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Equality is what?

Sent some of this to a friend of mine, such as War takes those of us who became soldiers, work take those of us who tire as slaves, so do the words, be them of God, Satan, or Matt Thaden, take me unto the depths of the darkest hours.

Who is it that truly commands humans to kill, or do wrongs, who is it that willed life upon this planet, who's duty is it that this tomb in space, our eternal damnation, does not live to the the day that absolute 0 simply ceases atomic function, preserving this host of our sickly evil malevolent illness of a race or genus of animals, who put this blood in the bucket, who the fuck never took it out....???

Ahaa man i'm just fucking around. I rant all day, if oyu didn't know, i'm schizophrenic, so it always seems i'm arguing with ghosts or something. Seriously, even when they dope me w/ anti-psychs and i get all tired, it's basically like Navi from Ocarina of time shouting at me all the time and bickering incessantly about trifling bullshit.

I don't know how justifiable my ideas are, but I attempt to reason as best I can, for such a wild wild man.

I would support you in whatever party you choose to affiliate, by you're personal credibility and accountability, I would support you for your, for now, when being a White Land Owning male, has come down to simply being an american citizen, does not every man have a say, to argue his own rationale and viewpoint of where and how tax money is spent?

I am a Black Panther, before i am a Democrat, I am an equalitarian before I am an American, I believe in the Disparity of the Disparity. I am an authoritarian before I believe in freedom. This reason being, each and every donkey was made by God / (Nature), to be nothing but a free donkey idling about on the plains.

It was not god that put the bridle in his mouth, it was not God that taught this donkey the value of work, God did not put the will into the stubborn donkey to willingly work the fields of Man, by choice:    Rather, it was the man who beat the donkey so that he would work, and do what work is expected of him.

I was very into Politics in school, and in the real world, speaking out is doing nothing but asking for a bullet. Acting out accomplishes nothing but getting Beaten out. Beaten in, beaten out, rules of the street, seem to still govern the land beneath my feet.

- Hope we're still friends, as I know we may not agree on everything, but why turn a friendly chat-about, or even the rants a bitter bickering bastard,  into a quarrel or dispute. MLK knew fighting would never save anybody, or make anybody's day's any better. That man chose to speak out, for what he believe in.

Even have i no truth, or validity, or numbers to assert my claims. I feel as entitled to them as any Muslim to Muhamad, and Christian to Jesus. Simply because i might say "One Nation under Horus" "Zeus" "Odin" "Ra" or any other god, does it mean any less.

In German, the word God, is Gotte, and it's pronounced like the English word goat.  Would a fool be wise to think that this German man was talking to a goat? It makes no difference, for as no doubt all men women and children are creatures of God, as are all plants, animals, and all aspects and parts of the Earth, for God created them did he not, so were a man to say that a Goat is God, i cannot call or judge this man to be a christian German, or a satanist worshiping a Goat, or even just a Kazak man dreaming of owning a Goat. Goat's do provide milk, which does feed children, such giving life to children of God, seems like but the work of God to me....

I have dipped out of social relationships, i was quite bad at them as a child, and have a poor time keeping up with them in forms other than text. I have frequent auditory hallucinations and thoughts that make verbal communication difficult if I am not inebriated or blunted enough to simply not give a fuck enough to react to them.

This is why i was, and perhaps always will be such a fool. Perhaps this is why when i look to the sky, and think of God, and try to hear his voice or insight, i simply hear nothing but the same banter and squabble of petty man, and I say, if this man were made in your image, what would i attempt to dissuade you from, Man, for whom else but man would place him in a life, simple to succumb to vice, and be striken with sin, just as every other man. Why put those things on earth, and tell people to steer clear of sin, when in reality, man cannot live without sin, for such things are forced upon man.

Should i chose to disregard literacy, and say such is for the priests. I need not be able to read, for my Father says unto me in church all that must be heard, and i take unto my mind the glory, image, and holy words of God, this is all i can ask, this is all i can take, and this is all I will take.

Should I manage to be humble in the eyes of God, even as an innocent child, such burdens are placed upon my back forcefully, indifferently, and without question. Should i have no desire to read, tis a shame, however, should you wish to ever be employed and simply not starve to death, it is going to be 11 more years of reading Henry and Mudge damn it.

The world is confusing, and I know not what a man wants, for all he can take may never satisfy him, and such delicious beverages do nothing but dry the mouth, and yet more provoke thirst.

