Thursday, July 18, 2013

On Education; to lead a horse to water

School and / or trade/work ghost as a child: if qualified/aged; is given work proficiency and/or efficiency tests where applicable to arrange a possible craft / skill and/or labor. ,

Age of about 8
8   /  4

6 /  6

4 / 8

School has an inane amount of redundancy, rather than explicit direction as given the manifest of the child. The relevance of a handed 90% of public schooling is irrelevant from the lives of the majority of people, as a neapolitan approach has damned 3/4 or more of time each day in public school to a class quite probably irrelevant from ones own future. . Accomplishments / Acknowledgements in each field of study would be sorted as:

Nececity - is needed

Reasonability - there is truly a good reason / benefit for this skill

Trivial / - this is interesting, minor importance, presently / currently unimpactful

Scaling level of Application and Applicability

English  Science     Math        P.E/Health                    Arts/Music  
|                 |                |                    |                             |
Spoken     Safety     Counting     Healthiness                Culture
|                   |               |                |                                 |
Literacy    Method  Arithmetic    Successful             Appreciaition
|                    |             |                  |                              |
Fluency    Reason  Application Competitive/Helpful      Application   

History             Technology     Workmanship    Personability
|               |               |                  |                          |
Relevancy           Insight         Proficiency            Civility
|              |               |                 |                             |
Continuity           Impact       Consistency        Responsibility
|               |               |               |                               |
Impact              Contact        Efficiency     Dignity/Authority/Infamy

Affinity to any Moral/Philosophical/ethical
logical / social / societal
 communal/ political reasonings

all  schools / college / universities / public institutions are funded for proper workforce. Using computer aid and otherwise internship such institutions are in employ, even if taught by other students.

On the Economy; Meniality

obviously we should just stop paying menial workers and just oblige them with
public housing food and benefits. It is a hassle on both parts of the system to attempt to force money from these people when in particular a negligible portion of this income is helpful to neither government nor the people. Work would be paid in stipend/coupon/ration form and people would be held accountable for work accomplished rather than time or hours performed. Money is left to capitalism, patents, trade, and markets rather than to costedly fumble this money through the pockets of the poor and gutters of plebeians.

The expense is a rather worthless debauchle  for everyone involved making minimal if even existent economic gains with such tolls extolled by the market.

Rent is stagnation, few opportunities or reasons to/if own/ed some/most land.

Price Fixing and Artificial Markets are rampant in American economies, these will collapse when the global economy has competitive international market forces given the disparities.

These markets include

patented products
restricted and controlled substances
heavily taxed items
anything with fluctuating value based solely on the USD standard (land, house,car)

American corporations and trade items that could possibly see a stalwart and vigorous opposition from foreign markets, i.e ,  Latin / South America, would have difficulty facing the affordability against competitively priced and preforming economic corporate exchange options and business ventures.

Americans simply overvalue everything from people to land down to food and water. The same store will sell you a bottled 20oz of water for $1.29 at the same time selling you a gallon of water for $1.11. The only game in America is trick people to throw more money on you than your competitors. If you run a capitalistic business it's similar to stripping, but rather simply providing paraphilla to whom you lie in humble employ; your gents. Sell people the same thing, but if you look pretty and they like your show you get dollars and not dimes. The American consumer does so recklessly enough to support the swarths of irrationally priced goods from water to wine. Things that would be cheap as dirt even in second world countries sell for the bluebacks, it's that kind of mentality that keeps the consumer down, to not see the American cost of living adjacent to the incomes and disparity.

With a budget

50% DRC of course
10% General Populous No Question / Anti-Patent OTC No Script Walk-in Booth Healthcare
5% Military- Defensive- Reserve
10% Education- public through Grade 16/??
10% Trade/Agriculture Subsidies
5% Health / Technology Research Initiative
10% Public Transport/Public Works

Monday, July 15, 2013

For the faggots who love big balls in their hands and around their feet...

