Friday, December 28, 2012

Experimental Charlie Brown for Christmas

fuck being white, i would say my skin is instead rather rosy, as opposed to quite rosey all pale irish reds what nots. Its just red colored under there.

Just an old classic

pigpen bitch you know i got aids
but me and charlie hoodinie
so it dont matter anyways

Scrodinger tounge tingler
titty tittiler pussy fiddler
fast black magic with
the schrondoctor
got my balls in your mouth
giving you the shocker
 nice and proper
slippy sloppy
straght an slow
light up
get down
and smoke drow
linus nigga
lines all day look at my sinus
i cry cocaine i sneeze white dust
touch the white keys
like i touch white kids between the knees
all day baby tap a black bitch if i need the feeleys

lucy, bitch goose me, catch a loosie, asian phenom-pehn deus
backgammon acey ducey dice game nigga what you got to lose
nickle and diming, two time riding, rag leanin, peace cleanin
why you think im on that nigga dick what you think im fiending

Ol saint nick santa bitch get on this dick,
 think i get this gifts like a nigga flip the tricks
beardy, giving gifts to the needy, bitches bake for me
let me know how much they need me, feed me
fuck a bitch feebly, with the feelings,
think the house is weebley getting shook up
Think its not bout to go down, dirty brown down
Old time town more a man about his rounds
than an old yeller lassie saved the pound
figure she build to get lost and the rabies
castrate men and let the bitch have babies

Fucking Face Blunts and Face Fuck Floozies
It's Franklin Nigga Pull the Trigga Dick Gets Bigger
Taste of my dick linger in mouth magestic maligner
bloody bandana pocket katana got yor nose
Skull fucking that michaeljackosn breath hole
straigt to the dome fuck petrone
ever clear brain enema bout to MLB
Nick cage from that shitty movie
ghost rider ghost blunts and get higher
Say a prayer to your nigger diviner
before your blood becomes paint thinner

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