Thursday, June 20, 2013

Today was a bad day; Ice cube...

just waking up in the morning got to thank god
you know but today seems kind of odd
thought i woke up with a classic case of pudding face
but it turns out overnight a stroke paralyze half my face

my kids screaming so no fear no harm
ignore the sirens and the fire alarm
cooking up breakfast grits and parm
fiend pcp like a dog so i only got one arm

burn a hole in my shirt with the morning steeg
call up my boys says where the fuck is rec league
cant dribble through the heart trouble
put men on the floor foul out with the triple technical
base to the face in the bucking chiefing yay
Damn, today was a bad day

homeless so i hit the beach showers
veined dick scares off the cowards
stealing hotdogs and beers from the beach people
real men live lives equivocal of a seagull
snatching watches wallets and keys to the bucket
take the pick of the bitches cause she know im gonna fuck it

Left the house just the mirror and the blade
pick up a girl she says she's in the 8th grade
it was ironic, she was sardonic and i was off topic
fucked like her mother the sex was a laconic
i smoked my pipe and she chat like a nanny
beating on the fanny and filled the punanny
And my dick how it creeps reaps and seeps
talking casual class put that ass to sleep
woke her up with a dick in the bum
she didn't hesitate call Goose the Top Gun

nobody has a job so im ghosting
still make stacks so i cant stop boasting
selling bikes and peddle narcotics
any street drugs or stolen electronics
today had one of those fly dreams
rent was getting paid in midgrade and lean
even helicopters want to get in on the murder
if i see me a book or a house ima burn it
Even saw the lights of the goodyear blimp
Said "Money to make, bitches to pimp"
no veins but i found my dick so im shooting up
halfway home no stoke but the heartbeat acting up
today i shot a kids on a schoolbus with my AK
today was a bad day...

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