Saturday, August 3, 2013

Modern Economics Regarding patent involvement; aside: a blacksploitation flashback with charlie chinatown wok

all markets of pay and otherwise capital transaction should take at global talks regarding mutual patent and wage standards ultimately limiting patents to 2 to 5 years of use simply to encourage development in their respective fields.

Riding on a patent is like burning away resources on a subpar or outdated object or otherwise which has made a mark in a field but simply has dominated and sequestered any competitor or at least combat such opposition vigorously, simply because of the investment made on a static notion.

The game of chicken revolves around when the population of humans is sadly educated and populated enough to compete with technology and other elements regarding human advancement.

With limited patent strength, fields would be competitively looking for an active progressive patent, rather than relying and subsiding on something that perhaps was becoming obsolete or inapplicable, or replaced.

Africa is well founded, and well funded, however the dominance in markets and hence in mark up value reigned by the patented markets of near every viable modern  product, limits the access of such things for integral and modern efforts at mutual fiscal endeavors and modernization.

Were patents globally simply to lose any and all strength after 2 to 5 years this would allow global access, much like a data well simply to drink from, rather than attempting to withhold and extoll the capitalist virtue upon the world, simply because a countryman endears a patent and such ability to contest his dominion of any such market.

This mentality is detrimental to progress in that withholding information to the point of extortion, simply for patent money brings to tell much of the reasoning for the international disparity.

This are international corporations and conglomerates acting like children sticking each others tongues out at each outer on a playground bickering about gossip and secrets.

 " Nanny nanny boo boo, stick your head in doo doo." says one of them to the other

Provoking bitter monatical monetary disputes and swathing the world in the ignorance they seep simply to ostracize others in no particular reason rather than titillating greed. This sort of debauchery leaves the markets bewildered and flustered by inabilities and incompatibilities, making technology and other fields of research much like having a hand in a game of poker. never having all of the cards,  simply trying to pull some magic out of the draw.

Were every patent organized and put into sensible place for commonplace utility and global access should that not levitate much of the burden on the disadvantaged and developing and otherwise readily enactable workforce and industry.

Selling a product physically or creating some kind of manifest is much different than holding a patent, and such is capitalism, should such a service be provided such is of a different accord, any such likes of free enterprise no doubt do hold tier own hand in the river of money.

Utility of this would provide mirror and otherwise functional companies whom manufacture products simply in foreign markets where there is no ability to provide these items, substances, or otherwise at an affordable or fair price, a foreign market would provide it's own goods to itself, simply because patents were all held toward efficiency and productivity to aid in resource management and mutual global economic stability and hencefollowing independent industries providing regionally a reasonable and affordable product aimed at local competition targeted by the average man's per capita , mean, median, mode, etc, GDP ppp.

With currency exchange rates and continental prices fluctuating with many commodities in todays market having independent markets both at the continental level and the intracontinental level would allow more competition and hence capital exchange and diversification thoroughly, allowing for both strong capital trends throughout most if not all markets, even local markets benefit from the surplus international business and approachability of commerce.

The money problem is when people think it is a good idea to sit on money. Money is basically what allows the economy to breath. If it is in circulation this means it has a course and should honestly preform as is demanded commanded and contracted. The capital system has outliers far above the bell curve.

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