout to MLB
Nick cage from that shitty movie
ghost rider ghost blunts and get higher
Say a prayer to your nigger diviner
before your blood becomes paint thinner

Friday, December 7, 2012

Merry Christmas

Christians Hate Jews, Jesus was a Jew, he was also black...

here's to white ignorance! Pronunciation if you want to sing it! to the tune of silent night. There could easily be grammatical errors, but i tried to make it fit the scheme close enough. Working on making a christmas album, if this is offensive, don't worry, it will get much worse.... FOR JESUS!!! FUCK THE WHITE DEVIL!

heilige Nacht,   (heiligh)
Juden schläft, (yooden shlAft)
der führer lacht  
Round yon juden,
 mother and child
Mischling Kleinkind,
 Blood Defiled
Schlaf in Himmlers Massengrab
Schlaf in Himmlers Massengrab

Kristallnacht,  heilige Nacht, (heiligh)
Judenrat schlapp gemacht 
Durch der Zügel, Hiel, der führer
Tönt es laut von fern und nah
Christ, der ‪Führer‬ ist da!
Christ, der ‪Führer‬ ist da!

Kristallnacht,  heilige Nacht,  (heiligh)
Gottes Sohn, o wie lacht
töten die Invaliden, bewaffnen die gesunde  (guh-sund-eh)
, Da uns schlägt die rettende Stund'.  (schleekt)  (schtund)
Jeder Untermensch eine Totgeburt (yeder) (tote-ge-burt)   
Jeder Untermensch eine Totgeburt

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rants: Now Less Racist!

HCl and NaOH are a strong acid and base, when they react, NaCl and water are formed. Water and NaCl are essential to human life, water being the local neutral 7, salt a key nutrient. I see life as living surrounding the neutral 7 PH, existing by preforming controlled reactions on the readily available nutrients in their innate necessity to function in order to exist.

Basically i see as, when life formed, seeking out reactants is the entire game, so those who could do the most with what was available, naturally won. Life evolved by utilizing the chemical structure and makeup of the earthly reagents in order to produce, consume, and harbor energy. Those that could do this the most efficiently and quickest, were those that successfully dominated and replicated because of such a position of power.

In the early days i see more volatile substances ready to react, ready to be assembled and collected inside of an organism, provoking the spawn of energy consuming life. As this process went on, there was more competition for the readily react-able and easily accessible materials, such enacting survival of the fittest. The only alternative to competing for the same available resources was to somehow convert to a different, abundant chemical, which was an untapped resource. As more life forms grew multiplied and diverged, fewer and fewer volatile components were accessible, leaving lifeforms in a land of spent reagents.

The only systems that would truly persevere and survive against a biological form dominating the field of a certain abundant chemical, are ones that could perpetuate their existence by means of their own energy derivation process, by some means recycling the end products of their energizing, and such a creature's lifespan would be determined by the efficiency and % yield of their cycle, omitting celestial phenomenon

Lest these organisms be sustained by natural population control, or a symbiotic relationship, i.e - trees=o2= fire from o2, parasitic life forms utilize o2. They would eventually become so limited by reagents and reactants to sustain their own procreation, they would die off, either to become extinct, or secede from dominance in the face of an organism more primed for survival and success in such environs.

This would mean that of all the volatile reagents earth had accumulated through it's lifespan, the most readily reacted of these had been spent through means of biological entropy, slowly evolving down the chain of reactivity from the most available and reactive materials to essentially what has become today, a quite hospitable world of relative local neutral PH 7, defined by the precipitate and spent reactants of it's chemical history. The state and general reactivity of the chemicals of earth determine the amount of competition a lifeforms must be able to produce in order to survive.

The more readily available an energy source is, the less competition: the less specific the requirement and the standard of survival is. Life is accommodated, and never threatened, it spreads with reckless abandon, consuming and replicating exponentially, until confronted by limiting reagents. At this point, it begins to strangle itself, dwindling as resources vanish, either a select few adaptations survive, or another organism replaces it, thriving on the new abundance. This enforces competition, whether sentient or not, such an organism is competing for resources. As this organism's progeny evolve, this competition becomes their defining characteristic. If life exists, it its solely because of the competition and victories of it's forefathers, such a long line of competitors, built upon winning, not the belief or aspiration or hope of winning, but the victories itself. What does an Archie Manning Yield? Two more NFL caliber quarterbacks.

