Monday, January 21, 2013

Hows a Vidday>??

Link/ Zelda / Shiek / Skull Kid (Legends of Zelda )
Snake/Raiden - (Metal Gear solid 2 or others)

Ash/Gary/Oak/ Pokemon

Any hero from Heros of Might and Magic cause i played III all the fuck for a good time. Just for gameplay.

Ness- this man is actually a hero of mine, and i deem him an immortal, because for an 8 year old kid or something saving the world just my hitting people in the face with a yoyo and some other wild style gaming i figure this man is the fucking champ. If life worked like that, perhaps, but perhaps it does only for an 8 year old child.

As a grown man, my Ness style YoYo, is a good piece of chain, with a good couple of padlocks/ combonation locks on it, used must the extent of a Ness yoyo, and off handed i have a strong, yet gracefull long metal bowstave/pole / long looking badass cane if i can't find anything. This is for risposting melee, and distracting people who attempt to come at me. Also to make distracting attacks and moves on a man.

Of course, this is my gladitorial garb, should collesieum ever be reinstated, sadly, this may not be the case, so is simply the fable i tell of my life to endear such to me or such children who still would like to believe in such glory.

Sadly, in truth, Ness, no mater how many time i have a mason jar of gasoline i soak small balls in to take out and light abreast to throw on people in a good explosion such as a pika-fire, there is little such efforts can avail against a militia of armed men or a company or batallion of soldiers.

My bat, my friend, has not marched with me to Coney Island since the 1980's, for all who made that march, now lay dead in the streets. People on the streets, dee da dey do dey do da do da di daaaaa. people on the streets. Under pressure.

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