Monday, July 9, 2012


Murfin smufin belphegor
kickin it, sweet luscious whore
gotta lay a bitch down
roll up phetty blunts round town
stim dick slippery ina dutchess
sock puppet like the muppets
unsheathe the blade
carbonaceous glory
oil like jerry curl
licked off my skin
greek as olives

ball sweat like swiss cheese
bring a bitch to her knees
taste sticky dicky sap
like it bleedin from maple trees

dick tricklin real slow
winter syrup
yum yum precum
afo it go in ya bum bum

slap that sweat off you sally
jew fro jew locks ho nails
fuck you into shape
burnin more calories
than snoop burns trees

good ho know the show
dick go deeper if you let go
like tourette's and epilepsy
think your seeing god
mood lights glisten
off my body

so fast like binary code
on a playstation VPU
each number only mean
I make you cum
swig of rum
and we switch positions
just for fun

house music next door
but my smooth jazz louder
made it back in the day
when it wasn’t water
it was powder
righteous like midas
see which bitch
moan loudest
sexual prowess
power dicking
and you aint

I don’t floor pedals
I pound bitches
on the floor
for medals

mr olympics
for a nice trick

hos got problems
that gives me
a hard on

love to hear you bitch
love to hear you moan
got the bunni proposish
might be givin out a loan

hitler had to kill all the jews
cause I made so many
nuttin in the jew fro coochi
all the little ladies preggay

I put the sin in the synagogue
like I put the gog in demagog
aye like its congress
and the hos moanin in distress

beggin for the sex magic
lay it down tragic
never use a rubber
cause god told me not to

inbred so deep
the jews lost their horns
nuttin non stop
pregnancy firehose

red hard hat
tip for the trick
sandpaper the penis
for the frick frick frick
friction and diction
like american industry
women like it rough
my dick like jesus
a poor jewish carpenter

girls always askin me
hey b where you from
im like girl you dont know
you can't taste it in my cum?

Its exotic and erotic
and spasmodic
feel the fertility
when I skeet
up in your belly

meso magic
pot in the baggy
ami, mon ami
Ahhh Ahhh

bobcat growling
lupine howling
tiger prowling
puppy dog yowling

in my
animal ferocity

you my anastasia
need no anesthesia
call rasputin
cause we both
in need of

shits and giggles me and raspi
go toe to toe takin bullets
from the ruskies
drowning in the river
cause I like the way it feels
like when I fuck a bitch
inbetween meals

so damn sleepy
but I still hit it right
she lovin that lovin
and im lovin her muffins

corn beef hash
smack a bitch on the ass
cook so good
even god wants
a plate of food

southern comfort
with my southern comfort
when she drain
got jesus
bleed me of a shot
from the main vein

powerhouse playboy
fuck eugenics
ima nut in a bitch
like im L Ron
and its dianetics

seed like a dandelion
skeet up in the air
it just float there
find a womb
like she the dirty girl
Earth is with
her warm
dirt everywhere

blast from the past
like its
back to the future
sure beats monogomy
nutrition keep me
dick pissing
hos wishin
fly fishin
old as the dirt
people years
at least a million

wonder why god
keep makin virgins
hymen blood
on my moustache
like that rasberry berret
not the kind that you find
at a second hand store

but if she jonesin for the dick
better filler up quick
you can play pretend
with the period blood
on the pedostache
and she only cookin
hot brown
taste like
ass hash

when I find me a new bitch
seems about ever minute
I bring the old one to town
play a game if you wanna
get up in it

like always, say now, innit
this game is a classic
called skeet on a biscuit
stand in a circle and we
skeet on a biscuit

first one to blast
gets the fine piece of ass
and the last one to cum
eat the whole thing for fun

only strategy is to
rub your dick constantly
so when the biscuit go down
you can skeet skeet instantly

you know the bitch come from me
so she fuck like divinity
if you dont want to play
enjoy your ever living misery

ima find mes another mistress
give her a rock hard dick to kiss
so wet she the pinnacle of slipperiness
gotta slip my dick in the princess
so tight I better call guinness
but not afo I finni my business

lovin with compassion
AA gauge pump action
when my dick dipset
is when you see the
bitch rage

but I blast when I get
to the last page
of Finnegan's Wake
read it clean though
make no mistake

as the loving ran its course
through the intellectual discourse
rough her pussy up so coarse
she scream so loud
now she so hoarse

skeet up in a bitch
hada bust a nut
like im doug funny
and she my patty mayo

true cream dream
make her jones
like its yayo
friction fuego
like im in

undeniable lothario
swigin gin
smokin endo
all I do

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