Thursday, July 5, 2012


Faceless giants loom ominous enveloped in darkness
ceaseless seamstress hands play the loom as a lyre
spindled silken hair falls from the celling
from paralyzed women held motionless in bondage

sustenance through cold tubes perpetuating life
deprivation of the senses quell senselessness
insignificant insatiable insolent impetus
El jefe ingraining the ignorance of a fetus

content with the saturation reared of white noise
lives of predestined corpses idly dangling
unquestioning for the concept remains unknown
the subtle womb of vanity for the callous cancer

exchanged as insignificant replaceable parts
children of eugenics guarded by cynics
bred into insolence and complacence
protecting the treasure of deathly marauders

truly the limp and lifeless who dangle in sinews of necrosis
are among those free of mortal misery
unknowing of mortal pleasure pain or vice
thoughtlessness accepts slavery and mortality
unquestioning without fear or insecurity
breathing only to obscure the obvious
wrath of time upon the spurious lech

the once soft caress of a maidens locks
now torment the dying witch
a vain procession of beauty
streams from the crown
coarse fiber provokes delirium
lifeless souls bring revelation
to the object of deaths fancy

recollection of how insects
nest in hollow empty eye sockets
finest spiders silk spawns brood
cleaning maggots from chafed flesh
a friendly sensual massage
the embodiment of sexual pleasure
to such a lifeless affirmation of satan

such friends of damned souls
torment those living in fear and misery
constant depravity and inanity
chasing the sun fending off frost

symbiosis of a slave, her sisters, her spiders
honeycomb of fertile body heat
genetic spawn of a necromancer
dancing with the doppelganger of death

communal spirit of transcendence
spawning familiars of torment
necroscopy of the living dead
by subdermal caustic colonies
of arachnids amassing archaic
alchemical axiom in alleged
aphasic altruistic asperity
of acidity
finding in flesh
exponentiality of the
of populous

acedia but
an allegory
of acrimony
of sardonic
for the newly

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