Thursday, June 20, 2013

Not up to much

 we just throw change at peoples cars
we say fuck you thats just who we are
fuck tossing dukes while you wait in your car
i've got molotovs and kalishnakovs
just Rasputin to your romanov

fuck tweeters i rob parking meters
say fuck the police got nails and grease
guns of course just tracers and supersoakers
no truce a goose loosed the ace deuce and joker

rags to riches but i've laughed myself to stitches
fags, nags, bags,and bitches found some friendly trailer hitches
chains of the niggers let loose accounting figures
lechers lepers and fetchers let loose on the snitches
slow ride down main and only pitchers get pitches
on the cold half dead dumbfounded sons of bitches
everyone got free go for the incessant procession
If its not least a minor leaguer it get beaten till it twitches

backpack full of ak clips
hopping in the back of red-light pickups
sees the gun i look him in the eye
only tell him you drive or you die
come on and take the free ride

my niggers always love to make it rain
but I only got bullets so it aint the same

man fuck your windows
where im from we just break those
if you believe in money
your basically a jew
so that just means i'll break yours too

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