As potential energy is lost to consumption at every stage in the reaction, there is a net decrease in available energy in the absence of symbiosis, reducing the lifespan of the consumptive organism, and lest these chemical changes are somewhat reversible, i.e photosynthesis<->cellular respiration, this places a new limiting reagent on every lifeforms to follow the fall of a great consumer. This limits the total amount of biological possibilities in terms of competitive consumption, and thus streamlines the common biological compounds lifeforms could utilize when at the cellular or microscopic stage. Thus if a great consumer has died off, it has left a pigeonhole, there was no bio-reciprocation of these elements, and such none exist, only the spent reagents yield.

As if, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire shot up all the Steroids and HGH, by the time you got to the big league, they'd set the records, and shot up all the juice. It takes far more effort for you to break that record without the steroids, you must work harder, and as such life and the game is more challenging. In this case, the readily available chemicals with high potential chemical energy considering the bioavailability of limiting reagents in the consumer's energy cycle.

This is the evolution of the mobile lifeforms using consumed energy to potentate physical motion, to perpetuate their consumption, and consequent existence, building the biological relationship between consumption-motion, and survival. Eventually resulting in animal lifeforms, who co-dominate the earth with the visible presence of plants, our relatively static counterparts.

A Tree's growth is limited and controlled , such propagation has left a predator in fire, animals have evolved with oxygen abundance which is still kind enough to grace us. Plants evolved in a world of CO2 abundance, and their progenitors reaction ( i am no paleobiologist) would have a successful propagation reaction releasing CO2 as exhaust.

Now There are the static, immobile trees, and the mobile animals who evolved through a lichen like symbiosis, being made of similar chemical constituents, essentially adding another helpful loop on the chemical cycle of a tree's lifespan, turning a circle into a figure 8, both species gaining benefits, neither threatened, so they coexists. That is until one contributor faces a critical when faced with a limiting regent. In this case, humans and food/ fresh water. Once the population can no longer sustain itself, it collapses. Animal symbiosis with plants has retained the always applicable wolves and rabbits simulation, and as chemical necessities are bio-reciprocated, save idiocy, animals keep breathing, it is simply a matter of culling the population.

Humans are a poor example for this theory as, perhaps although a parasite, virus, leech, or lichen, has no life without a host, still they thrive! There is no limiting reagent of host organisms. Animals are consumers of an established ecosystem which has reared them, hence are dependent on such an environment. Plants evolved before mobility, when the key to life was accessibility and efficacy of chemical consumption. Plants thrived long enough to produce oxygen concentrations to harbor fire, producing from their own refuse, the CO2 they depend on. This allowed them to dominate, such vampiric self sustenance yields far greater success than consumption dependence.

Humanity, and the kingdom Animalia itself has been born of fire. Such a light is but life itself, entropy at her most accessible. We both need oxygen to breath and exude our heat and radiance. The fuel for fire is but wood, the fuel for civilization is whatever there is left to burn. We are fire, we are burning, as the lords inheritor's of this planet, and the proprietors of such dominion, as well as citizens of this mecca of consumption, it is our hand that controls at which rate this fire burns. It is our hands who control the oxygen that fuels this fire, for we are the fire incarnate.
Should we blow on it was children and coax fires to the sky, or make the charcoal to smelt iron. It is our hands that chose our fate. For we sit pompous in the evening, warm by our fire, so blinded by the light that we have never seen night. But night is coming, the sun does set, should we have a fire to see us through the dawn, or freeze to death in the winter nights, it was our hands who controlled and exploited that environment, and understood the repercussions, willed it upon the children, to take the gavel of god when judging the fate of human progeny.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tree fiddeh

bitch i got three dollars
let me get two rillos
and a two dollar holla

holes in my pocket
nickle of shake
half a buscuit
bout to wake and bake

how come when i come to see you

julie i cant find my pipe
hate to say it but you was who
i was dicking last night

baby make my injun blood red
why kill a man cut off his head
break a bone make a meth pipe instead

Cant say i love life enough to be pro life
dont hate it enough to end my life
figure if i got a bit to burn, might as well
i guess its time to figure out what burns in hell

If im still dicking around, and god can't be found
might just fuck a bitch before i put her in the ground
who says this isn't paradise? ultimate freedom
savor this air before you choke where damned souls burn

