Tuesday, June 26, 2012

To Dance With Death

Trifles abound amongst troubles
merely jest to those in the ground
soft hand of an angle breaking shackles
which bound man to the land of his master

the infinitesimal and inconceivable shadow
of perpetuating economics drowning sorrow
furlough from the furrow plow and harrow
drink and smoke paid in blood and marrow

what meager mirth, caustic commiseration
indulgence for the ignorant of no consideration
none fighting the force of gravity against frustration
universal forces chain man to misery with placation
joy and ease of death the only remaining consolation
plutocracy's benevolent sequestering of mans indignation

none left among us to stand and fight
quietly accepting the toil, pain and plight
awaiting the bell toll, the soliloquy of midnight
lying listlessly neath cold moon and starlight
Inconsequential remonstrance of an indignant wight
no regard or reverence of abandoned human rights

the nip of grey mist obfuscates lucidity
ignorance brings on submissive incredulity
only knowing his position as a trifling fecundity
taught the blood of his brother rivals that of divinity
yet his is of only the mortal, morbid singularity
disseminating death unto the throes of disparity

nights alone does a lost soul wander
powerless to act, only able to ponder
of what will be seen from hilltop yonder
such a petty thing life is to squander

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