The game of brick is a lot like a mix of football and rugby

the game is a team sport with at minimum 3 players per team

the only required equipment is a brick and of course a field to play in.

the game is to get the brick to the other end, w/ possibility of field goals

The game starts with a coinflip to just like football winner picks toss or catch

Brick emphasizes the running game, as forward passes are risky

This means handoffs and laterals will  be the main way to switch possession

The running game means that throwing blocks will be very important to protect the carrier.

The goal on defense is to force a fumble, if the opposing team drops the brick, play stops; it switches possession, and both teams fall back to behind the line of scrimmage.

A no huddle offense is productive as to catch the opponents off guard, and not allow them to catch their breath.

Touchdowns and safeties are worth the same amount of points, so fumbling in your end zone would count as a safety. To avoid this, a rugby style punt (toss, don't kick bricks) would be used to clear the brick from deep in your own red-zone.

That's about all i can think of in terms of rules. A brick is a regulation brick. Big Brick would be using a cinderblock, or other size brick.

Like I tell my kids, keep your eyes on the brick.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Time and Time Again

listless indifferent humbly ambling rambling
temporary contemporary temporality
timely timeless mindless blindness
extemporaneous illustrious  incubus
ostentatious gregarious lustrous amorphous
ambiguous contiguous discourse of mindfulness
deluge of discordant strife rife with concordant kindness
whimsical effulgence of diffidence passing without notice
a potent quotient of blatantly latent copulant digress
to address dress redress press caress and undress
the archetypical goddess to the modest and godless
ambivalent oddness of a circus and a curious curio
synchronous symphony of de-synchronous disintegration
dissipation of depravity morose as the gravity of gravity
off-handedly shambling gambol but a random randy gambit
miserably perfect prismatically petulant penchant  of malcontent
hellbent derelict impossible to circumvent indignantly irreverent
incorrigible incongruence the only truthful eschewal of insurance
fathoms of callousness simply tempt the callow from the emptiness
indolent in recompense hence the assurance of duress when pressed
nest of the hearkened hearth forge and forum loosed abroad taken abreast
nevermore'd neverless'd never raced nor rested the perpetual digress of less

Monday, July 8, 2013

"For Whom the Bell Tolls"

Essay on Modern Hitlerism

In lyric form

Work Camps: Different from Summer Camps
Summer Camps: Different from Prison Camps
Prison Camps:  Different from Summer Camps
Summer Camps:  Different from Death Camps

How i see WW3 Unfolding and a reasonable estimation of what we'll call,

"For Whom the Bell Tolls" 

Primary = communist -  political adversaries - traitors -  lunatics - kikedicks (American Socialist)

Secondary = socialist - mentally ill-  genetically cripple- kikes - death row (deathies)- Good Communists -

Tertiary =trade unionist- prisoners - other well-founded cases of discrimination and bigotry (mathematically or socially unhealthy regarding economics) -  Jews - (Shitdick/Shitlicks/Cocklickers) (Catholics) -Physically Ill

Quartary  = Hebrews  -  any ethnic/racial and or otherwise unfounded bigotry (Homosexuals/ Ageism /  - Halfolics / (Halflings) (Hypocritical/ Bad Catholics and/or Christians)

Quintary = catholics - holdover sympathizers and recalcitrants

Hitlerism kills the democratic majority in America, so enjoy. Good Communists live longer because they're the ones humble enough to dig the holes without question in the sequestration camps.

Antisemitism is honestly hilarious coming from Kikedick Americans. I would hold your tongue, seems like i'm the only one who consciously still considers this.


Regular Font =  Correct Name
Italics = Single slur level
Bold Italics = Double Slur

This is just to show that bigotry can be applied to any group, powerful or helpless.

Initiation Round would consist of

Preliminary = Single Slur (communist -  political adversaries - traitors)
Double Slur (socialist - mentally ill-  genetically cripple)

didn't bother to think of slurs for these people.

