Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Gin and k pins
going out for a swim
get my blood thin
it's how olympians

shouting at the sea witch
wayne brady
have to choke a bitch

salty summersaults
nautical waltz
life jacket
made of liquor
and malt

floating off the bubbly
in my veins
sea spray
feels pleasant

cigars cuban
maestro like castro
powder my nose
dress up
garter belts

transition the

brain made of
diethyl ether
I saw jesus
on easter

doused myself
like he told me to
with my last breath
lit up a cigarette

placation and
of vietnam monks

my wife looks at me
eyes boiling in the fumes
think i'm laughing
but its just

my daughter says
mammy whats wrong with him
she says
he's with God now
baby he's a seraphim

Ethereal presence
like the caves at delphi
spiritual remnant
mortal remembrance

guide my children
show them the glory
of the kingdom of god

My girls name Esther
she sees me on easter
breathing ether

Long gone
now her wind pipes
sing the same old song
millennia long
right or wrong

breathing ether
knowing either
her daddy's bound
to rise from the dead
or she goes down
the river styx
to meet him

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Life and time exude
one counts the other
fulminating further
cold and callous
clock hands
slice through
lifelong dreams
as the simple pretense
no longer surmounts
life's lust and love
nor death and time's
organic decomposition
seen as if lye
in stillframe captures
as life once again
convalesces itself
the true army
of Hel

She sings, young and ignorant
pleading with the chairmen
give me just a little more time
and our love will surely grow

she lies to herself
seeing self inflicted mutilation
for attention
as an abusive husband
laughs at her misery
she is quite old
he children hate her
emotionally despondent
unable to rationalize
even the simplest of
human desires
so she sits in

She thinks of her brother
taken before the high courts
condemned for heresy
flippancy in treason
brought upon himself
this irrevocable fate
public derision

He carries his own cross
into the park of a metropolis
where the holy cross
stands inverted
his body nailed
just as christ
yet he is simply

He knows this
the women cry

blood fills his skull
turning his skin
ruby red
as if he were
the devil
in the flesh

this stands as proof
of guilt

as he slowly becomes lifeless
from his pristine body
flake from his skin
ancient demons of earth
no more tempted by
the decrepit cadaver
of the once

spirits of death
imbue every breathing man
with the same
rife in the body
of wheezing

his cries and moans
in tongue of the ancient
primordial ape
long ago
had this man
abandoned civilization

morbid phantasms
wage war as communists
spinning deathly
from every man
with the same misery
and temptation
as christ

only in the hour of darkness
does the world seem to be
attune with divinity
each and every member
of the human race
now a devout

speaking in tongues
spewing curses
of long dead witches
ghosts and demons
cackling in

man truly knows how fragile
susceptible and weak
the human mind is
losing self control
blinded by hallucinations
of impending torture

promised as christ was
the damned masochist
to be resurrected
and born again
to receive another
from the immortal
hands of death
blow for blow
with the impervious
He laughs gleefully
as in delirium
you are subjected
to more pain than
physically plausible
emotions and thought
simply provoke the
to elongate and
the show trial
and torture

just as Christ took with him
all sins of the earth
after second coming
and execution
such misery returned
to the people

overwhelming force
rode in as
death himself
rode solemn
on a black horse
and cast all crippling plagues
which had been ridded
from the face of the earth
into each man's mouth
for him to spread
to his wife and children
just so he will know
who he does so

as the most resilient man
falls to his knees
in syphilitic
truly knowing god
having abandoned
all traces of humanity
he knows only one noise
one sacred sound
in misery
the legend cries

