Sunday, January 20, 2013


You know they say chase your dream, do what you want. Well, i wanted to be a transvestite pornography superstar, but i'm not really pretty enough, and i'm not that committed to the show, it's just a good fucking laugh, might as well get some fucking giggles.

Instead i am attempting to choose to do something more productive with my life, rather than just ninny about and prance like a queer old chap about in the flowers. You know, if you want to play baseball, thats fine, it's perfectly fine to be homosexual, or be a gay person in sports, because people don't judge you, or really even treat you differently.

The problems arise when instead of playing the game as its supposed to be, you are just walking over to the opponent's dugout and sucking everybody's dick and getting assfucked, instead of playing the game like you're supposed to. Sure people like to get their dick sucked, but sometimes it just doesn't help the home team that much. Every time you get on first base, you just start sucking this guys dick, you might not get out, but eventually you will get a force out, because you just love sucking dick that much, and didn't run after Billy hit the ball. It's not that helpful, even though people don't mind that.

How about instead, we just go out and play some good sport, like dignified gentlemen, as all of us do stand, and then at the end of the game, win or lose, you can take yourself to whatever coy lovemaking you desire to throw upon these men whom entice your fancy ever so much.

We're not judging you, or saying anything afoul of your actions. It's perfectly fine to be gay, or have sex with men, but when it's just not so much the right time for personal relationships and encounters such as that, we could perchance hold off on such oratio of fellatio, until we can all take such merriment, for we achieved and conquered, surmounted such great and formidable adversaries, in such an accomplishment, we take to our mirth, and share with our brothers and sisters the cheer of our own earned and gracious glory, the resolution to our perseverance, toil, and struggle.

Just because the GM get's his dick sucked in box seats, doesn't mean i can smoke blunts and fuck a bitch dirty chilling in left field. I hate to say i've raised kids as a high school senior, but i know, i can't be swigging tall boys trying to teach my kid baseball, he won't learn if i can't catch a ball or hit for shit. He just won't get the picture. Not trying to say anything or judge people, but simply looking to see to it, that we all understand how a man should act in the accordance of his situation and scenario, no doubt, my boys?

- Cheers, my noble Gentlemen, and the Dames of Dead King's Pleasure

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