Wednesday, September 19, 2012


mmmm abba zabba mmmmm
jointed rought cocked pointed
needly fatass compass schneedly
jiddles softbowed freshmowed bladefiddles
convultulous sadomasochist grisjestojist polontrillous
lauditriating defenstrating castigation defloration
one man one army one nation
man who fucks like a race horse
gets bred like a race horse
ifn isnt or hasnt masah nah a pesant
horse gone keep running and fucking
lord say evn a quickn gon be stallionized
ol masah horse berto ahways laughin
fuck nigger quick slick nigger dick slip
inna scurr hoss all run n  slippah hot
n ah ges ah n is in iss ah n she eeeeeeeeuuuuu
so is ah johns hennah big two leg old nigrah
rapstaillion sunset maigc
innah so furrus she flitchin all wile
is bouta blass so ima get ah lit up
she burrah all deathly an i get rocked
cant help but bust love lust bloodlust
musta bust a riva cau she jus gave out
quivvin hoss lay dead on the ground
i jus walk over ah an my drippah dick
plop inah maw n took ah a minute my my
sho didd indeed she like the taste lickity lick
i lets ah have at whas a drip down mmmm
bus no cottonmouth mare ohn die today
soft dicked just piss in her mouth strong
she drink like jesus first day out the desert
them last drops dripping after those 20 years
i lets her know
i dont just fuck like a racehorse

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