Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spawn of the Morbid Plum

Tire fires of tripoli burn as the kinesthetic lyre
bedazzling the jocular face of the clouds
tainted from pristine white to rubicund rime
viscous oil coating crystalline hail
carbonaceous crystals searing the sky
alight by errant conducing lightning
conducted by particulate metal
released by fires ephemeral
embodying altruistic malaise
communion of sky and earth
vulcan fumes and solar blaze
perspicuous precipitation
perspiration of Hephaestus
errant sparks off the anvil
scuttle without humane rebuttal
acceptance of the apocalypse

velocity of stray gunshots
fired as if in jubilation
sprites and familiars
of beautiful demons
residuous resin
of boisterous blaze
given unto man
for death worship

piercing fiery fallout
symbiosis of floating ash
and the vaporous clouds
the bastion of lost souls
sucked from desiccating men
who lie idle in desert sands

flames taunt man in darkness
bewildering trepedatiousness
scalding scythe hearkens
tempted callous phallus
draining liquidity
viscous vitality
investment in frailty
pervious impunity
blood magician's unity
quintessence of purity

walking the earth in years to come
spawn of the morbid plum
succulent fruit of temptation
herald of hellfire and damnation

p.s- working on a book for the summer, actually trying to be committed, so hopefully many more poems to come! novella i have no patience for, but perchance someday those gears will spin in unity

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