I can't say i've beat a woman to death of late
but ive certainly been fucked up enough to hate
all the little shit, every nit you pick, you never suck the dick
all while im leaning pleasing and feinding and bleeding
maybe light up a blunt in the evening thinking bout leaving

gonna get my dick sucked
young doe bout to get bucked
fight a man cause im fucked up
powder my nose and gussy up

Im a Stag not a Stallion with a crown of thorns
Karma Karate coming at you with buckshot horns
Im lean meat and i lean when i beat
shadow commando stay low
 stay strapped know i pack  mad heat

Rain Stained Hat

i bathe in wet
got my lye and my schurm
pcp in my vas defrins and scrotum
still iced out chillin with blunts to burn
my jerry curl dreads all crystalline
my girl just wants to fuck i might let her in
my dick aquaman whistle let a bitch know what it is
shist know the jist wristwatch just a cufflinks
underwater assailant  huck finn i  love to paint
my bat just love to beat a bitch in the taint
composite ass schemaitc laundromatic action
sensory perceptive phallus taste organs of pallas

ascend from my throne my body starts to loose bone
my muscles of steel melt down into mercury
im just snakes and ropes something to grope
better day than a hoodsman and a hung jury
duke boys the el camino light up and get stoned

powder the nose pick up my hos
lick my moustache n get to the show
i only speak two languages guns and blow
i like my wafers necco my hair dego at dayglow

cool dark  breezes now im 90 percent snake

how can i lurk like a rat in the shadows
but be a king on the streets
im the king of the jews
im the man to beat

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A kind man in a gentlemans suit

get yourself professional style
got my free base pipe cleanin wire
bout to catch a bitch down get money
know she got a baby bout to say girl
i got  a hangar and a hooptie
i can take care of that bebbeh
if you fear your child will be little boosie
lay down long bong wire like ima stretcher
EMT but its ice pick DDT hook wire to the brain
i cure epilipsy through eyesockets for commercial gain
gynocide or sinocide whos going to pick sides
playin football rough laughing and playing
slip and fall now the ball is in my womb
unfortunate timing, should you ever give birth
most all balls are colored, in a white mans world

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

solving inconsequential problems

ewww bitch you boss scaggs ass nasty
your skank clothes is trashy and yo skin so ashy

the world where the poor live on the nigger scraps and scabbard houses sultrys about in and against the working still no better off, simply deluded. Lost amongst the listless commotion the childs aflouted and stammered incessantly. Poor men squabble, the barter had been reduced to banter. Unable to tell the rags of old tablecloths from the walls of abodes nor the dust, garbage and sulliness rife amongst the rifraff scuttling along as rabid mice from the eyes of a man with bones.

Children dreamed of the cow, sacred and holy, for these children see the cow eat at the tables of the riches men, feasting with the best of gents. Hidden away in shallow fields as a lady in wait, forever significant to admonish and bestrew the parsimonious penchant perpetuation of penurious perpetration and procreation of the poteically proverbaly phallic povertous population. This is one big black cock that can fuck any tight asshole from thirteen hundred fathoms benath the ocean. You scream like a bitch, because he still goes balls deep.

This nigger dick fucked harder and faster than every jackson, through countless trials of control, the population has shown no response. We even had to hurricane wave race them, their only natural weakness, and not only did these negros win, $750,000 a head to each, and a memorial charity for the 17 who drown, these niggers were some plethora of aquaman, leviathan, and some fucked up wolveriene. Should have known those hairy niggers would be mixed, the one with the jew curl dreads, looked as if Prince naturally grew the darkest wettest jerry curl out every folicle, doubles as lube, he just rubs his hand down that bearish chest and slathers his dick for rape. Should have caught that one, damn.

it turns out when a nigger drowns, they don't die, they simply drift along down to the bottom of the ocean where a massive cancerous mollusk squid like nigger has been consuming them for augmentation into the niggeraperiditrius, or niggularity. This organisim is so volotile and familiar with negro biochemical structure can take an octopus and put that nigger right inside of it somehow giving us a negropus, as mean, cruel, dastardly, devastating and clever as a negro, now with 8 legs, the abillity to ascend structures and asphysxiate people, as well as an unfathomable penis for with which to rape a bitch from the other side of an olympic pool, and gentlemen, this is still a nigger, we can't discriminate in public places. This may be rough my boys.

