Monday, July 15, 2013

For the faggots who love big balls in their hands and around their feet...

The game of brick is a lot like a mix of football and rugby

the game is a team sport with at minimum 3 players per team

the only required equipment is a brick and of course a field to play in.

the game is to get the brick to the other end, w/ possibility of field goals

The game starts with a coinflip to just like football winner picks toss or catch

Brick emphasizes the running game, as forward passes are risky

This means handoffs and laterals will  be the main way to switch possession

The running game means that throwing blocks will be very important to protect the carrier.

The goal on defense is to force a fumble, if the opposing team drops the brick, play stops; it switches possession, and both teams fall back to behind the line of scrimmage.

A no huddle offense is productive as to catch the opponents off guard, and not allow them to catch their breath.

Touchdowns and safeties are worth the same amount of points, so fumbling in your end zone would count as a safety. To avoid this, a rugby style punt (toss, don't kick bricks) would be used to clear the brick from deep in your own red-zone.

That's about all i can think of in terms of rules. A brick is a regulation brick. Big Brick would be using a cinderblock, or other size brick.

Like I tell my kids, keep your eyes on the brick.

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