Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rexensis e Reiecticus ; Dysrexarius Purgamentorumensis - Classic Latin Poetry

 Rexensis e  Reiecticus ; Dysrexarius Purgamentorumensis

---Momushypnos Mercantio Eris Thanatos

"Mission Statements and Company Idea"

generare creare sentire percipere palpare

coluisse vereri sorores creatrices puellarum

amare caelestium aetheris creare vereri vivere

liberare liberalitatum libertina arbitraria arbitria

succesionum perpetua prolium única ubiquetatum

Non-profit / +/- Charity

Pawn / Thrift / Scrap / Junkyard / Guns / Salvage/ Flea & Farmers Markets/

or on another site Dock / Harbor / Boatyard(Junkyard for boats) / (No auto/scrap) / Pawn / Thrift / Guns/

Non-Profit Thrift Pawn Scrap Salvage Guns Junk Mercado Libre exists...

for to ensure ecological and environmental conservation protection and preservation of Earth, education of children and adults towards inundation of proper veneration of nature  and the mutual, sustainable, and healthy coexistence of flora, fauna, and sapiens.

Pawn- interest paid by tax deductible credits. Without a payment the tax credit goes towards the shop. Non-profit after operating expenses, taxes, donation, and charity.

Profit/Interest made goes towards helping the environment. Establishing funding effective organizations relating to the mission statement.

Non-profit tax deductible sales go towards non-private or otherwise for-profit businesses.

I.E- Guns for- Peace Corps ; Missionaries ; Volunteer or otherwise Emergency Services and Personnel.

Thrift- Excess stock/donations donated towards impoverished families around the world based on the availability and affordability of the necessity/commodity/luxury in the country/area of possible donation in question. As well as transport/labor cost.


Scrap- Raw material - raw cost - Non-profit / Other Construction

Salvage- Tech or otherwise - for reapplication/ reconstruction / reconstitution if possible; if not, simply for proper; safe, and environmentally friendly disposal and or sequestration. Donations of rebuilt / refurbished computers etc, for 2nd/3rd world countries with power, but without computer access.

Flea/Farmers Market - for Local or Proximate business with interest in an open market style; sales exchange of vendors irrelevant from the business, however any customers, revenue, and or otherwise would still aid both parties mutually. If not alternating days, alternating every other.
M/W/F - Flea market Su/T/Th/S- Farmers Market

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