Thursday, July 18, 2013

On the Economy; Meniality

obviously we should just stop paying menial workers and just oblige them with
public housing food and benefits. It is a hassle on both parts of the system to attempt to force money from these people when in particular a negligible portion of this income is helpful to neither government nor the people. Work would be paid in stipend/coupon/ration form and people would be held accountable for work accomplished rather than time or hours performed. Money is left to capitalism, patents, trade, and markets rather than to costedly fumble this money through the pockets of the poor and gutters of plebeians.

The expense is a rather worthless debauchle  for everyone involved making minimal if even existent economic gains with such tolls extolled by the market.

Rent is stagnation, few opportunities or reasons to/if own/ed some/most land.

Price Fixing and Artificial Markets are rampant in American economies, these will collapse when the global economy has competitive international market forces given the disparities.

These markets include

patented products
restricted and controlled substances
heavily taxed items
anything with fluctuating value based solely on the USD standard (land, house,car)

American corporations and trade items that could possibly see a stalwart and vigorous opposition from foreign markets, i.e ,  Latin / South America, would have difficulty facing the affordability against competitively priced and preforming economic corporate exchange options and business ventures.

Americans simply overvalue everything from people to land down to food and water. The same store will sell you a bottled 20oz of water for $1.29 at the same time selling you a gallon of water for $1.11. The only game in America is trick people to throw more money on you than your competitors. If you run a capitalistic business it's similar to stripping, but rather simply providing paraphilla to whom you lie in humble employ; your gents. Sell people the same thing, but if you look pretty and they like your show you get dollars and not dimes. The American consumer does so recklessly enough to support the swarths of irrationally priced goods from water to wine. Things that would be cheap as dirt even in second world countries sell for the bluebacks, it's that kind of mentality that keeps the consumer down, to not see the American cost of living adjacent to the incomes and disparity.

With a budget

50% DRC of course
10% General Populous No Question / Anti-Patent OTC No Script Walk-in Booth Healthcare
5% Military- Defensive- Reserve
10% Education- public through Grade 16/??
10% Trade/Agriculture Subsidies
5% Health / Technology Research Initiative
10% Public Transport/Public Works

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