Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to Gamble Successfully Internationally

Rat Com Funds

Raise qualms? It’s The Palms

While debt is still held in equivocal worth in $USD or other currency or tender dollar for dollar, with no adjustment, fiscal holdings, net worth, and cash value, etc, are calculable for proper and correct use by the following.

(Rate = for USD - or X currency) = Congo GPD / X currency country GDP

however if Somalia still has current data for economy, use Somalia, or if economic boom in Somalia, use lowest GDP per capia.

(Somalia GDP per Capita /  USD GDP Per Capita)

0.00216617669 = American Somalia Rate

meaning $51,704 earned in America = $112 equivocally to Somalia, and any other country playing Somalia rates.

So roughly a $9,233 USD is equivocal to $20 Somalia Rate, where $20 USD of equivocal Somalia tender is worth $9,233

Somalia to DRC rates =  0.484848484848

so $231 earned in DRC = $112 earned in Somalia

or about ~ 2x Somalia Rates, meaning Democratic Republic of Congo Rates (DRC rates)

 (Democratic Republic of Congo GDP per Capita/ USD GDP Per Capita)
$DRC / $USA = $231 / $51,704 = current
= USD rate = 0.00446773943 or

$DRC / $DRC = 1 so 1 x $1 = $1 no change

1,120 x 0.00446773943 = $5.00 so in the USA $1,120 = $5
If anyone communicates money, the equivocal of 1,120 USD in America is $5

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