Monday, November 12, 2012

Rain Stained Hat

i bathe in wet
got my lye and my schurm
pcp in my vas defrins and scrotum
still iced out chillin with blunts to burn
my jerry curl dreads all crystalline
my girl just wants to fuck i might let her in
my dick aquaman whistle let a bitch know what it is
shist know the jist wristwatch just a cufflinks
underwater assailant  huck finn i  love to paint
my bat just love to beat a bitch in the taint
composite ass schemaitc laundromatic action
sensory perceptive phallus taste organs of pallas

ascend from my throne my body starts to loose bone
my muscles of steel melt down into mercury
im just snakes and ropes something to grope
better day than a hoodsman and a hung jury
duke boys the el camino light up and get stoned

powder the nose pick up my hos
lick my moustache n get to the show
i only speak two languages guns and blow
i like my wafers necco my hair dego at dayglow

cool dark  breezes now im 90 percent snake

how can i lurk like a rat in the shadows
but be a king on the streets
im the king of the jews
im the man to beat

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