Monday, July 9, 2012


Murfin smufin belphegor
kickin it, sweet luscious whore
gotta lay a bitch down
roll up phetty blunts round town
stim dick slippery ina dutchess
sock puppet like the muppets
unsheathe the blade
carbonaceous glory
oil like jerry curl
licked off my skin
greek as olives

ball sweat like swiss cheese
bring a bitch to her knees
taste sticky dicky sap
like it bleedin from maple trees

dick tricklin real slow
winter syrup
yum yum precum
afo it go in ya bum bum

slap that sweat off you sally
jew fro jew locks ho nails
fuck you into shape
burnin more calories
than snoop burns trees

good ho know the show
dick go deeper if you let go
like tourette's and epilepsy
think your seeing god
mood lights glisten
off my body

so fast like binary code
on a playstation VPU
each number only mean
I make you cum
swig of rum
and we switch positions
just for fun

house music next door
but my smooth jazz louder
made it back in the day
when it wasn’t water
it was powder
righteous like midas
see which bitch
moan loudest
sexual prowess
power dicking
and you aint

I don’t floor pedals
I pound bitches
on the floor
for medals

mr olympics
for a nice trick

hos got problems
that gives me
a hard on

love to hear you bitch
love to hear you moan
got the bunni proposish
might be givin out a loan

hitler had to kill all the jews
cause I made so many
nuttin in the jew fro coochi
all the little ladies preggay

I put the sin in the synagogue
like I put the gog in demagog
aye like its congress
and the hos moanin in distress

beggin for the sex magic
lay it down tragic
never use a rubber
cause god told me not to

inbred so deep
the jews lost their horns
nuttin non stop
pregnancy firehose

red hard hat
tip for the trick
sandpaper the penis
for the frick frick frick
friction and diction
like american industry
women like it rough
my dick like jesus
a poor jewish carpenter

girls always askin me
hey b where you from
im like girl you dont know
you can't taste it in my cum?

Its exotic and erotic
and spasmodic
feel the fertility
when I skeet
up in your belly

meso magic
pot in the baggy
ami, mon ami
Ahhh Ahhh

bobcat growling
lupine howling
tiger prowling
puppy dog yowling

in my
animal ferocity

you my anastasia
need no anesthesia
call rasputin
cause we both
in need of

shits and giggles me and raspi
go toe to toe takin bullets
from the ruskies
drowning in the river
cause I like the way it feels
like when I fuck a bitch
inbetween meals

so damn sleepy
but I still hit it right
she lovin that lovin
and im lovin her muffins

corn beef hash
smack a bitch on the ass
cook so good
even god wants
a plate of food

southern comfort
with my southern comfort
when she drain
got jesus
bleed me of a shot
from the main vein

powerhouse playboy
fuck eugenics
ima nut in a bitch
like im L Ron
and its dianetics

seed like a dandelion
skeet up in the air
it just float there
find a womb
like she the dirty girl
Earth is with
her warm
dirt everywhere

blast from the past
like its
back to the future
sure beats monogomy
nutrition keep me
dick pissing
hos wishin
fly fishin
old as the dirt
people years
at least a million

wonder why god
keep makin virgins
hymen blood
on my moustache
like that rasberry berret
not the kind that you find
at a second hand store

but if she jonesin for the dick
better filler up quick
you can play pretend
with the period blood
on the pedostache
and she only cookin
hot brown
taste like
ass hash

when I find me a new bitch
seems about ever minute
I bring the old one to town
play a game if you wanna
get up in it

like always, say now, innit
this game is a classic
called skeet on a biscuit
stand in a circle and we
skeet on a biscuit

first one to blast
gets the fine piece of ass
and the last one to cum
eat the whole thing for fun

only strategy is to
rub your dick constantly
so when the biscuit go down
you can skeet skeet instantly

you know the bitch come from me
so she fuck like divinity
if you dont want to play
enjoy your ever living misery

ima find mes another mistress
give her a rock hard dick to kiss
so wet she the pinnacle of slipperiness
gotta slip my dick in the princess
so tight I better call guinness
but not afo I finni my business

lovin with compassion
AA gauge pump action
when my dick dipset
is when you see the
bitch rage

but I blast when I get
to the last page
of Finnegan's Wake
read it clean though
make no mistake

as the loving ran its course
through the intellectual discourse
rough her pussy up so coarse
she scream so loud
now she so hoarse

