Friday, July 12, 2013

Time and Time Again

listless indifferent humbly ambling rambling
temporary contemporary temporality
timely timeless mindless blindness
extemporaneous illustrious  incubus
ostentatious gregarious lustrous amorphous
ambiguous contiguous discourse of mindfulness
deluge of discordant strife rife with concordant kindness
whimsical effulgence of diffidence passing without notice
a potent quotient of blatantly latent copulant digress
to address dress redress press caress and undress
the archetypical goddess to the modest and godless
ambivalent oddness of a circus and a curious curio
synchronous symphony of de-synchronous disintegration
dissipation of depravity morose as the gravity of gravity
off-handedly shambling gambol but a random randy gambit
miserably perfect prismatically petulant penchant  of malcontent
hellbent derelict impossible to circumvent indignantly irreverent
incorrigible incongruence the only truthful eschewal of insurance
fathoms of callousness simply tempt the callow from the emptiness
indolent in recompense hence the assurance of duress when pressed
nest of the hearkened hearth forge and forum loosed abroad taken abreast
nevermore'd neverless'd never raced nor rested the perpetual digress of less

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