Monday, July 8, 2013

"For Whom the Bell Tolls"

Essay on Modern Hitlerism

In lyric form

Work Camps: Different from Summer Camps
Summer Camps: Different from Prison Camps
Prison Camps:  Different from Summer Camps
Summer Camps:  Different from Death Camps

How i see WW3 Unfolding and a reasonable estimation of what we'll call,

"For Whom the Bell Tolls" 

Primary = communist -  political adversaries - traitors -  lunatics - kikedicks (American Socialist)

Secondary = socialist - mentally ill-  genetically cripple- kikes - death row (deathies)- Good Communists -

Tertiary =trade unionist- prisoners - other well-founded cases of discrimination and bigotry (mathematically or socially unhealthy regarding economics) -  Jews - (Shitdick/Shitlicks/Cocklickers) (Catholics) -Physically Ill

Quartary  = Hebrews  -  any ethnic/racial and or otherwise unfounded bigotry (Homosexuals/ Ageism /  - Halfolics / (Halflings) (Hypocritical/ Bad Catholics and/or Christians)

Quintary = catholics - holdover sympathizers and recalcitrants

Hitlerism kills the democratic majority in America, so enjoy. Good Communists live longer because they're the ones humble enough to dig the holes without question in the sequestration camps.

Antisemitism is honestly hilarious coming from Kikedick Americans. I would hold your tongue, seems like i'm the only one who consciously still considers this.


Regular Font =  Correct Name
Italics = Single slur level
Bold Italics = Double Slur

This is just to show that bigotry can be applied to any group, powerful or helpless.

Initiation Round would consist of

Preliminary = Single Slur (communist -  political adversaries - traitors)
Double Slur (socialist - mentally ill-  genetically cripple)

didn't bother to think of slurs for these people.

Comparative of course, meaning, the R-I-BI is in order based on quality of the person. Bernie Madoff would qualify as a Kike, but a devout and non-criminal Jew would classify as a Hebrew, simply because of the prior marks on the record.

This does not only apply to Jews, but single and double slur could be applied to any and all populations, groups, races, ethnicities and religions. This would be to differentiate and reclassify to ensure bigotry is harangued equally among all peoples.

Only in America is Hitlerism seemingly Pro-Jew. Thought this was funny. ; )

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