Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rants: Now Less Racist!

HCl and NaOH are a strong acid and base, when they react, NaCl and water are formed. Water and NaCl are essential to human life, water being the local neutral 7, salt a key nutrient. I see life as living surrounding the neutral 7 PH, existing by preforming controlled reactions on the readily available nutrients in their innate necessity to function in order to exist.

Basically i see as, when life formed, seeking out reactants is the entire game, so those who could do the most with what was available, naturally won. Life evolved by utilizing the chemical structure and makeup of the earthly reagents in order to produce, consume, and harbor energy. Those that could do this the most efficiently and quickest, were those that successfully dominated and replicated because of such a position of power.

In the early days i see more volatile substances ready to react, ready to be assembled and collected inside of an organism, provoking the spawn of energy consuming life. As this process went on, there was more competition for the readily react-able and easily accessible materials, such enacting survival of the fittest. The only alternative to competing for the same available resources was to somehow convert to a different, abundant chemical, which was an untapped resource. As more life forms grew multiplied and diverged, fewer and fewer volatile components were accessible, leaving lifeforms in a land of spent reagents.

The only systems that would truly persevere and survive against a biological form dominating the field of a certain abundant chemical, are ones that could perpetuate their existence by means of their own energy derivation process, by some means recycling the end products of their energizing, and such a creature's lifespan would be determined by the efficiency and % yield of their cycle, omitting celestial phenomenon

Lest these organisms be sustained by natural population control, or a symbiotic relationship, i.e - trees=o2= fire from o2, parasitic life forms utilize o2. They would eventually become so limited by reagents and reactants to sustain their own procreation, they would die off, either to become extinct, or secede from dominance in the face of an organism more primed for survival and success in such environs.

This would mean that of all the volatile reagents earth had accumulated through it's lifespan, the most readily reacted of these had been spent through means of biological entropy, slowly evolving down the chain of reactivity from the most available and reactive materials to essentially what has become today, a quite hospitable world of relative local neutral PH 7, defined by the precipitate and spent reactants of it's chemical history. The state and general reactivity of the chemicals of earth determine the amount of competition a lifeforms must be able to produce in order to survive.

The more readily available an energy source is, the less competition: the less specific the requirement and the standard of survival is. Life is accommodated, and never threatened, it spreads with reckless abandon, consuming and replicating exponentially, until confronted by limiting reagents. At this point, it begins to strangle itself, dwindling as resources vanish, either a select few adaptations survive, or another organism replaces it, thriving on the new abundance. This enforces competition, whether sentient or not, such an organism is competing for resources. As this organism's progeny evolve, this competition becomes their defining characteristic. If life exists, it its solely because of the competition and victories of it's forefathers, such a long line of competitors, built upon winning, not the belief or aspiration or hope of winning, but the victories itself. What does an Archie Manning Yield? Two more NFL caliber quarterbacks.

As potential energy is lost to consumption at every stage in the reaction, there is a net decrease in available energy in the absence of symbiosis, reducing the lifespan of the consumptive organism, and lest these chemical changes are somewhat reversible, i.e photosynthesis<->cellular respiration, this places a new limiting reagent on every lifeforms to follow the fall of a great consumer. This limits the total amount of biological possibilities in terms of competitive consumption, and thus streamlines the common biological compounds lifeforms could utilize when at the cellular or microscopic stage. Thus if a great consumer has died off, it has left a pigeonhole, there was no bio-reciprocation of these elements, and such none exist, only the spent reagents yield.

As if, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire shot up all the Steroids and HGH, by the time you got to the big league, they'd set the records, and shot up all the juice. It takes far more effort for you to break that record without the steroids, you must work harder, and as such life and the game is more challenging. In this case, the readily available chemicals with high potential chemical energy considering the bioavailability of limiting reagents in the consumer's energy cycle.

This is the evolution of the mobile lifeforms using consumed energy to potentate physical motion, to perpetuate their consumption, and consequent existence, building the biological relationship between consumption-motion, and survival. Eventually resulting in animal lifeforms, who co-dominate the earth with the visible presence of plants, our relatively static counterparts.

A Tree's growth is limited and controlled , such propagation has left a predator in fire, animals have evolved with oxygen abundance which is still kind enough to grace us. Plants evolved in a world of CO2 abundance, and their progenitors reaction ( i am no paleobiologist) would have a successful propagation reaction releasing CO2 as exhaust.

Now There are the static, immobile trees, and the mobile animals who evolved through a lichen like symbiosis, being made of similar chemical constituents, essentially adding another helpful loop on the chemical cycle of a tree's lifespan, turning a circle into a figure 8, both species gaining benefits, neither threatened, so they coexists. That is until one contributor faces a critical when faced with a limiting regent. In this case, humans and food/ fresh water. Once the population can no longer sustain itself, it collapses. Animal symbiosis with plants has retained the always applicable wolves and rabbits simulation, and as chemical necessities are bio-reciprocated, save idiocy, animals keep breathing, it is simply a matter of culling the population.

Humans are a poor example for this theory as, perhaps although a parasite, virus, leech, or lichen, has no life without a host, still they thrive! There is no limiting reagent of host organisms. Animals are consumers of an established ecosystem which has reared them, hence are dependent on such an environment. Plants evolved before mobility, when the key to life was accessibility and efficacy of chemical consumption. Plants thrived long enough to produce oxygen concentrations to harbor fire, producing from their own refuse, the CO2 they depend on. This allowed them to dominate, such vampiric self sustenance yields far greater success than consumption dependence.

Humanity, and the kingdom Animalia itself has been born of fire. Such a light is but life itself, entropy at her most accessible. We both need oxygen to breath and exude our heat and radiance. The fuel for fire is but wood, the fuel for civilization is whatever there is left to burn. We are fire, we are burning, as the lords inheritor's of this planet, and the proprietors of such dominion, as well as citizens of this mecca of consumption, it is our hand that controls at which rate this fire burns. It is our hands who control the oxygen that fuels this fire, for we are the fire incarnate.
Should we blow on it was children and coax fires to the sky, or make the charcoal to smelt iron. It is our hands that chose our fate. For we sit pompous in the evening, warm by our fire, so blinded by the light that we have never seen night. But night is coming, the sun does set, should we have a fire to see us through the dawn, or freeze to death in the winter nights, it was our hands who controlled and exploited that environment, and understood the repercussions, willed it upon the children, to take the gavel of god when judging the fate of human progeny.

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