got a brain tumor
pistol whip my skull
cut it out with my buck  knife
throw some lye and the blunt ashes
adobe skull cover with the bone brace
put my face in the oven 900 degrees
chain smoke quarter blunts burning
8 hours in the sun like guido jesus
shirtless in december  high on pcp
sfront yard has so many damn holes
this happens all the time
it's quite a tragic expense upon my yard

niggers think i struck gold my back yard is a quarry
i think christopher reeves was in my soilent green man
my brain grows like fungus even with persistaint knife agression
was that man the fountain of youth to spawn his own life


where is my blind man in the 1920s sitting on cocaine and haleing nitrous getting took by some damned kids on his nitrous with them deep voices.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


mmmm abba zabba mmmmm
jointed rought cocked pointed
needly fatass compass schneedly
jiddles softbowed freshmowed bladefiddles
convultulous sadomasochist grisjestojist polontrillous
lauditriating defenstrating castigation defloration
one man one army one nation
man who fucks like a race horse
gets bred like a race horse
ifn isnt or hasnt masah nah a pesant
horse gone keep running and fucking
lord say evn a quickn gon be stallionized
ol masah horse berto ahways laughin
fuck nigger quick slick nigger dick slip
inna scurr hoss all run n  slippah hot
n ah ges ah n is in iss ah n she eeeeeeeeuuuuu
so is ah johns hennah big two leg old nigrah
rapstaillion sunset maigc
innah so furrus she flitchin all wile
is bouta blass so ima get ah lit up
she burrah all deathly an i get rocked
cant help but bust love lust bloodlust
musta bust a riva cau she jus gave out
quivvin hoss lay dead on the ground
i jus walk over ah an my drippah dick
plop inah maw n took ah a minute my my
sho didd indeed she like the taste lickity lick
i lets ah have at whas a drip down mmmm
bus no cottonmouth mare ohn die today
soft dicked just piss in her mouth strong
she drink like jesus first day out the desert
them last drops dripping after those 20 years
i lets her know
i dont just fuck like a racehorse

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bartleby Says Fuck Books

Whos bout to get lit up, you really talking shit about my get up?

I just hold my gun sideways, See who can't get up
Bitches ain't shit, and a bitch that get hit, don't say shit
Know how I lost half my hand in nam, fucking charlie everywhere
Flashbang, pyonyang poultergeist take my AK,
soft little boy hands, screaming save me,
dumb deaf and blind boy slippy quick boot knife bumrush
on the way up, hit the lay up, barber blade the sanguine serenade
arc en ciel vapeur connecieur tronchont salutont enfont gerscon debutont soundomme soux coup salon
sickly my viscous cursed jungle blood lamented in the fresh incision made upon that god damn charlie
the only fire in my eyes was the reflection of dread man dugaul, he wore a queer mustache... pompador
For even were the gracious lucifer to endear me of deathly kind, cold, callous, apathy; utter deafness,
The fluctuating writhe body of this quivering indolent fool took from the heart luring bestial noises:”:”:
those of a weak, meaker, lonely isolation that emmenated from lost and forgoten misbegotten people,
oh charles dugal how you lost it all, figure if a frenchman father find a friendly friend dog
and you treat a bitch right, is allright, figure beat a bitch if she start to bark at you
but charlse she ain't but a don't ain't bout to do but maybe run in circles barking,
Mamba always says as a man should be reading, right handy is a newspaper, simply to russle the mind of the dog, preemptive motherfuckers, throw a stick, just that quick motion of your hand, confuse the dog, whenere it be moving dog bout to be running, paper just adds a whole dimesion do it;ambivalence

reaper wraith harvester hands kerchif pocket locket skeet sock gunpowder crack rock and loose bullets
flail and thrail on the big man see the hands goin for the quick rail angle dust ice or snow don't know
chinaman hands going for the 2 way static sadism says I dont need to grab the semi automatic
just jingle the jazz, quick sick nigga bitch slap the jowels, quarterroll right, have to turn out the lights
those ripe eyes lied in his sockets freshly juiced, one haphazardly pressurized to failure, the other twitching, impaled by a shattered nosebone, he made a call of a dying wildman, somewhere between crying, screaming, and choking. he flailed, slowly losing conciousness upholding no shameless dignity,
he started to cringe and contort, reaching deep into his plethoratically pitted pants, fingering at a small opening, gracefully pulling out a bag of that good old medicine, knowing that this was all he had left, and that this was enough
A smile came to my face, as if the whole world was operation to this man , fear began to coarse through his trembling sweaty body, and the euphoric recall brought life to this mans breathing, the air from his mouth spraying a soft blood mist, gently painting this mans body, playfully, carelessly, and slowly
I say bangkok, if you be breathing, you breath my name,
you know my name, you hear someone scream it from the woods everyday
you know what he said

