Monday, November 12, 2012

Tree fiddeh

bitch i got three dollars
let me get two rillos
and a two dollar holla

holes in my pocket
nickle of shake
half a buscuit
bout to wake and bake

how come when i come to see you

julie i cant find my pipe
hate to say it but you was who
i was dicking last night

baby make my injun blood red
why kill a man cut off his head
break a bone make a meth pipe instead

Cant say i love life enough to be pro life
dont hate it enough to end my life
figure if i got a bit to burn, might as well
i guess its time to figure out what burns in hell

If im still dicking around, and god can't be found
might just fuck a bitch before i put her in the ground
who says this isn't paradise? ultimate freedom
savor this air before you choke where damned souls burn

I can't say i've beat a woman to death of late
but ive certainly been fucked up enough to hate
all the little shit, every nit you pick, you never suck the dick
all while im leaning pleasing and feinding and bleeding
maybe light up a blunt in the evening thinking bout leaving

gonna get my dick sucked
young doe bout to get bucked
fight a man cause im fucked up
powder my nose and gussy up

Im a Stag not a Stallion with a crown of thorns
Karma Karate coming at you with buckshot horns
Im lean meat and i lean when i beat
shadow commando stay low
 stay strapped know i pack  mad heat

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