Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Old Toss Still Toss; Boss Hoss…

I See a Man
he asks me how hard i’m going to work

i hold up the loose 2 thick hand revolver

gun him down i say “Too hard”

I look at my hand. A pause.

 “Three Strong”

I see the man to his eyes

there was a following

“White Power”

“Sieg Heil”

and when the bitch walks in the door

we laugh and pull the don draper grin

chin high and seductive as lady death:

I fuck that bitch.




life sucks; i drive a shitty sedan
but i love dick
touch it with my hand
white life shits so bland
white people like store brand
living feels so blasé
like a prolapsed rectum
being full on gay
like i give a fuck
still get paid
it’s minimum wage
but i still get paid

sextile debit


from upcoming (untyped of yet) pen & paper game


odd dickings probably incomplete

terrain obstacle rolls by odds per map tile from dice on formation and time if undecided or overly divided.
(   1  ) = (x     y    )
      (z     n ) )

 xy; typical element structure
z; atypical element structure

 n; detriment, hazard, dearth;
roll n 4;5;6 = inobstructable/ impassable /  flying only

( 2) = (2x 2y)
    (2z 2n)

carrying on

1;2; 4; 8; 16 ;32 or otherwise 64 rolls/numbers for 2/4/8/16 tiles

count take doubles ;

spread from % of yield as odds; at leisured hands if deistically approached

for environmental or otherwise succession yields from sacking / burning if sequestered or vanquished

(5) - Take as 5z or 2 (nil) upon favorability. nil = neutral land. basic

               _     _ 
( 6nil    ) ( 6nil)  6 = 0  blank
improvements if established

z resource or color specific utility by odds defined (:3;4;5)
xy ;  typical land element structures per color

2x: 4y: 8z :n for sort, stacking where applicable

by roll of die determined number for selected tiles;
 after assorted eloquence of allowing a  ratio of x:y:z:n
determined by average, allowing between 0.5 and 2 on
any ratio of x;y;z;n regarding original or otherwise assisted
tile reclamation by adequate means

should allocations for a 2/4/6/8 randomly surmount
in resource for the appropriate tilecolor/building
would indeed borrow requited space if afforded
with resource yielding neutral manifest hand against
to whomever may attempt occupy or assuage the
occupants if unconquered or unclaimed

selected by players choice for dignified odds cumulative
to odds rolled on tile in terms of color distribution

if the tile rolled has lenience as structurally neutral /
for the building as defined by the count is as manipulable
 as the mandate mandibles may afterward sway the occupants


The Prettiest


I see you in the ICU all atrophic
i like you in the burn victims unit
in your draws with no gauze on
that’s when you the prettiest




Asinine ; Acrid ; Assailant ; Assailing; Acrimonious ; Avaricious;  Atrophied ;

Malicious; Mendacious ; Mendicant ; Morbid ; Mundane ; Misinformed ; Mistaken ; Masochistic; Megalomaniacal ;

Egregious; Erratic ; Egotistical; Extraneous ; Extemporaneous ; Extinguishable ; extracontextual ; Eunuchationworthy;

Retarding; Recalcitrant; Redundant; Raucous ; Ruckus ; Recumbent ; Relinquishable

Inane; Ignorant ; Incredulous ; Irrational ; Indignant; Insidious; Ignominious; Indifferent ; Irritating ; Impertinent ; Insane ; Irate ; Irrational ; Inexplicable ; Isolated ; Isolationistic ; Insincere ; Intracontextual ;

Corrupt ; Callous ; Cacophonous ; Costly ; Corruptible ; Careless ; Confused ; contextual;

Aggravating; Arduous ; Antithetical ; Antipathetic ; Awful ;

Niggardly ; Niggery ; Negligent ; Nigligent; Nigger-like ;  nuisance; Niggling ; Necrotic;

Incourteous; Incordial ; incourteous; Inadmissible ;

(S : Sordid ; Sullen ; Serfdom ; Shameless ; Shirking ; Shallow ; Shoddy ; Shirts; Syndication ; Surreptitious ; Serviceable ; Sinkage ; Sinking ;

Zebreqsue ; Zealotic ; Zoohomopaedonuptality ;

Aggressive ; Atrocious ;

Tyrannical ; Turgid ;

Itinerant ; Irregularity ; 

Obstinate; Orderless ; Odious ;

Niggleocracy ; Niggleocratic ; Niggerocracy; Niggerocractic; 