- I am also very forgetful, usually if I get caught up on something, i smoke mad weed and forget about it, but i guess i've just not had enough weeds to forget about being fucked with.

I don't do this explicitly saying i believe these things, rather, just to see to it that people acknowledge my constitutional rights have been denied, so I do my all to simply say, these rights of men, should they not be granted with equality to all men, so be it, I shall see to it that whatever inequality or disparity you attempt to enforce with the white man's legal and judiciary statute, will simply be the same laws of God that damn he, who throws the first stone.

As  a black man, and a mulatto at that, perhaps you could relate this to a man, whom does not understand this. the president.

I argue of disparity because. The median income annually in the USA is $45,000, where in DRC in Africa it is about $450. The president, a black man, of african descent no doubt, tells me, through his silence, which implies consent.

A years labor from an African man in Africa is worth 1/100th of whatever I do in America. Regardless of my father being an African Immigrant, i say Congo man, whatever work the man working that job in the middle of the paygrade does, this man in America, he works 100 times the hours you do each day. This, or he works 100x as effectively, getting 100 times more work done in the same time span. This is the American Disparity I talk of, simply because, Americans do not feel this, I feel this, because i look in an empty wallet every day looking for 3-4 dollars to buy a pack of cigarettes, because i am sadly still addicted, and I say, for sure, these trifles and luxuries promising only death, cannot be worth what they say.

I know price gouging and price fixing, because i sit penniless, every day of my life, because of the woes it has brought upon me, I see the price of crops in the store, compared to the free market value around the world, and I say, these do not cost this much, because such is just. These cost this much money, because we know this is how much the sharecroppers are willing to pay me.

So i ask of  you college man, partaking in education. Are your children to be the same, partially colored semi- Mulatto men and women, falling victim to the same Sharecropping that has plagued such a race of people. Paying in money, simply to work, paying to use a plow, till, reaper, scythe, or even simply to read a book, that only cointains common knowledge, paying in all the money they have, and on top of that, borrowing money they don't have, at interest, simply so they can live the American Dream? In America is a man simply accepted to silently accept his role as illiterate Negro share croppers?

To those who still champion American Constitutional Rights,

My words, however irrational, have now seen me expelled from school for the semester, for sadly, people cannot understand freedom of expression, or free speech, and instead must react to simple words or expressions as if they were violent attacks on that person's character or body, which these are in no way whatsoever.

Thought my own public life, i have attempted to do nothing but speak my mind peacefully, entertain people, and hold reasonable, intellectual debate.

This man - Matt Thaden
No more Nazi than Ford
No more Communist than Lenin
No more authoritarian than Obama
No more paranoid than McCarthy

These men are all great, noble, and honorable, regardless of their own dispositions or shortcomings.

To say that simply by speaking words, in the land of the free, where men are promised freedoms simply for being an American, that these words are too dangerous, or wrong, to even be uttered.

I have been told by an economics professor, that my economic policies are ridiculous, and not at all related to economy. All I asked of this man I was supposedly to learn from, that if these policies were not economical as I had imagined them, simply enlighten me with more profitable or lucrative or stable economic policies.

This man could not do this, so instead, he calls me as a scared man in Salem would, he calls me a Nazi, he call's me out as if by having a political belief, I am wrong. Morality and Economy have nothing to do with the other, separate entities all together, they simply interact when the mandated and enforced codes of morality effect the way economic decisions are made, and how trade is conducted under the blanket of law.

These people have openly accused me of threatening people, of which, I have done no sort of. I have made no personal distinctions or personal threats, i have simply enjoyed my time and my own wit, and such has produced the comedic effect of satire, which is obviously quite baffling to some men.

The school which i attended was a proper one, however, the schooling which i did receive there did not so much as sway my foundations, or shake me from the foundation which my own two hands have lain. Simply placed papers for me to wade through at my desk and in my hands, and I have done so idly, without question, for in subjects as Chemisty, or English, my questions are few and far between.

I do indeed speak and i speak quite loudly, when issues are involved such as the fate and wellbeing of my fellow man, rather than simply the intricacies of chemical formulation, or the eloquence and style of writing the English language.

Issues such as the economy, which I see in dire straights, recount a slippery slope, a parable where one Negro is given a bucket and told to bucket the water out of the sinking titanic. One Negro has not the willpower of the 1000 men who build such a vessel, and freed her of water so that she might float.

