Saturday, January 12, 2013

Straight out of Compton

straight out of compton
crazy mother fucker named ice cube
from the gang called niggers with attitudes
i got a sawed off, like bones it's gnawed off
step at it nigga and yea head gets blown off

but i ended up starring in major motion pictures
because my rap group broke up
dr. dre got paid, easy e got aids,
pretty sure ren got shot
we all did our own things
it doesnt matter anyways

cant nobody remember the days
making pay, getting laid, with kings braids
pimping easy rider lumberjack throwback
with the hard cider
oakland chokeland break a bitch with my backhand
black power fists only fight the white man
straight olympics
javelin to flip tricks
high jump fences, or pickups
speed shooting pistol spree stick ups
 and rifles like scarface over velvet pinups
dancing in spandex, just a garbage bag for my dick
pommel horse is just agressive rape
pole vault i can just use my dick
also rowing and sailing, kendo, and fencing
equestrian sport like a dignified gentleman
millenithon like a true, modern day champion
The bible preaches of the donkey dicked men
lusted after by lasivicous whores whom lay as a hen
every day call me gumby in the pig pen but
coked out play dough, blow brains like plato
getting bigger every day, roids like a dago
Bitch love gumby like a nigger loves gumbo
say you know i'm deaf but i'll show you why they call me dumbo

pokey bout to black stallion the mistress
night black lust lightning equus felatrix
blood shot eyes of the bestia nigris
Born of black blood of hades and tigris
nihiilism could only acknowledge this
death dick cumchalice titan magnephallus
nigritus maleficus diaphragm spasms
but god loves a corpse fucking ventrilloquist
he knows there ain't shit a nigger can do
but flip nickles and dimes eye a pretty penny,
beat a bitch for the money, shoot a man for his shoes
payday loans more usury than Jews still living in poverty
they don't give a fuck if your name is not DeMedici
shot put midget hookers from highrise projects
fuck you Han solo trap star rolling E squared
double stack peddle crack 40 meters time is in parsecs
nigga respect the set got to represent the CPT dead niggas do disect
reject the dejects, eject the select bittys to the deck of the Capital CPT
Capitan Easy E pleasure cruise Letterman 1st string varsity state champ trinity
Compton Memorial College Heisman of Competitive Solo and Gang Sodomy
Dick blast as fast as I bang a hammer, bullets to the brain automatic like my Uzi
all day drive by no need to reload Easy always good to go pull it out
country loving strong dicking in that baby oven lovin black kettle teaspout
LA Riots, Straight Blackout, Passion like christ, before brutus beat his back out
white devil always try to kill a man set to live forever,
Nixon makes AIDS finds out his wife loves a nigger
Smoking crack with nancy regan teach the bitch to pull the trigger
cocaine the only thing on my brain if its just the white night ease the pain
powder in every orifice, sand grains in my hourglass
 flip a coin every second just a clock to watch the hours pass
because wimpy gladly pay you tuesday, hamburger loving fatass
even beggars march to the gallows, till the corpse collapse, alass
damn certian i'll be throwing stones at a man, with a heart of glass
ley dey deh dey deh daa, da daa di da daa, lititi ditti deeh, with a heart of glass

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