bawtaw bee

I shot that man in the leg and I tells him \
My name is Bartleby

and I picked up his radio, and I go talks on it says

My name is Bartleby

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Gin and k pins
going out for a swim
get my blood thin
it's how olympians

shouting at the sea witch
wayne brady
have to choke a bitch

salty summersaults
nautical waltz
life jacket
made of liquor
and malt

floating off the bubbly
in my veins
sea spray
feels pleasant

cigars cuban
maestro like castro
powder my nose
dress up
garter belts

transition the

brain made of
diethyl ether
I saw jesus
on easter

doused myself
like he told me to
with my last breath
lit up a cigarette

placation and
of vietnam monks

my wife looks at me
eyes boiling in the fumes
think i'm laughing
but its just

my daughter says
mammy whats wrong with him
she says
he's with God now
baby he's a seraphim

Ethereal presence
like the caves at delphi
spiritual remnant
mortal remembrance

guide my children
show them the glory
of the kingdom of god

My girls name Esther
she sees me on easter
breathing ether

Long gone
now her wind pipes
sing the same old song
millennia long
right or wrong

breathing ether
knowing either
her daddy's bound
to rise from the dead
or she goes down
the river styx
to meet him

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Life and time exude
one counts the other
fulminating further
cold and callous
clock hands
slice through
lifelong dreams
as the simple pretense
no longer surmounts
life's lust and love
nor death and time's
organic decomposition
seen as if lye
in stillframe captures
as life once again
convalesces itself
the true army
of Hel

She sings, young and ignorant
pleading with the chairmen
give me just a little more time
and our love will surely grow

she lies to herself
seeing self inflicted mutilation
for attention
as an abusive husband
laughs at her misery
she is quite old
he children hate her
emotionally despondent
unable to rationalize
even the simplest of
human desires
so she sits in

She thinks of her brother
taken before the high courts
condemned for heresy
flippancy in treason
brought upon himself
this irrevocable fate
public derision

He carries his own cross
into the park of a metropolis
where the holy cross
stands inverted
his body nailed
just as christ
yet he is simply

He knows this
the women cry

blood fills his skull
turning his skin
ruby red
as if he were
the devil
in the flesh

this stands as proof
of guilt

as he slowly becomes lifeless
from his pristine body
flake from his skin
ancient demons of earth
no more tempted by
the decrepit cadaver
of the once

spirits of death
imbue every breathing man
with the same
rife in the body
of wheezing

his cries and moans
in tongue of the ancient
primordial ape
long ago
had this man
abandoned civilization

morbid phantasms
wage war as communists
spinning deathly
from every man
with the same misery
and temptation
as christ

only in the hour of darkness
does the world seem to be
attune with divinity
each and every member
of the human race
now a devout

speaking in tongues
spewing curses
of long dead witches
ghosts and demons
cackling in

man truly knows how fragile
susceptible and weak
the human mind is
losing self control
blinded by hallucinations
of impending torture

promised as christ was
the damned masochist
to be resurrected
and born again
to receive another
from the immortal
hands of death
blow for blow
with the impervious
He laughs gleefully
as in delirium
you are subjected
to more pain than
physically plausible
emotions and thought
simply provoke the
to elongate and
the show trial
and torture

just as Christ took with him
all sins of the earth
after second coming
and execution
such misery returned
to the people

overwhelming force
rode in as
death himself
rode solemn
on a black horse
and cast all crippling plagues
which had been ridded
from the face of the earth
into each man's mouth
for him to spread
to his wife and children
just so he will know
who he does so

as the most resilient man
falls to his knees
in syphilitic
truly knowing god
having abandoned
all traces of humanity
he knows only one noise
one sacred sound
in misery
the legend cries