Issues such as Law, of course, i do hold my own weight, while doing as swimmingly as I was in my classes, save Economics for personal dispute, I see no reason for my words simply to be disregarded as if they were deemed heresy by the Pope. To the point where I am excommunicated, told to wade in the mire of my own ignorance, so that such hatred or such displeasure the mire brings, shall soak down to my boots. Solely in the hope, that my feet shall succumb to gangrene before I march through the rushes and take to a'fearing like the Creature of the Black Lagoon.

This is why i do debate so, i do indeed know my rights as an American citizen, and I do indeed know when these have been breached. I have done no disservice or harm to anybody, fools who wish not hear the voice of reason can sing their Jim Crow songs and dawdle as a good slave does, and those slaves who are discontented will no doubt summon within themselves the strength to fight, if not, simply to pass what little vigor is left in them, down through youth, so such seeds of revolution may truly grow and bear fruit themselves.

In a PUBLIC institution, man is indeed allocated his rights as a Citizen in full regard, as writ in the Bill of Rights and such amendments. This is opposed to a private institution, where people can indeed fall upon their own judgement as opposed legal code, and indeed deem some work of literature as heresy and burn such book, or indeed deem a man himself a heathen or heretic, and excommunicate him as the church is so fond of.

I simply see that an institution has acted out of line with accepted civil standards of our country, and as my legal wit is not that of a practicing and BAR certified lawyer, no doubt, there are mistakes in my legal explanations. Have at yourself, to take the first blow to the rights of man,  good sir, the constitutional rights are written clear as day, and no doubt promised even to the illiterate, should they so be able to remember them.

    The First Amendment stll stands as legal code, clear as the day it was written. I am not the institution who has chosen to disregard the governing body that has commissioned and supported such folly, as to see an American Educational Facility, turn down me, a Natural American Citizen, simply because of a preference towards an Authoritarian Leninist/Stalinist Governing System? The graphic flaws of our system are seen in it's inability to get any sort of motions or measures passed, while spending money irrationally, and superfluously, the entire time, endebting not they themselves who make the discussions, but the tax payers, who trust them to obligate our money responsibly.

Does the American man come back from World War II, and chose to never purchase a ford car, simply because he knows that Henry Ford supported the Nazi's? Regardless of how much his capitalism, and infrastructure, and assembly line did no doubt win the war for America, his innovations indeed destroyed the Nazi's... we say to this American Hero, and Champion of Industry, no sir, i shall not purchase this car, at the most economical price available, simply because I hold my bigotry against you, for you have proven yourself to be an Anti-Semite.

Has learning that Walt Disney was supposedly Anti-Semitic, or so people say, really interfere with any child's ability to enjoy, or learn from, any of the productions his company has produced in the last century? absolutely not. To do these things, is to do the exact same thing as the Nazi Party, condemn a man to death, at least in your own personal eyes, simply because you are a bigot, but at that a hypocritical bigot against bigots. A gay man who fights against gay rights. You are proving yourself to be a bigot by judging this man for his personal character, or his own beliefs, rather than the product and structure he produces.

Does Malcom X being a Black Supremacist, mean that every man no doubt can only learn to hate his bigotry, rather than listen to the words he says, hear the trials and strife of the Negro people. and then sympathize with that. Listen to the words he says, and understand these, taking them with the gain of salt, "This man may be a black supremacist, but this does not mean his points are any less valid."

To judge this man would simply to say, as a democrat. No republican, you're completely wrong when you say Adolph Hitler assassinated everybody he didn't like in Germany, everybody know's that Hitler only killed Jews an Gypsies, there's a museum for that idiot. Obviously, this is false, regardless of political standpoints, one cannot argue facts, and certainly not historical facts. Hitler commanded his army with the iron fist of a dictator, and such meant anybody who was indeed a threat to his power, or even just deemed a threat by this man and his paranoia, was simply executed. The Jews were not the first to go. Communists- Unionists- Political Opponents- Invalids- THEN- Jews/Gypsies. Plenty of people were executed, this is part of war, this is part of life. Tookie Williams got executed by the Federal Government, regardless of making up entirely for his crimes of gangbanging, and living the urban culture of his friends and community.

To say I am in the wrong when i preach for the resolution of debts, The Republic of Weimar collapsed due to war debts.

