Tuesday, October 30, 2012

solving inconsequential problems

ewww bitch you boss scaggs ass nasty
your skank clothes is trashy and yo skin so ashy

the world where the poor live on the nigger scraps and scabbard houses sultrys about in and against the working still no better off, simply deluded. Lost amongst the listless commotion the childs aflouted and stammered incessantly. Poor men squabble, the barter had been reduced to banter. Unable to tell the rags of old tablecloths from the walls of abodes nor the dust, garbage and sulliness rife amongst the rifraff scuttling along as rabid mice from the eyes of a man with bones.

Children dreamed of the cow, sacred and holy, for these children see the cow eat at the tables of the riches men, feasting with the best of gents. Hidden away in shallow fields as a lady in wait, forever significant to admonish and bestrew the parsimonious penchant perpetuation of penurious perpetration and procreation of the poteically proverbaly phallic povertous population. This is one big black cock that can fuck any tight asshole from thirteen hundred fathoms benath the ocean. You scream like a bitch, because he still goes balls deep.

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it turns out when a nigger drowns, they don't die, they simply drift along down to the bottom of the ocean where a massive cancerous mollusk squid like nigger has been consuming them for augmentation into the niggeraperiditrius, or niggularity. This organisim is so volotile and familiar with negro biochemical structure can take an octopus and put that nigger right inside of it somehow giving us a negropus, as mean, cruel, dastardly, devastating and clever as a negro, now with 8 legs, the abillity to ascend structures and asphysxiate people, as well as an unfathomable penis for with which to rape a bitch from the other side of an olympic pool, and gentlemen, this is still a nigger, we can't discriminate in public places. This may be rough my boys.

got a brain tumor
pistol whip my skull
cut it out with my buck  knife
throw some lye and the blunt ashes
adobe skull cover with the bone brace
put my face in the oven 900 degrees
chain smoke quarter blunts burning
8 hours in the sun like guido jesus
shirtless in december  high on pcp
sfront yard has so many damn holes
this happens all the time
it's quite a tragic expense upon my yard

niggers think i struck gold my back yard is a quarry
i think christopher reeves was in my soilent green man
my brain grows like fungus even with persistaint knife agression
was that man the fountain of youth to spawn his own life


where is my blind man in the 1920s sitting on cocaine and haleing nitrous getting took by some damned kids on his nitrous with them deep voices.