Comparative of course, meaning, the R-I-BI is in order based on quality of the person. Bernie Madoff would qualify as a Kike, but a devout and non-criminal Jew would classify as a Hebrew, simply because of the prior marks on the record.

This does not only apply to Jews, but single and double slur could be applied to any and all populations, groups, races, ethnicities and religions. This would be to differentiate and reclassify to ensure bigotry is harangued equally among all peoples.

Only in America is Hitlerism seemingly Pro-Jew. Thought this was funny. ; )

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hypothesis regarding P vs NP regarding Logic

P vs NP problem

P would be true

NP is incorrect

If the problem aforementioned is say, in english "
Meaning ( If :  [name: George Washington]x 1 [ DOB < y < DOD] : To verify y [ Query server for data]:  is True) Display Success

simpler perhaps

If : Equation Q = [var1 : X]x1 regarding var y  [ Min y< y < Max y] : is true :: Display Success

If : Equation Q: is false :: Display Failure

x = Prevalence among query i'm thinking reference material
y= year  in question
DOB = Date of Birth DOD= Date of Death

-Matt Thaden

One Way Functions Hypothesis

One Way Functions Hypothesis

One way meaning supposedly traumatic if reversed?


If X = Positive ; for successful input of course


    X  ^(1/ 2x,4x,8x,16x,32x) Etc, Sends only one way,  isolates and becomes wholesome easily with tree diagram fractionally and decimally.

If X = Negative

         X ^ ( 1/ 7  x) ^ (1/11x) ^ (1/13x) ^ (1/17x) etc repeating to induce irrational exponentationonal yields to overload the base 10 decimal system.

X = x or any other variable

In math

If X is + ;  multiply Matrix [ 1/(2x)^x]
If X is - ;   multiply Matrix [ 1/ (yx)^x]

Brackets = [ 1 x (X)] Matrix

y = [Set of Primes >7]

Or simply to deny a function

take |x|

if X if positive, program yields

if X is negative, program denies

-Seamus Reemus

Formal and Vernier Turing machine NP ( complexity ) Hypothesis -

Verifier-based definition
In order to explain the verifier-based definition of NP, let us consider the subset sum problem: Assume that we are given some integers, such as {−7, −3, −2, 5, 8}, and we wish to know whether some of these integers sum up to zero. In this example, the answer is "yes", since the subset of integers {−3, −2, 5} corresponds to the sum (−3) + (−2) + 5 = 0. The task of deciding whether such a subset with sum zero exists is called the subset sum problem.

take the sum of the absolute value negative numbers and compare the difference with the sum of the positive numbers

If: X = + ; Then : Assign X to set (+)
If: X = - ; Then : Assign Y to set (-)

sum of | set(-vars)|  = or =/= to sum of set(+vars)
or; (sum of set(+)) - (sum  of | set (-) |) = X Does X =  0 Y/N
-Lionel Reemus Wrongsbury
    "Luscious Lucious Seamus Reemus"
-- I do the typewriter aspect, thanks computer chaps

    •    For all x and y, the machine M runs in time p(|x|) on input (x,y)

Set Y;X;L Max to 1, Min to 0
P=Time ………………………………….
In instance of X, Log P Time, correlate

    •    For all x in L, there exists a string y of length q(|x|) such that M(x,y) = 1

If x in L ,  calc (x, (  (|q|  x = y) )
    •    For all x not in L and all strings y of length q(|x|), M(x,y) = 0

take the sum of the absolute value negative numbers and compare the difference with the sum of the positive numbers
sum of | set(-vars)|  = or =/= to sum of set(+vars)
or; (sum of set(+)) - (sum  of | set (-) |) = X Does X =  0 Y/N
If x = 1 then y = (+q) if x = 0 then y = ( -q )

For large numbers greater than 1 or 0 perhaps use a percentile scale to gradate the numbers.?