To say I am a fool, or wrong, when i preach of putting invalids in camps. If such was not a neccecity, such would be true, but as 20% of the budget is spent on 5% of the population considered as Invalid by the federal government, this is a gross overappropriation of funds rationally, especially seeing how none of these people pay taxes themselves, but I have no qualms with 5% of the budget being spent of 5% of the population, because i am an Equalitarian. The system in place is ludicrously inefficient, and this is why money is wasted, attempting to provide freedom for people who either cannot value it enough to want to work for it, cannot understand the concept, or are invalidated to the point where simply being alive is counterintuitive to freedom, as this man is bound in a wheelchair, or some other form of limited mobility.

 I say, should this 5% need their 5% of the budget allocation spent on medication / living space / funds, this is fine. Spend this money efficiently, rather than going through the woods, killing one bird with one stone each time, so to speak (as in the metaphor, me solving their problem), i would attempt to make this more efficient, and kill 40 Million birds, with one arrow, and solve these problems where medication / living space / funds, are all conveniently located in one large, economical investment of  tower or camp, where people could indeed go.

This would make it a far more efficient way to spend money, while making sure peoples needs get met. When people have their needs met together, with a pooled collective funds, this is more so buying factor wholesale prices, as compared to individually going to the footsore and buying such things yourself, at retail markup. This is a capitalistic, and reasonable descision that i see must be made.

There are people living far less comfortable of a life, while doing much much more work and earning much more money, and actually paying taxes, that these people see comparatively little to no money from. This is such a foolish disparity to allow this to exists in your own country, Throne of the Crowned King of Disparity.

These people still have no healthcare, and are still having trouble making ends meet, I am arguing that these people are just as disabled, due to their economic, social, or educational status, which puts them at about the performance level of a severely Learning Disabled person, with such lack of even a GED, but more so a College Diploma, rising above the ranks of minimum wage is difficult to impossible, and maintaining a living human being becomes very painful when this is attempted.

Everybody does need help, so as an equalitarian, i say, for we are all 1%, for a pie in 100 pieces, each part is but 1% of the whole. So if disparity is a problem, so shall it be slowly adjusted with more opportunity provided for the poor, and the rich who may indeed be the 1% of the population paying 95% of the tax money. You pay this money because you take it as profits off the top of your business, this is your own choice, and hence you pay taxes. Were you to leave that money invested in your company, regardless of millions of dollars in profits, should company management, and fiscal and reasonable investments be made to further the capitalistic and economic prowess of such an institution, so this would be right, as such power no doubt comes from the men and women who work turning the wheels and raising masts or rowing the oars of such a driving force.

Simply do not take profits above the median income, take in no money that puts you above the median earner. If you take tax money from the government, account this as part of your expenditures, as all money coming into the funds or possession of a man indeed counts as taxable income on the year. This shall place us at eye level, and we will see what truly does one person cost, compared to another, what truly does one man need, compared to what a man wants.

 For if a man can survive with less, and do the most work for less money, no doubt, this man who costs the lesser, is paid first. Others are paid on the level that they are willing to sacrifice, in order to preserve themselves a competitive job, rather than a competitive wage. There are those among us who have the highest costs and expenses of living, such as medical treatment, that which however covered by insurance it may be, the federal and state governments are the insurance companies, if not that, they do insure the bank, and take funds as if social security was indeed an insurance policy.

These people, asked to make cuts, or give unto the society for such charity done unto them for patented prescription pills, costing ludicrous amounts of money, rather than just out of patent classics like Codeine, Morphine, Amphetamine, Cocaine, Cannabis, Laudanum, and all sorts of naturally derived chemicals, can all be manufactured and produced dirt cheap, essentially, very close to free.

While the opposite of a drug that is practically free, is a patented drug, which makes it's round on the "free" market, where people pay insane amounts of money for these items of questionable quality, just as one would pay $20 for a gameboy game in 1994, but now, games like that are basically free, and if money, they are just simple $2-3 iphone games, simply because technology has advanced fast enough, that old patents are hardly worth any money at all, compared to their past worth.

These expensive costs (Medicine, Military)are what are driving this nation closer to simply being put up on lean, being foreclosed upon, and having the tenants evicted, or just placed in  debtors prisons to die, lest they marvelously surmount $15 trillion from their pockets.

