Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Sullen men sit sipping syrup
soiled beards drip with codeine
solemn soliloquy of delirium
idle and homeless

berating heat upon sweating brow
sunglasses and a shady tree
swig after swig brown paper bag
outside of the courthouse

aimless with no ill intent
open to conversation
cold and alone inside
intoxicants the only revelry

house servants bereft of life
idolize the impotent
dry eyed lisping fool
mumbling through spittle

nights soft hands upon tired corpse
worth even nothing to the cannibal
nothing to the necromancer
harvestable parts bleached
by copious chemical

as a choking engine sputters
the lost men of the tree
laugh at the symbolism
worthwhile investments
still failing to return profit

crowned as kings in their own right
personable as persimmons
loitering as a litter of litter
birthing itself by no moral compass
yet willing to procreate masterfully
as the wasteful progeny of lost life

breeding as dogs, spawn numbers of rabbits
slowly corrupting the organic genetics
from dependence on simple sugars
reagents now only codeine

sickly syrup bleeds from vein and bone
superfluous spurious super fluid
viscous and thick as tree sap
concentrated by dehydration
fermentation occurs in the miserable elderly
slowly excreting from their pores
as if a bleeding poppy
corroded by alkaline welfare water
left astrewn through the brush
lethargic lollygagging
till bodies taken asunder
placed with the immortal spirits
who haunt the catacombs

melting as the witch would in rain
bodies and bones reciprocating pleasantries
symbiotic microorganisms stall the imminent
impending altruistic morbidity of entropy

such slow and painless molting
skin flakes sedate the saline
mirth of drunk Dionysus
soporific as the last lumen
lost in time force to wander
millennia abreast for no eye

Hydrocarbons hold no candle
to methylmorphine isomers
men brought from jaunt spontaneity
to the immortal flame of nitrous
igniting copious chemical chains
unraveling their length across the universe

symbiosis of fluidity brings dearth to chemical conformity
such stray elemental isotopes thrown into aqueous alchemists
alacrity of the compound binds inter dimensionally
volatility tears at the heart of physics
dismantling the nobility of light time and gravity
bound amongst the codeine as colloidal as a stellar nucleus
timeless and immortal kings brought to kneel before a new god
should one fight the inevitable impending singularity
tis but another corpse ruthlessly ejected into cold dead space
preserved forever as a symbol of failed usurpation
crystalized by impenetrable noble codeinite
as han solo, to carbonite, superman, to his kryptonite

such a celestial body ejected with such force as to only orbit
in deep space the cancerous codeine singularity
sentient voracity malignant enough to taint the heart of a young star
the divine right of a king, manifest destiny of a consumptive god

god's only servant spun this tale of woe
the same alchemist who wove codeine
into the genetic structure of the vagabonds
with philosopher's stone in hand supttering
unable to riposte the rapier of death
in his old age he saw his only child
his patron saint
descend into the darkest depths of hell
and emerge a prolific proprietor of penance
in an era where man cures consumption
by colloquial contumacious consumption
of the colloidal tincture of titillation
chemical isolation of codeine
made of dreams and sirens serene
healthy as catfish and collard greens

saturation of the syrup
stalwart in the bloodstream as mercury
divine alchemical longevity
sparked evolution of enzyme
sanctimonious and surreptitious
purple and delicious
This cup is the new covenant in my blood
preached the only son of god
mane of royal mauve
dyslexic deviant of discord and disdain
child of the lotus, dismantler of the deleterious
ingenious, prolific and pious
purple rain as prophesied the prince
potent blood taints the well and the stream
alien physiology of communal conscience
codependent microorganisms caustically coarse
through his ever beating heart

descended from the storm clouds
borne of the same bolt to spark life
static electricity binds the base pairs
and brings life to this sphere of desolation

immortal champion of olympus
of sinai, and everest
omnipotent, yet indifferent
fabled monstrosity of manna
kindly silent as the finest virgins
lick him ceaselessly, absorbing enlightenment
while man struggles with insolence

lord of time and space
extolls his warped mind
slowing the zenith of the lyre
from the whine of a thin frail virgin
to righteous sonorous bass
such force in this godly melody
all matter in the universe
vibrates to this bass
a single resonant pitch
brought life to earth
tremolo of the heartbeat

such resonance throughout the universe
provokes the moan of leviathan
swooning love calls of inaudible bass
vibrato so slow to allow a lost man
to ride the waves as if the moon had made them
power to perpetuate motion across the universe
the manipulation of a telepath lies futile
as sonomancers warp waves breaching the darkness
with whitecaps of static, white noise of the abyss
undertow and riptide buckle the knees of mankind
dragged along the ground in forcful rebuke of freedom
tempestuous force exerted in all directions
as to feel the bends as a diver
exerted upon your body trapped in weightless
antigravity submersible of anti-uranium
bound by quantum fluctuation
to exponentially extrapolating dimensions
bringing out the only true negative to grace the universe
the exchange of mass for nihilism
extolled by communism
indebted by facetious capitalism
the nadir of discreet numbers
truncated by ethereal loan sharks
extrapolating the inverse
taking universal truths
as tax and hearse
forcing upon the element
inescapable fecundity
of the negatory
reverse radioactivity
tearing holes in space time

said submersible
chained to the sea floor, released once more
once the gordian's knot
of carbon nanotubes
is cut by the god-king himself
releasing the prison of immortal man,
spawn of the atmosphere
his carapace of truly noble elements
crystalized by the pressure
ejaculated by the cold faceless chasm
with velocity to break the speed of light

trapped as confederates at Antietam
lubricity surpassing the infinite
friction sits on his porch
as his schizophrenic grandson
runs agile as a fox
chasing faeries in the forest
scotch and cigars
inducing apathy
still sitting idle
wind rocking his chair
for the fortnight
before the return of his son
and the revelation to come

limitless scotch and ceaseless cigars
reliving the tales of his wartime scars
looking to the woods
dreams of his grandson grown
in the jungle, fighting guerrilla warfare
as the panther blood carries adrenaline
immortality of an experienced woodsman in eden
silent death as a mercury laden well
lead bullets have not the dispersion
as leaden cocaine, and leaden heroin
making way to the willing veins
of enemies

Weary, by afternoon heat, and dehydration
such an old man of friction wanders into the bathroom
shadows coats the room, lit by the fading evening sun
opening the mirrored medicine cabinet
withdrawing the sacred syrup
the simple desire of rest and relaxation

the man sees himself in the mirror
opening the bottle with the pain of aged hands
the lord and savior appears behind him
in all beauty and splendor
the color and glow
the unquestioning love
of he who brought liberty to mankind
reflecting in complementary light
shedding upon his frame
unquestionable incisions
of faith

He hands this old man
a glorious chalice
deep as the oceanic trenches
and pours a generous portion
of lemon lime soda pop
ebullient and effervescent
into the chalice
dive magical familiars
of fructose

grimace gently holds the mans hand
and together
they begin to pour the syrup
copious amounts of codeine
grimace whispers softly
love shall rain from the heavens
till your cup runneth over

love exudes as man and holy spirit
take holy communion

grimace gave this man the cup
and sayeth
This cup is the new covenant in my blood;
this do you, as often as you drink it
in remembrance of me.

The man, leaning
brought the chalice to the porch
to recline in his chair
gave the cup to the children who surrounded him
his own blood and kin
and preached the word of god

This cup is the new covenant in my blood;
this do you, as often as you drink it
in remembrance of me.

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