skeet up in a bitch
hada bust a nut
like im doug funny
and she my patty mayo

true cream dream
make her jones
like its yayo
friction fuego
like im in

undeniable lothario
swigin gin
smokin endo
all I do

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Faceless giants loom ominous enveloped in darkness
ceaseless seamstress hands play the loom as a lyre
spindled silken hair falls from the celling
from paralyzed women held motionless in bondage

sustenance through cold tubes perpetuating life
deprivation of the senses quell senselessness
insignificant insatiable insolent impetus
El jefe ingraining the ignorance of a fetus

content with the saturation reared of white noise
lives of predestined corpses idly dangling
unquestioning for the concept remains unknown
the subtle womb of vanity for the callous cancer

exchanged as insignificant replaceable parts
children of eugenics guarded by cynics
bred into insolence and complacence
protecting the treasure of deathly marauders

truly the limp and lifeless who dangle in sinews of necrosis
are among those free of mortal misery
unknowing of mortal pleasure pain or vice
thoughtlessness accepts slavery and mortality
unquestioning without fear or insecurity
breathing only to obscure the obvious
wrath of time upon the spurious lech

the once soft caress of a maidens locks
now torment the dying witch
a vain procession of beauty
streams from the crown
coarse fiber provokes delirium
lifeless souls bring revelation
to the object of deaths fancy

recollection of how insects
nest in hollow empty eye sockets
finest spiders silk spawns brood
cleaning maggots from chafed flesh
a friendly sensual massage
the embodiment of sexual pleasure
to such a lifeless affirmation of satan

such friends of damned souls
torment those living in fear and misery
constant depravity and inanity
chasing the sun fending off frost

symbiosis of a slave, her sisters, her spiders
honeycomb of fertile body heat
genetic spawn of a necromancer
dancing with the doppelganger of death

communal spirit of transcendence
spawning familiars of torment
necroscopy of the living dead
by subdermal caustic colonies
of arachnids amassing archaic
alchemical axiom in alleged
aphasic altruistic asperity
of acidity
finding in flesh
exponentiality of the
of populous

acedia but
an allegory
of acrimony
of sardonic
for the newly

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Crimson Port of Kings

Staunch men sip the port of kings
in fading light of the robust rose
luscious petals caress the skin
of fine elegant women
afloat in a sea of hapless dissonance
deaf to discord but still satiated
by her strident erotic vibrations
coursing euphonious ecstasy
for deaf women

screeching birds of death circle
delirious men lost in the desert
chasing mirages of luscious maidens
spectre of death but a dress of eupnoeaus
elegant ebony blown about softly
subtly revealing the shy candid body
of a luminous innocent maiden

gown black as tartarus
such illusion birthed
as sunshine boils
vitreous fluid
in the eyes
of the lost
desert wanderer
burning retinas
forgiving nature
of an unforgiving
relieving the snow-blind
cauterizing wounds
left by self mutilation

encroaching shadows
tempt man unto the darkness
fleeting light of insanity
caressing her soft skin
as dreamt the man
of his lady
come in from a stroll
body graced by soft
once again
waking up alone

still drifts closer
this whispering saint
breath upon the neck
of a dying man
bereft of sin in personable darkness
embrace of love as she is a blanket
soothing winds upon dew laden skin
lying naked in a forest
of nymphs and faeries

till unwilling this man gropes
invisible testament
of his pain

grit peels easily with coagulated blood
chaffed by persistent squall
carrying evidence of entropy
even immortal erections of earth
brought to sloven listless dust
amble rambling saunter
aimless and amicable
escaping into the atmosphere

fresh wounds tingle as warm blood
makes love with her antithesis
good graciousness of the seductress
kind lovely death

comforted even in agony
a prayer for salvation
the epitome of futility
only fleeting breath
strikes a lovely
as a man dying with nothing
is eternally grateful
and moans as virginal youth
taken asunder
by the deceit of her brother

the ultimate peace of silence
only the breeze as ambiance
as timeless man reconvenes
with apparitions of agony
taken from mortal miscreant
unto the communal body
of immortal death

innards devoured by carrion raptors
postponing inevitable culmination
intrinsic dispersion among
the singularity of morbidity
scattering eroded elements
throughout the world
as a promenade of ashes
scattered from a ballon

sand wears at bones
ceaseless and inhuman
perpetual roll
of crimson tide
tainted by blood
men of caesar
laid to rest
in the bed
of bedouin


