Monday, January 21, 2013

President's Day

4 more years
I got a dream my nigga, 4 more years, and my rough black dick just beating till  I blast the black wife beater all up in you guts and i just STRAIGHT DUCE THE FUCK OUT!
Negro just blazing blunts in the loafers getting the reefer tweed jacket all reefy, i don't know why the white kids always thought this was some spooky old mansion, but i guess they just don't know how hard i get my dick sucked all day here. Serious. Don't know what people thought, but apparently, Negros, don't simply get killed in the White House, white, perhaps referring to the color of the building…
Somehow, still dared me to spend the whole MLK/Black President's day 4 day federal holiday in this old spooky mansion, see if he doesn't come back to school all riled and a spook.
I did, though, i tells him, "Dick, you know i only come to school sometimes to peddle some cocaine and fine wares, my friend. Occasionally i do pick up my school aged children, but sir you cannot hold it against me that i would still attend. Lord knows, such institutions do not bode their foreboding glare with their scorn and sundering upon the smitten and sordid sullied and sullen Negros who they do share in their graces in public and upon the streets, the same streets these men do spit on, have you. If the Negro were but reared in the honor of his noble race, and raised with the sole expectation and intent of this man's livelihood be that he preform and exploit the earth to all his marvel, so that such a crop and fruit my yield, but such a man's labors, such a man's burden is lifted, taking his color from in the eyes of the white icon and archon of death itself, from the brown, dirt beneath his feet, to the brown colorful lively and fecund trees, fruit, and harvest in his arbor, for were this man not a monkey, but an ape, White man, is his home not among the limbs of trees, high in the canopy, swinging on branches, eating fruits of such a paradise, so should one take but any other ape or monkey from the forest, would we not provide to them the same noble and natural rearing and actualizations of life, as we would not provide to the albinic incestuous barbarian neanderthal belligerent rapists of paranoid cavemen, screaming as they throw rocks down a long, deep cave, and hearing their echo, still fear this, after millennia, for they know, should a man speak out against this cave which smites them so, shouting and clacking with the echo of the rocks they throw, that man, has forsaken his god, and he learns the power and piety of the justice of all that is holy, I say,
 got a rock in my right, burning fire in the other hand.
 i'll kill you eat you raw, then feed you to my kids like a puffin
For these reasons, i hope to be the arbiter, and . . , nay, even the sightest remittance for whichever wrongdoings raped enough nigger into this mans blood to make him have it out for every last one of them. For an ape is an ape, the hair on my balls, is all that has yet to fall, from these swisher sweet cigarillos, burning whatever may bear my significance and resemblance to the great apes of our homeland.
White people, we do understand that crazy rapist albino incestuousness kind of procreates with a good deal of veracity, and exiling all of you more or less to europe, wherever the line is drawn from dark to swarth to ghost, who is to say, but there are white tigers, are there not?
Why should the white tigers, think any different of a tiger like themselves? Are we not but tigers? Todos somas tigress señor, de cual color es major? señor, no me importa, es nada a mi, ni tu, ni Dios, ni todos los humanos o tigress que pasean al mundo como todos nosotros.

This being said, i feel we should make due terms, and treat each other with such reverence.

Im just going to hold any criminal accountable for offenses only as seriously as any white man ever has gotten off on such charges.
There are a disproportionate number of minorities in prison, this shall be corrected by looking at the disparity of the justice system and it's verdicts and sentencingss.
Obviously, if a white man has gotten a lesser penal action enforced upon him, ever, in the history of the courts, we shall only enforce that, for courts are legally bound to make judiciary descisions based upon rulings of pasts judges, these rulings are all on record, therefore, it is obviously a legal issue and a display of bigotry when a man is treated differently than any other man in his shoes, that be solely and simply humble man, the same feet of a human before eyes as any of us, and certainly as any other fool who was summoned to be shamed and smitten in court.

tead turner ted kacyznski ted bundy
Triple threat cause it's that S-K O.G. AK Mix Breed

moving rocks I ain't got the gas to move that weight
nigga like i got the rocks to to build a house out of rocks
nigga this house is made of rocks cause i slang rocks nigga
go build a house out of rocks and then try to sell them little nigga
watch as it crumbles like the house of usher

live of the streets nigga
you fuck up
and you get fucked up

build that country all 1000 acres wilderness
just put 800,000 studens there and be done with it
if you got work to do be at that library and be at it
aint shit to me fuck i don't need your trifle shit
sucking dick for money who the fuck is that stuck up
if anybody needs something they can get it they damn self
nobody trying to get their dick sucked at every corner the
way to the fucking bank trying to fucking wire something
a motherfucker was good for, fucking dick sucking peddling
lechers trying for my moneys, sitting me down bitch
you don't get a tip to look pretty and smile cunt
because i can read my own damn name on a list
your job requirements are the ability to read a last name
and walk somebody to an empty table
we realized, nobody needs this trifling all god damn day
it's not worth any damn money
go fuck yourself
but hey, you could just be reading 2, 2-3 digit numbers
and just saying those aloud
for the debtor who has only that much ability themselves
to take unto any sort of monetary reason or calculation
or understand where this money comes from
which oppressive belligerent white plutocracy
gives that meager pittance in jest to watch you
squander and damn not only your future
but that of subsequent generations
of those people who walk in the same
manner as a chicken at a feed lot
ignorant to any real things that surround them
indifferent to any sort of implications of their
situation, or position, or place in society
or class, or rank, or race, or socio-economic status
or image, criminal record, reputation, or fiscal standings
with any sort of treasury, treasurer king jew usurer
hebrew king summoner of lucifer
what stands before the might of oil
in any glory or image or grace
that does not burn at the sight
of it's God
and his kin
his progeny
his sire
gracious lord

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