Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Horatio the house cat of Horus

Horatio the house cat of Horus
honest hobbler of humble hours
hiss of hatred, heroin heir
hovering holy halo of the hovel

gestures of grandiose germane gentry
gallant gregarious Grecian gregory
gaunt golden gilded glittering gilt
gaudy God's gin gorged gaily
generous gift of the gallows

Poisoned by pollock
pressured by pain
purged of pleasure
pusillanimous pension
posthumous position
pilgrim of penury
derisive partition
of purgatory

blissful and blithe
derelict disciple
enigmatic ewe
fathoms of fire

ostentatious oligarchy
osculating optimum
ornate obsolescence
obvious omnipotence
ostracized ovular
observatory object
occult omission
ominous osprey
odious oculus
Odin's odium
of onus onslaught
orchestral orgasm
outcast obituary
of our orbital ovary

oft alone I watch the sky
for derelict astral bodies
hellbent on destruction
just in petty hopes
I may enjoy the sight
of imminent apocalypse
for precious seconds
before my life's culmination

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