Sullen men sit sipping syrup
soiled beards drip with codeine
solemn soliloquy of delirium
idle and homeless

berating heat upon sweating brow
sunglasses and a shady tree
swig after swig brown paper bag
outside of the courthouse

aimless with no ill intent
open to conversation
cold and alone inside
intoxicants the only revelry

house servants bereft of life
idolize the impotent
dry eyed lisping fool
mumbling through spittle

nights soft hands upon tired corpse
worth even nothing to the cannibal
nothing to the necromancer
harvestable parts bleached
by copious chemical

as a choking engine sputters
the lost men of the tree
laugh at the symbolism
worthwhile investments
still failing to return profit

crowned as kings in their own right
personable as persimmons
loitering as a litter of litter
birthing itself by no moral compass
yet willing to procreate masterfully
as the wasteful progeny of lost life

breeding as dogs, spawn numbers of rabbits
slowly corrupting the organic genetics
from dependence on simple sugars
reagents now only codeine

sickly syrup bleeds from vein and bone
superfluous spurious super fluid
viscous and thick as tree sap
concentrated by dehydration
fermentation occurs in the miserable elderly
slowly excreting from their pores
as if a bleeding poppy
corroded by alkaline welfare water
left astrewn through the brush
lethargic lollygagging
till bodies taken asunder
placed with the immortal spirits
who haunt the catacombs

melting as the witch would in rain
bodies and bones reciprocating pleasantries
symbiotic microorganisms stall the imminent
impending altruistic morbidity of entropy

such slow and painless molting
skin flakes sedate the saline
mirth of drunk Dionysus
soporific as the last lumen
lost in time force to wander
millennia abreast for no eye

Hydrocarbons hold no candle
to methylmorphine isomers
men brought from jaunt spontaneity
to the immortal flame of nitrous
igniting copious chemical chains
unraveling their length across the universe

symbiosis of fluidity brings dearth to chemical conformity
such stray elemental isotopes thrown into aqueous alchemists
alacrity of the compound binds inter dimensionally
volatility tears at the heart of physics
dismantling the nobility of light time and gravity
bound amongst the codeine as colloidal as a stellar nucleus
timeless and immortal kings brought to kneel before a new god
should one fight the inevitable impending singularity
tis but another corpse ruthlessly ejected into cold dead space
preserved forever as a symbol of failed usurpation
crystalized by impenetrable noble codeinite
as han solo, to carbonite, superman, to his kryptonite

such a celestial body ejected with such force as to only orbit
in deep space the cancerous codeine singularity
sentient voracity malignant enough to taint the heart of a young star
the divine right of a king, manifest destiny of a consumptive god

god's only servant spun this tale of woe
the same alchemist who wove codeine
into the genetic structure of the vagabonds
with philosopher's stone in hand supttering
unable to riposte the rapier of death
in his old age he saw his only child
his patron saint
descend into the darkest depths of hell
and emerge a prolific proprietor of penance
in an era where man cures consumption
by colloquial contumacious consumption
of the colloidal tincture of titillation
chemical isolation of codeine
made of dreams and sirens serene
healthy as catfish and collard greens

saturation of the syrup
stalwart in the bloodstream as mercury
divine alchemical longevity
sparked evolution of enzyme
sanctimonious and surreptitious
purple and delicious
This cup is the new covenant in my blood
preached the only son of god
mane of royal mauve
dyslexic deviant of discord and disdain
child of the lotus, dismantler of the deleterious
ingenious, prolific and pious
purple rain as prophesied the prince
potent blood taints the well and the stream
alien physiology of communal conscience
codependent microorganisms caustically coarse
through his ever beating heart

