Friday, January 25, 2013

Ode to my mistress- Lady of the Lay- Wiry Ghost Witch of this Endless Nigh.

Mmm girl, i like to play in the dirt
with you at recess its so fun
i don't mind the wiggly worms in your bum
fingers linger with the tingly taste of buttonhole
best friends forever fucking for fun bust cum in the cunnus
anilingus enema while i penetrate the rectum intenstiunm
sexual euphoria like laudanum and my love of lemons

mm girl you the witch im the doctor
you make me sick i make you feel good
i love when you steal my organs you malefactor
i love when you strike me with insomnia and delirium

I love how you command magical dogs fighting off zombies with pcp, rape, leprosy
in the woods with blood magic rituals like we're the Indigenous Latin American People
thank you, because nothing means love like Foreign Accents, Wizardry and Sodomy
premarital sex making us hebrews of the judiciary, my sybil, my lovemaking fiddle
Mmm girl, bite marks on your neck, i love when we have sex, i fuck with all the fury of a t-rex
arms so small, never touch my own dick, belligerent pillaging and pleasuring from a viking
moaning like sirens and banshees during sex, hypnotized mind, magnus rex of the haruspex
Played as the plain tricks of Nyx, simply taking the book, to end the game so we can get high
got foresight like a day tripper can't see at night, Insight of a Blind Nihilist unto the Nigh

I dont mind shouting like John Malkovitch out my window commandeering as a mafiososo
I love all our leper children rifling through my clothes, birthday suit penguino tuxedo hermoso
My life is just sliding on ice, fishin fish, dont give a fuck if i get ehtt up by a bear though
Brain cold as ice, beams coming like solar flare, eyes black as deep space, moving moon slow
based like lunar, so high in the sky, so cold and dead, this dome got them holes and shoals,
mach speed concussions, stoned like heathens, burden like Jesus, wizardry Omega wolf howl every day, I wake up, Flip the double deuce to the Deus, sticky moustache drippin pussy juice
bellow just to stoke fires, see God in the clouds i get lifted roaring Lionesque "Fuck with me!"

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