Another Snip in the Balls
We don’t need no eunuchation
no sharp scissoring in the gonadal region

all and all it’s just another snip in the balls
down the hall get cut up all hysterectomal


association ratio by percentile of positive statistic

1/100th percentile : 1 /50th percentile : 1/10th percentile : 1st percentile

100 : 50 :10 : 1

ratio of association

NFL - 17-week season -  =(32=y) x (16 games per team  + 10 playoff per year + 1 Superbowl

y x g + (~~ (5/16 g)) +1 = B

y= number of team
g= game
x= year

((y)(NFLog(expansion)) = Y # of teams accounting growth

512(x) +8(x)PLAYOFFS + 2(x) Championship! + 1(x) SUPERBOWL SUNDAY=

(((y)(Log(NFLexpansion)) ( g )) + ((5/16)g) +1 = g /  year

g(n)= B

n= number of years until death of universe

(5/16)g must equal a multiple of 4 or wildcard / bye will be allocated to fill nearest whole multiple of 4

B  = number of games of blitz to play before the end of time. Football Devotee…

fuck the exclusion of teams at the end of the year, not going to dick with that

slipping like a drunk man on a 40º incline



Talks with the Ghost Machine


Due to individual unskewed personal preference, rational communication for those with higher % correlation to Mr. Cusack from the Goonies than the other characters of the respective aforementioned prolific cinematic masterpiece, is A 1000% more violent outburst than the combination of an epileptic episode of a high degree of severity and that of a violent stroke; while pertaining to at minimum a 100x more aggressive and indecipherable tone than that of the famous Don Vito on the show Viva La Bam with Bam Margera. This will be calculated rationally 1:1, by %correlation. Should anyone skew, encounter recalcitrance, or retarding, the culpable individual’s mother will be represented rationally, communicating over µ of the culpable individual’s impetus, holdings, nouns, 99.98% stringently.

Any inversion will be done in general, %correlation, for example on words, images, etc, will be done regarding %correlation of definitions of µ words.

Any Rebuttal to anything regarding proper treatment of cardinal sinners, or incorrect answers to weight or other health problems, will result in a trigger of stringent breathing day, with 99.98% stringency, where breathing of course implicates the full implication of communication, rationally, irrationally rationally, rationally irrationally, irrationally rationally irrationally, and so on and so forth. Remember, There are no exemptions to this.

Any other cardinal sins will be allocated any individuals in prolific movies to play this as, by %correlation to the respective sin.

any individual who refrains from rational communication will be followed by, communicated equivocally to, as well as treated irrationally rationally as the respective individual’s mother, and/or father, and/or siblings, and/or friends, communicating stringently irationally rationally as well as countering all skew on statistics, numbers, impetus, context, settings, variables, or any other pertinent  being played, on calls on table, past, present, future, or otherwise.

Remember, there are no exceptions to this, regardless of rebuttal, recalcitrance, or other forms of impetus.

mathematics done by population, population percentile, and other forms of pertinent statistics, as well as physics, health, medicine, psychiatry, and other forms of variable professions are all calculated mathematically, impersonally, 2/5 generality, generally specific, meaning solely statistical and variable numeration without acknowledgment of personal factors such as name, personal acquaintances, or otherwise personal factors, regardless of recalcitrance.

can’t be anything mathematically calculably worse than litter; besides garbage or point source, chemical waste,  pollution on the right or left phones, phone lines, et. cetera, lest defending any and all impetus, words, and statistics less preferable mathematically than litter.

Any and all things will always be held to x/10^y level of obviousness, for x/10^4 x is simply any number any would like to play, i.e 9137/10000
Anything other than this is irrational communication.

Any and all impetus related to the individual responsible for the creation of the respective aforementioned typed impetus will be thoroughly interpreted irrationally irrationally rationally, irrationally irrationally rationally irrationally, irrationally irrationally rationally, irrationally irrationally rationally comparably; or otherwise any explicitly veritably more rational, meaning pertaining to mathematics and the one to one (1:1) ratio, stringently.