descended from the storm clouds
borne of the same bolt to spark life
static electricity binds the base pairs
and brings life to this sphere of desolation

immortal champion of olympus
of sinai, and everest
omnipotent, yet indifferent
fabled monstrosity of manna
kindly silent as the finest virgins
lick him ceaselessly, absorbing enlightenment
while man struggles with insolence

lord of time and space
extolls his warped mind
slowing the zenith of the lyre
from the whine of a thin frail virgin
to righteous sonorous bass
such force in this godly melody
all matter in the universe
vibrates to this bass
a single resonant pitch
brought life to earth
tremolo of the heartbeat

such resonance throughout the universe
provokes the moan of leviathan
swooning love calls of inaudible bass
vibrato so slow to allow a lost man
to ride the waves as if the moon had made them
power to perpetuate motion across the universe
the manipulation of a telepath lies futile
as sonomancers warp waves breaching the darkness
with whitecaps of static, white noise of the abyss
undertow and riptide buckle the knees of mankind
dragged along the ground in forcful rebuke of freedom
tempestuous force exerted in all directions
as to feel the bends as a diver
exerted upon your body trapped in weightless
antigravity submersible of anti-uranium
bound by quantum fluctuation
to exponentially extrapolating dimensions
bringing out the only true negative to grace the universe
the exchange of mass for nihilism
extolled by communism
indebted by facetious capitalism
the nadir of discreet numbers
truncated by ethereal loan sharks
extrapolating the inverse
taking universal truths
as tax and hearse
forcing upon the element
inescapable fecundity
of the negatory
reverse radioactivity
tearing holes in space time

said submersible
chained to the sea floor, released once more
once the gordian's knot
of carbon nanotubes
is cut by the god-king himself
releasing the prison of immortal man,
spawn of the atmosphere
his carapace of truly noble elements
crystalized by the pressure
ejaculated by the cold faceless chasm
with velocity to break the speed of light

trapped as confederates at Antietam
lubricity surpassing the infinite
friction sits on his porch
as his schizophrenic grandson
runs agile as a fox
chasing faeries in the forest
scotch and cigars
inducing apathy
still sitting idle
wind rocking his chair
for the fortnight
before the return of his son
and the revelation to come

limitless scotch and ceaseless cigars
reliving the tales of his wartime scars
looking to the woods
dreams of his grandson grown
in the jungle, fighting guerrilla warfare
as the panther blood carries adrenaline
immortality of an experienced woodsman in eden
silent death as a mercury laden well
lead bullets have not the dispersion
as leaden cocaine, and leaden heroin
making way to the willing veins
of enemies

Weary, by afternoon heat, and dehydration
such an old man of friction wanders into the bathroom
shadows coats the room, lit by the fading evening sun
opening the mirrored medicine cabinet
withdrawing the sacred syrup
the simple desire of rest and relaxation

the man sees himself in the mirror
opening the bottle with the pain of aged hands
the lord and savior appears behind him
in all beauty and splendor
the color and glow
the unquestioning love
of he who brought liberty to mankind
reflecting in complementary light
shedding upon his frame
unquestionable incisions
of faith

He hands this old man
a glorious chalice
deep as the oceanic trenches
and pours a generous portion
of lemon lime soda pop
ebullient and effervescent
into the chalice
dive magical familiars
of fructose

grimace gently holds the mans hand
and together
they begin to pour the syrup
copious amounts of codeine
grimace whispers softly
love shall rain from the heavens
till your cup runneth over

love exudes as man and holy spirit
take holy communion

grimace gave this man the cup
and sayeth
This cup is the new covenant in my blood;
this do you, as often as you drink it
in remembrance of me.

The man, leaning
brought the chalice to the porch
to recline in his chair
gave the cup to the children who surrounded him
his own blood and kin
and preached the word of god

This cup is the new covenant in my blood;
this do you, as often as you drink it
in remembrance of me.