Thursday, May 3, 2012


Been a little over a year. i threw this together. to commemorate.

Funktastic wrench heaving magnetic manslaughter
Jokest brokest roach smokest hocus pocus locust
umbrella broken ice rain cane jane like a plane
on fire smoke in the air ocean hungry hissing heaving
bereaving weaving grieving seething serene blue
just waving all it do how to do well to do old blue
rock solid like she gives a fuck bout to step down jesus
step out the door she like nope gotcha bitch and jesus laughs
but jesus just pulling your leg sitting positioned for forcefully
powerhousing dehydration and heroin staring you in the face
but no dragon will carry you to freedom today
had ye a god shou you pray lithe little coward
quaint wonders the man of men whos god rests
till inquisitioned by eloquent moans of death
screaming yelling crying bleeding heaving dying
all and more amongst the vessel low lit half down sadness
till light no more would enter the graced body of an olympian
laid lucious soft exquisite frame and bounty deep
penetrating the voracious and lonely blue
with but a gasp of sprayed mist
of gold dust and cocaine
goldfinger and scarface
going to a hell with no base
of streamlined insemination
with such light deed of craft
made do with air pressure
tweed and residue
marvelously well did she fare
gliding gracefully underwater
toward lightless reaches of hell
lord and leviathan
to greet noble men
and who else to meet them
but blue herself
where in woman she might be red
bloody and raw
hot and bothered
nay blue
in games as the fair
my friend
there is no bell to ring
shortsighted we all are
it is only those who believe
that the bell will ring
who bring down the force
of hammer
lest she be tempted
tis for certain
no one mans cock can touch the back alone
nor cock of wood, nay cock of glass,
lest cock of metal only last
whos trembling innards would
tempt the most fragile cock
only to squeeze tightly
by fist or thigh
many men die
living the dream
to be the first living man
to tap the back
never in a dream
life is so mean
yet to penetrate
and procreate
all it takes
game of wait
should tittles
fiddle and diddle
a weight to crush your dreams
as you float in the middle
or answer me does you
big old jet air liner
no engines nosedive
deep into old blue
moustache ride
all the way down
to the bottom
and rest gracefully
as you swim in utopia
with merfolk

Congrats on all your success Matt Thaden. You reign as poet laureate in 157 different countries. More wreaths, more parades, more paradise.

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