So As the payouts would work in an equalitarian system. The man who offers to work for the least gets the job first, other bid in at their own income they would work for, an this is the written and accepted public expenditure on this person. Should we meet our Salary Cap, much like in pro- football, people get cut, the people with the highest salaries, who are not preforming at the level at which is represented by their total cost and expenditure upon the system.

If there is excess funding, after the draft, and everyone has Bid on work and accepted what they will pay, this is what starts the equality, these things are doled evenly out to the people that offered to work for less, so the money that they were not getting by working say $10,000 below the median income, are now allotted to them through government programs, run not on capitalistic principals, but rather just on socialistic or communistic principals, things being given out to people based on their market value, and deduced from that persons allotment after the draft day, as however they choose to spend or not spend them throughout the year, as this person's needs have already been met, as their budget for staying alive has been satisfied, all things they they wish to acquire with this money will no doubt be luxuries, or other capital investments.

This system would work, because it encourages people to work for less money, as greed is the root of the economic disparity throughout the world. This puts everybody on equal playing fields, and those who are so qualified will compete amongst themselves taking wages above or below the median, for however specialized or skilled and unique that specific worker, was, in his own specific trade or profession.

Instead of trusting people to make their own decisions with money, instead a socialistic stockpile of basic needs- simple luxuries- are provided at the minimal cost to the consumer, without any subsidies or taxes, as these are accounted for when people bid on wages, basically anybody working below the median income is paying taxes by taking money below that pay grade, so long as they pay taxes, and do not receive direct monetary assistance that is, after accounting for subsidies and such on food stamps, etc, solely based on market value, or otherwise accepted commercial value at which said goods or substances are traded, as no doubt these things do cost money, one should not lie to somebody, and say they are not in debt, when they are, as that is just more time these people will do nothing but let interest collect on their debts.

This tax system, where people's annual salary (everybody gets their basic human needs met, everybody who can works, those not qualified get schooling and job placement, anything that happens after this is a luxury) is clearly documented, and money does not get around through cracks or corners besides this, would be far more straightforward. This would allow people to understand their own costs, as whatever money or other currency was spent or allocated to them, comparable to every other person in the country. This would allow an open marketplace with competitive wages, as well as showing people the true costs of living, especially in the face of disparity, and certainly to belittle and berate any sense of entitlement, still held by anyone who receives more than what they worked for, but are still ungrateful for the charity they reeve.

People who pompously think they are worthwhile investments, are entitled, deserving, or any other reason explaining their own rationale attempting to place themselves illogically above other people around them, should be shown to a large scatter plot, where people are shown exactly what people in basically their same shoes no doubt, are doing, and what is expected of them, for this is what people abreast in the nation cost us to maintain their own civil obedience, working timeliness and order, their own utility, and their own ability to sustain themselves either as an economic investment that will prove its worth over time, or simply as an investment that has indeed already paid off in full, which is the case with social security, and the elderly who have indeed put this money in social security, and are simply asking to see a return on their money, which accounts for the interest, as well as the inflation that accumulated over the years since they had invested it in the government.

The government operates much like a business, providing services to people, for a displayed cost, and coming through on any promises delivered whenever they truly have the economic viability and stability to do so. Problems arise when the same issues that are iconic of business mismanagement, and other poor descisions, lead a Nation, and it's treasury, essentially it's own people, deeper and deeper into debt.

For the U.S.  may declare bankruptcy, as General Motors, or have it's entire nation foreclosed upon by the International Banking Trust of Shared and Communal Interest and the Perpetuation of the Health and Wellbeing of Humanity and Earth. Were other nations to consolidate this debt, then such action could indeed be defensible, if not in American law, than in the International Court of Financial Law and Economy.

This my friends, is what i shall be thinking of, in my 6 months until I may reapply at a community college, this is what shall come of me,  Godspeed death, may your bony fingers tempt fate and tie the noose as quick as my own. As a man of your kind Death, I do not fear the reaper; The wind, the sun, and the moon. Nor Romeo and Juliet: Come on baby; Don't fear the reaper.

Is Equalitarian not a better word than Democratic Republic, so scarce but an election every 2 years, Utilitarian nay better than a Social Welfare State? Whom do we support and why sheep. What cruel man has taken shears to my skin, so i may grow no wool. What cruel bastard has salted the earth, so no even the weed, cannabis, shall grow in the death beneath our feet...

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