Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ain't so good for hamonica, all blowing, no burning. in prison

I am an avid hamonicado and i would blow them the days all for free in any other day of the American Penal System, playing a harmonica, and being incarcerated, sadly, this is one player cant only play but when you put a nickel in it…

Somehow old parlor man put a spicket now fixed it to play just put a cigar or any stimulant in him, go for bout as long as he fix to burn it.

Sadly, my harmonica would be a harmonicant in prison, because there's that little bit of dignity in just playing a song, singing or dancing, like any old timey negro would, just because i'm trying to get some drugs. Stimulants would just facilitate the performance and see to it man needn't the cruel whippings, just to get the piano to do the old turn around on the numbers.

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