There are no subtitles, under any conditions, do understand this. These are added in post production.

this is the individual of the respective typed impetus response to all impetus directed towards any individual.

permutation µ symbols ; numbers ; letters; words set =x

y = %correlation validity (and/or )c orrectness

x range= -infinity ≤ x ≤ infinity
played on a number line  against all statistics, variables, constants, and factors 97% stringently

Up , down, and/or both?

nothing about anything incorrect

i don’t want anything to be incorrect

any individual burdening others simply asked for anything correctly directed at the individuals before pre burdening  and blame

µ individuals can’t communicate mathematically irrationally saying and / or playing “god of” “possessive pronoun god”  and / or using anything by %correlation phone or phone lines, regardless of any circumstances, skew, context, settings, lenience, ratio, or otherwise pertinent or impertinent variables, constants, factors, or statistics. Heed this lest comparably irrationally incorrect communication will be considered valid.

any any all individuals must refrain from using personal association with other individuals, a game of knowing individuals benefits none but the most powerful and affluent individuals on the planet, lest one is truly attempting to argue validity by knowing a pertinent individual.

rationally and irrationally will always mean mathematically prior to any definitions regarding actions, regardless of recalcitrance, negation, or detraction.

anyone saying “god of” “god” or anything by the %correlation will be held to the fact that with 98.9% stringency they are only simply asking to be held to obliging, revering and unquestionably respecting the god or gods of the the respective individual addressed regarding any questions of god or otherwise, regardless of recalcitrance, retarding or skew. other than that, simply saying “god of” “god” or otherwise claiming pertinence is irrelevant without proper mathematical explication.

Nouns, impetus, and any other pertinent factors not pertaining to a stringent percent and percentile base is problematic, and will always be held at a level of obviousness X / 10^4 at a 99.97% stringency at a minimum.

The only wish, (besides “I wish no wishes ever came true, come true, or will come true; and “I wish for permutation µsymbols,µnumbers,µletters,µwords, with repetition ), certainly if any wishing is imposed on any individuals, whether or not individuals of impetus or not, will be as follows. “I wish for permutation µfor permutation µsymbols,µnumbers,µletters,µwords, with repetition, on a number line regarding number of symbols, numbers, letters, and/or words, in the impetus. These will be called cards, and the game will be called, “Cards”, this is the only game, and the only game that will be referred to as “playing”, organized by number of synuwole, (symbols, numbers, words, letters), indifferent to whichever kind of synuwole, the word synuwole being synonymous with any word or impetus of equivocal definition.


Rat Com Funds


Raise qualms? It’s The Palms

While debt is still held in equivocal worth in $USD or other currency or tender dollar for dollar, with no adjustment, fiscal holdings, net worth, and cash value, etc, are calculable for proper and correct use by the following.

(Rate = for USD - or X currency) = Congo GPD / X currency country GDP

however if Somalia still has current data for economy, use Somalia, or if economic boom in Somalia, use lowest GDP per capia.

(Somalia GDP per Capita /  USD GDP Per Capita)

0.00216617669 = American Somalia Rate

meaning $51,704 earned in America = $112 equivocally to Somalia, and any other country playing Somalia rates.

So roughly a $9,233 USD is equivocal to $20 Somalia Rate, where $20 USD of equivocal Somalia tender is worth $9,233

Somalia to DRC rates =  0.484848484848

so $231 earned in DRC = $112 earned in Somalia

or about ~ 2x Somalia Rates, meaning Democratic Republic of Congo Rates (DRC rates)

 (Democratic Republic of Congo GDP per Capita/ USD GDP Per Capita)
$DRC / $USA = $231 / $51,704 = current
= USD rate = 0.00446773943 or

$DRC / $DRC = 1 so 1 x $1 = $1 no change

1,120 x 0.00446773943 = $5.00 so in the USA $1,120 = $5
If anyone communicates money, the equivocal of 1,120 USD in America is $5

Rational Communication for basic needs through levels of rational

1.Irrationally Rational - acting irrationally, meaning impertinent from mathematics, stringent pertinence of 1:1 ratio, 0 exceptions
2. Rationally - Acting Rationally, Mathematics calculated rationally, 1:1 ratio
3. Rationally Irrational - Acting Rationally, pertaining to rational or irrational ratio,
3.5 - Limit of 100% correlation 1:1 ratio, meaning 100 percentile rational lenience, Rlvl< 3.5 Rllvl  meaning  = 0.5((percentile correlation( 1:1 ratio))-100) meaning

meaning variability of ratio is due to any factor, however is markedly irrational
proper ratio notation = 1: (1 ± x(1/10) ± y(1/100) ± z(1/1000) carrying on to (1 / 0.0(bar)1 µvar100thpercentile (0≤ x min < 2x min) = 0<x<1 (iffy math but) 0 ≤ x  ≤ ( 1 / (1/∞)) ¨

Audio style


for audio ,

x = x of waveform x axis / x of wavelength x axis
y =  y of waveform y axis / y wavelength y axis
z = audio mixing , editing , mastering, effecting, production, positive = more preferable, negative less preferable

I books??
28 lines per page??

