Thursday, October 17, 2013

I'm a Fashionista. Tween Dream Kikedick Like a Nightstick Hung Like a Nigger taking ciesta with the sister of every fucking Spick...

when i find my skinny jeans in the fall and they've become relaxed fit… missing leather hot-pants...

also; because:
"Lucy Loose and Loosed Goose:
Torn V-neck Neon Tall Tanks
and Chromatic Lowcut Hot Pants
to for and from Teenage Girls"

is the name of my next band, and that's the uniform...

every day, music videos, like it's something. Because neon club rainbow rave and smoke defraction lasers and shades is awesome. Somehow if i success a tank that would come with me to the field / festival shows.

Probably experimental/electronic/new wave/ heavy metal-powerpop/ RnB/ Soul / Beach Rock / Ambient

Fashion Logo V

---------           |

Also Quarter Riff Deep V Extra Small Baby Doll 50/50 Nylon Spandex
One Eighth Thigh Length Low Rise Skin Tight 50/50 Leather Pinstripe / Translucent Neon Spandex and the scarf shades and hat to match.

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