Saturday, July 6, 2013

One Way Functions Hypothesis

One Way Functions Hypothesis

One way meaning supposedly traumatic if reversed?


If X = Positive ; for successful input of course


    X  ^(1/ 2x,4x,8x,16x,32x) Etc, Sends only one way,  isolates and becomes wholesome easily with tree diagram fractionally and decimally.

If X = Negative

         X ^ ( 1/ 7  x) ^ (1/11x) ^ (1/13x) ^ (1/17x) etc repeating to induce irrational exponentationonal yields to overload the base 10 decimal system.

X = x or any other variable

In math

If X is + ;  multiply Matrix [ 1/(2x)^x]
If X is - ;   multiply Matrix [ 1/ (yx)^x]

Brackets = [ 1 x (X)] Matrix

y = [Set of Primes >7]

Or simply to deny a function

take |x|

if X if positive, program yields

if X is negative, program denies

-Seamus Reemus

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  1. perhaps have a solution to the issued command that is impossible to generate via computing (result x prime irrationals is x - 0.07413). Simply to set a password to get around the computing request.