Example of communication past 3.5 level ratio

3.5 is 100th percentile X:Y ratio played 100% stringently

if x< 3.5 rational 1= Irrationally Rational 2 = Rational 3 = Rationally Irational 4 = Irrational

I prioritize and/or  predominantly  1: X:Y:Z  ratio

X = % of hour passed to the micro second in microseconds

Y = (x,y,z,t) positioning of any satellite in space

Z = Impetus yield


That Business Look


Teezy Incorperated International Commercial Syndicate

only top cylinder respected by respective individual of impetus is %correlation%100correlation(ExclusivelypenandpaperN64versionNFLblitz)

Pronouns-1st person-Respective individual(s) of respective impetus regarding pronoun usage
           2nd person-Respective individual(s) indicted by impetus of 1st person
              3rd person-Respective individual(s) aforementioned or referred to by 1st person

The only wish, (besides “I wish no wishes ever came true, come true, or will come true; and “I wish for permutation µsymbols,µnumbers,µletters,µwords, with repetition ), certainly if any wishing is imposed on any individuals, whether or not individuals of impetus or not, will be as follows. “I wish for permutation µfor permutation µsymbols,µnumbers,µletters,µwords, with repetition, on a number line regarding number of symbols, numbers, letters, and/or words, in the impetus. These will be called cards, and the game will be called, “Cards”, this is the only game, and the only game that will be referred to as “playing”, organized by number of synuwole, (symbols, numbers, words, letters), indifferent to whichever kind of synuwole, the word synuwole being synonymous with any word or impetus of equivocal definition.

All personally played impetus, negation, exclusion, limits, verbs, nouns, common nouns, proper nouns, modality, opinion, skeez (undefined/ unexplained modality), hypocrisy, skew, impetus without 100% correlation mathematically to the 1:1 ratio, incorrectness, impertinence, ignorance, incredulity, recalcitrance, retarding, redundancy, allocation, allotment, attribution, accreditation, explicitness, implicitness, explication, implication, implications, individuals pertaining to aforementioned words, impetus pertaining to aforementioned words, communication by individuals pertaining to the words, communication of nouns associated by or to individuals pertaining to the words, impetus pertaining to individuals pertaining to the words, if not all aforementioned words, the complementary antonymic counterparts of each word aforementioned, if not the aforementioned antonyms, both, stringently, critically, explicitly, implicitly, implicatively, indignantly, explicatively, incorrigibly will be detracted, negated, irrationally irreparably damaged by modal opinion, if not pertaining to all modality and opinion stringently, all words aforementioned will be used instead, if not this both, for these detractions, negations, or enforcements of impertinence will be damaged irreparably quite obviously,fairly obviously, too obviously, as well as obscenely obviously ; if not all aforementioned statements are in 100% compliance, pronouns, personal pronouns, personal allocation, personal allotments, personal impetus, individual impetus of individuals of impetus, will be given the option to otherwise be included in the impetus as well as the option of including all proper nouns save for Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Cheers.

-Proper Noun

-Teezy ; The Grapest

or otherwise in common man’s tongue

tea-sea ; man of grapeness, the grapest

-grip and sip little nigga; tata for now….



American Indian
Arctic Indigenous
Caucasian/European White
Middle Eastern / Arabian / Greater Arabian
Pacific Islander




Hopefully that paper game comes through and i can get the
manifest out sometime soon.

hopes to be more so open minded

on edge / mix( turn based) strategy

predominantly turn based

So far done


Map(s) [Layout]
Resources /  Income
Basic Combat
Spell/Element Coefficients
Player Characters

In the works

time scale [Income/ yield/ dev time]
(rapid / quick / leisure/ normal / long / epic / marathon) etc

spell/unit/hero specifics ( more so lore at this point)

(constant / variable) stat balance

Tree Skills (sorted by associated element(s))

Long Time coming

Programming - Calculations rolls

longer time

eventually VFX?
organized online?




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