Monday, July 9, 2012


Murfin smufin belphegor
kickin it, sweet luscious whore
gotta lay a bitch down
roll up phetty blunts round town
stim dick slippery ina dutchess
sock puppet like the muppets
unsheathe the blade
carbonaceous glory
oil like jerry curl
licked off my skin
greek as olives

ball sweat like swiss cheese
bring a bitch to her knees
taste sticky dicky sap
like it bleedin from maple trees

dick tricklin real slow
winter syrup
yum yum precum
afo it go in ya bum bum

slap that sweat off you sally
jew fro jew locks ho nails
fuck you into shape
burnin more calories
than snoop burns trees

good ho know the show
dick go deeper if you let go
like tourette's and epilepsy
think your seeing god
mood lights glisten
off my body

so fast like binary code
on a playstation VPU
each number only mean
I make you cum
swig of rum
and we switch positions
just for fun

house music next door
but my smooth jazz louder
made it back in the day
when it wasn’t water
it was powder
righteous like midas
see which bitch
moan loudest
sexual prowess
power dicking
and you aint

I don’t floor pedals
I pound bitches
on the floor
for medals

mr olympics
for a nice trick

hos got problems
that gives me
a hard on

love to hear you bitch
love to hear you moan
got the bunni proposish
might be givin out a loan

hitler had to kill all the jews
cause I made so many
nuttin in the jew fro coochi
all the little ladies preggay

I put the sin in the synagogue
like I put the gog in demagog
aye like its congress
and the hos moanin in distress

beggin for the sex magic
lay it down tragic
never use a rubber
cause god told me not to

inbred so deep
the jews lost their horns
nuttin non stop
pregnancy firehose

red hard hat
tip for the trick
sandpaper the penis
for the frick frick frick
friction and diction
like american industry
women like it rough
my dick like jesus
a poor jewish carpenter

girls always askin me
hey b where you from
im like girl you dont know
you can't taste it in my cum?

Its exotic and erotic
and spasmodic
feel the fertility
when I skeet
up in your belly

meso magic
pot in the baggy
ami, mon ami
Ahhh Ahhh

bobcat growling
lupine howling
tiger prowling
puppy dog yowling

in my
animal ferocity

you my anastasia
need no anesthesia
call rasputin
cause we both
in need of

shits and giggles me and raspi
go toe to toe takin bullets
from the ruskies
drowning in the river
cause I like the way it feels
like when I fuck a bitch
inbetween meals

so damn sleepy
but I still hit it right
she lovin that lovin
and im lovin her muffins

corn beef hash
smack a bitch on the ass
cook so good
even god wants
a plate of food

southern comfort
with my southern comfort
when she drain
got jesus
bleed me of a shot
from the main vein

powerhouse playboy
fuck eugenics
ima nut in a bitch
like im L Ron
and its dianetics

seed like a dandelion
skeet up in the air
it just float there
find a womb
like she the dirty girl
Earth is with
her warm
dirt everywhere

blast from the past
like its
back to the future
sure beats monogomy
nutrition keep me
dick pissing
hos wishin
fly fishin
old as the dirt
people years
at least a million

wonder why god
keep makin virgins
hymen blood
on my moustache
like that rasberry berret
not the kind that you find
at a second hand store

but if she jonesin for the dick
better filler up quick
you can play pretend
with the period blood
on the pedostache
and she only cookin
hot brown
taste like
ass hash

when I find me a new bitch
seems about ever minute
I bring the old one to town
play a game if you wanna
get up in it

like always, say now, innit
this game is a classic
called skeet on a biscuit
stand in a circle and we
skeet on a biscuit

first one to blast
gets the fine piece of ass
and the last one to cum
eat the whole thing for fun

only strategy is to
rub your dick constantly
so when the biscuit go down
you can skeet skeet instantly

you know the bitch come from me
so she fuck like divinity
if you dont want to play
enjoy your ever living misery

ima find mes another mistress
give her a rock hard dick to kiss
so wet she the pinnacle of slipperiness
gotta slip my dick in the princess
so tight I better call guinness
but not afo I finni my business

lovin with compassion
AA gauge pump action
when my dick dipset
is when you see the
bitch rage

but I blast when I get
to the last page
of Finnegan's Wake
read it clean though
make no mistake

as the loving ran its course
through the intellectual discourse
rough her pussy up so coarse
she scream so loud
now she so hoarse

skeet up in a bitch
hada bust a nut
like im doug funny
and she my patty mayo

true cream dream
make her jones
like its yayo
friction fuego
like im in

undeniable lothario
swigin gin
smokin endo
all I do