Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Crimson Port of Kings

Staunch men sip the port of kings
in fading light of the robust rose
luscious petals caress the skin
of fine elegant women
afloat in a sea of hapless dissonance
deaf to discord but still satiated
by her strident erotic vibrations
coursing euphonious ecstasy
for deaf women

screeching birds of death circle
delirious men lost in the desert
chasing mirages of luscious maidens
spectre of death but a dress of eupnoeaus
elegant ebony blown about softly
subtly revealing the shy candid body
of a luminous innocent maiden

gown black as tartarus
such illusion birthed
as sunshine boils
vitreous fluid
in the eyes
of the lost
desert wanderer
burning retinas
forgiving nature
of an unforgiving
relieving the snow-blind
cauterizing wounds
left by self mutilation

encroaching shadows
tempt man unto the darkness
fleeting light of insanity
caressing her soft skin
as dreamt the man
of his lady
come in from a stroll
body graced by soft
once again
waking up alone

still drifts closer
this whispering saint
breath upon the neck
of a dying man
bereft of sin in personable darkness
embrace of love as she is a blanket
soothing winds upon dew laden skin
lying naked in a forest
of nymphs and faeries

till unwilling this man gropes
invisible testament
of his pain

grit peels easily with coagulated blood
chaffed by persistent squall
carrying evidence of entropy
even immortal erections of earth
brought to sloven listless dust
amble rambling saunter
aimless and amicable
escaping into the atmosphere

fresh wounds tingle as warm blood
makes love with her antithesis
good graciousness of the seductress
kind lovely death

comforted even in agony
a prayer for salvation
the epitome of futility
only fleeting breath
strikes a lovely
as a man dying with nothing
is eternally grateful
and moans as virginal youth
taken asunder
by the deceit of her brother

the ultimate peace of silence
only the breeze as ambiance
as timeless man reconvenes
with apparitions of agony
taken from mortal miscreant
unto the communal body
of immortal death

innards devoured by carrion raptors
postponing inevitable culmination
intrinsic dispersion among
the singularity of morbidity
scattering eroded elements
throughout the world
as a promenade of ashes
scattered from a ballon

sand wears at bones
ceaseless and inhuman
perpetual roll
of crimson tide
tainted by blood
men of caesar
laid to rest
in the bed
of bedouin

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