Friday, June 28, 2013

An Argument for the Consolidation of Populations Regarding Public Health and Fiscal Wellbeing

An Argument for the Consolidation of Populations
Regarding Public Health and Fiscal Wellbeing

Don't be upset in the occurrence of very specific ghettoization and segregation in the event of a draft.  Obviously when faced with the decision; "Oh, lets propagate this non-draft-worthy male to attempt to correct for the dearth of men encumbered while jettisoning of a good deal of our own draft-worthy males to war.

    This would be done just to protect the stock of healthy able bodied women and to avoid the population of NDWM from claiming the select stock of the few healthy bodied able women of breeding age. Incumbering these women with any such expectation of having children with those who've been deemed ineligible is an extremely foolish mistake. Simply increasing the number of people whom would be disqualified from service by heritable means; i.e : influx of mental illness, colorblindness, poor vision, flatfeet, obesity (the military is strict on this) like <30 BMI only or automatic disqualification, physical / mental invalidity, or any other disqualifying factors.

    This occurring in a society such as this would essentially let the undesirable unfit males to accrue women far above their equal simply because of the death of eligible men. Truth be told while even though two draft ineligible can propagate an eligible child, these chances are not that good, as heredity is an important factor in many traits excluded form eligibility in military service.  While the odds are much better in the favor of a NDW Individual and an otherwise healthy mate to produce eligible offspring, sometimes hovering somewhere around 3/4 success for avoiding recessive or condominant recessive traits on the DNW mate.

    War could last 5 years, War could last 100 years. There are wars fewer and far more reaching than these. Segregation would allow people to isolate such individuals simply for health and safety purposes, as well as for healthcare and obvious reasons, similar to genetic testing on a fetus. These people have this alternative to have a semi-functional to fully functional society organized by their own faults; as no doubt the faulted have no qualms against those of their same similar faults. Things such as colorblindness or other such non-crippling or disabling factors could build upon or be built by the community an individualized society or bourrogh designed to support and accommodate their own natural inability to distinguish colors. i.E Patterned signs instead of colors to organize signs and other such instances of gubernatorial classifications these things.

    Hereditarily Nearsighted people could use larger print and more vivid and distinct letterings. There would be many local solutions to problematic instances which are too dispersed and scattered to be addressed in such a manner, the alternative being to form a  collective of associated people organized by each of their problems; people being sorted by each specific instance of an ailment, and such overlay given where need be to accommodate for instance say deaf/blind; where perhaps obviously these people would be taking specific steps to aid this population, and these would be greatly aided by the local concentrations and efficacy of distribution due to the population of the Deaf/Blind and associated blocks.

    Physical ailments of course would be treated similarly; wheelchair bound society much more wheelchair friendly. Fat people of course hate stairs and walking, so just moving sidewalks and escalators.

    Mental illnesses and disorders would be grouped on a general and specific basis,  organized by type and severity, accounting for the behaviors of likeminded people to respond well to similar individuals, in an essence kind of like group therapy. Anti-social people would no doubt find similar interest with others of Anti-social or other aggressive type personality disorders. People of certain mania would find themselves grouped with each other, the pyromaniacs, no doubt would be learning valuable societal lessons as how not to burn down each others houses; kleptomaniacs would all be learning the troubles of stealing from peoples. Each of the maniacs would feel as if they had found a home, but also begin to feel the impact of their own faults.

 Depressive and Manic depressive people are the ones who try to share their sadness with people, no doubt grouped with similar individuals these people would have someone to talk to.

Users of Street drugs could find themselves in a  society where it was no longer illegal or any way inhibited to do any illegal substances, so long as they did not leave their designated land area with their allocations or allotments of said substances. This would prevent trafficking while not abandoning and torturing otherwise innocent people in prison, simply because of police authority and the irreverence of government to attend to an otherwise helpless  and innocent population, simply acting as they do because of their status as social outcasts, living their lives on the brink of desperation.

This is not as much segregation of discrimination as it is a concentrated effort to provide efficient and cost effective treatment and aid for such people, regardless of their specific draft ineligibility being a mild, moderate, or severe setback, and with people organized by their own specific needs, such specialists would emerge in each field of study; rehabilitation; pharmacy; accommodation of handicapped.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Today was a bad day; Ice cube...

just waking up in the morning got to thank god
you know but today seems kind of odd
thought i woke up with a classic case of pudding face
but it turns out overnight a stroke paralyze half my face

my kids screaming so no fear no harm
ignore the sirens and the fire alarm
cooking up breakfast grits and parm
fiend pcp like a dog so i only got one arm

burn a hole in my shirt with the morning steeg
call up my boys says where the fuck is rec league
cant dribble through the heart trouble
put men on the floor foul out with the triple technical
base to the face in the bucking chiefing yay
Damn, today was a bad day

homeless so i hit the beach showers
veined dick scares off the cowards
stealing hotdogs and beers from the beach people
real men live lives equivocal of a seagull
snatching watches wallets and keys to the bucket
take the pick of the bitches cause she know im gonna fuck it

Left the house just the mirror and the blade
pick up a girl she says she's in the 8th grade
it was ironic, she was sardonic and i was off topic
fucked like her mother the sex was a laconic
i smoked my pipe and she chat like a nanny
beating on the fanny and filled the punanny
And my dick how it creeps reaps and seeps
talking casual class put that ass to sleep
woke her up with a dick in the bum
she didn't hesitate call Goose the Top Gun

nobody has a job so im ghosting
still make stacks so i cant stop boasting
selling bikes and peddle narcotics
any street drugs or stolen electronics
today had one of those fly dreams
rent was getting paid in midgrade and lean
even helicopters want to get in on the murder
if i see me a book or a house ima burn it
Even saw the lights of the goodyear blimp
Said "Money to make, bitches to pimp"
no veins but i found my dick so im shooting up
halfway home no stoke but the heartbeat acting up
today i shot a kids on a schoolbus with my AK
today was a bad day...

Not up to much

 we just throw change at peoples cars
we say fuck you thats just who we are
fuck tossing dukes while you wait in your car
i've got molotovs and kalishnakovs
just Rasputin to your romanov

fuck tweeters i rob parking meters
say fuck the police got nails and grease
guns of course just tracers and supersoakers
no truce a goose loosed the ace deuce and joker

rags to riches but i've laughed myself to stitches
fags, nags, bags,and bitches found some friendly trailer hitches
chains of the niggers let loose accounting figures
lechers lepers and fetchers let loose on the snitches
slow ride down main and only pitchers get pitches
on the cold half dead dumbfounded sons of bitches
everyone got free go for the incessant procession
If its not least a minor leaguer it get beaten till it twitches

backpack full of ak clips
hopping in the back of red-light pickups
sees the gun i look him in the eye
only tell him you drive or you die
come on and take the free ride

my niggers always love to make it rain
but I only got bullets so it aint the same

man fuck your windows
where im from we just break those
if you believe in money
your basically a jew
so that just means i'll break yours too