Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dark Element Hypothesis and Space Grain Theory

    Dark matter could be the collection of residual particles or subatomic particles that have decayed far enough to break down into their base level components. This may have occurred in the time following the big bang, leaving only the more stable combinations of subatomic particles, and still, more of this may be residual from a time in the universe before the big bang.

    Dark energy could be the residual energetic particles that are left over from the same circumstances as dark matter. This or dark energy is the gravitational or otherwise attraction between the visible universe and the dark matter that is present in the universe, and supposedly surrounds the universe after being propelled by the big bang.

     The particles could have come rom a “ big freeze / big crunch “  combination that occurred prior to the big bang. The particles having the time to break down into their smaller component parts such as subatomic particles in this time. Those that were not captured and reassembled by the singularity formed by the big crunch continued to decay in the accompanying big freeze and the time after the big bang.


The matter that came to occupy the universe perhaps originally came from an alternate universe or an alternate dimension bound by separate laws of physics via a wormhole or other effective transport mechanism. Once here, the matter became bound by the local laws of physics and was effectively trapped.

As space-time bends, interations between these different layers or dimensions of space-time causes some areas to become enclosed. Were the space-time to bend all the way around an alternate dimension or layer of space, this enclosed area would retain it’s physical properties it held in it’s original dimension, being kept pure by the surrounding encapsulating space-time. These particles would retain their properties via some force similar to quantum entanglement, allowing them to keep the properties of the spacial dimension from which they originated.

This would be something like a realm of infinite dimensions where any two points can join and interact independently and not intersect with any other layers of space and dimension. Just as time is intertwined with space in the dimensional plane we occupy, alternate dimensions could fine space intertwined with mass, volume, charge, or attractive forces. Every dimension could be different, where space and charge are synonymous a space-charge dimension, even allowing the mixing of multiple dimensions, such as space-charge-volume, where space itself occupies a volume and has a charge.

The particles created by the encapsulating space-time would be displaced randomly throughout universes randomly like sediment in a river, eventually becoming common enough and mixed enough to explain the happenstance and abundance of particles and the pieces that compose them. Space-repulsion, where space repels itself was perhaps an dimension that was easy to create particles from, making them more abundant, being found in both sides of a magnetic-charge grain, only to be dominated by the attractions between the opposing magnetic-charge grains of space-elements.

In a dimension of space without time, all things synonymous with space are stagnant. Only when they breech into a dimension where space and time are intertwined do they began to have motions and life spans. This could explain why our universe is so empty because everything that enters into it now has a finite lifespan that can only be extended under special circumstances like becoming part of a singularity. Being part of a singularity could average the lifespans of all of the particles trapped inside of it by reshaping the compounds composed of such particles and redistributing the residual energy of the particles evenly.

Mass could stem from a space-attraction dimension, where the space-attraction is very attracted to itself. This would be displaced by the dimensional encapsulation by space-time. The interaction between the space-attraction grains would account for the force of gravity and the fondness between the two more so massive particles, the proton and neutron, usually found together.

I am not fluent in all of the forces that stem from particles, but an electron could perhaps be composed of space-repulsion grains, space-charge negative grains, some space-attraction grains giving it it’s little mass. These grains would be attracted to each other much like chemical elements are, forming their own stable combinations with each other naturally, while straying from the imbalanced and unstable varieties. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Dear Code of Honor

it was a time of insecurity, and time being the only thing brazen of it. Laying down over the dreary ease easily much as a deep body of water pressing upon those exhausted from its presence beating down upon their bodies, rippling as it’s waves held nothing against lashing the more meager thrust into it’s currents by the undertow that smell of sustenance.  Those that could glistened as pebbles as the river flows against them. Others more so the debris that entertains from time to time, beaten and warped by the onslaught of the currents, some pieces beaten or broken entirely from time to time. Still the steady flow churns a waterfall above ones head and at all times apples a tornado of a dancing whirlpool that could break your neck if it could on a good day. Drowning in the still time was a slow death, seeing the lowly drown in public disturbed few of the commoners, to busy or indifferent if not both, idling to and fro in fine form from any ventures one could foray. I wouldn’t sway, say, let them sleep, i say. Its always a fine day for that, given one is so quaintly detached enough. who says everyman should have his nose in work as if it were cocaine, fuck it, even the rats get to eat and sleep for free. Not that i would say these men were any better, but the show the due courtesy one does to the lowly and meek varmint and rodent.  Variety Mint that animal was, who could tell a troubled tale none would care to hear. None to sand off any naturing such a tree lived to see floating through that river, still drifting to this day, being little more than the Rotting walking dead to most who walk the lines. This i would take comfort in, none to look into the well being, to be alarmed, distressed, or upset when things may not be peachy keen. Nothing to look into any business for there was none to be had. The fellow lay around deeply in his affairs and there was depth to this cloud of absence that surrounded him. The void of interest around staggered the eyes of any onlookers, who were now but passers-by.
    There was something there. It meant something to somebody. Maybe something trivial, but still, it came through somewhere. That is the faith, that’s the spirit. I trudge along because I always believe a slap on the ass and a firm hand can put some pep in the step of a lady like the system. She always looks nice and she doesn’t die. I almost agreed in justification with that man, she’s a stumbler, am I a fucking giant? Of course that would be negligible as the lady lived in all of the strewn masses amassed and amounted to whatever could be thrown together hap handedly with the huddle break like it’s a team sport. Cooperation fucking billed and shilled forever, comprehending that idea is like asking one to fathom God Almighty in one’s mind. Some how with some solid coordination things came together and sometime’s there was a smile, smiles were never the justification. I would go in there and beat the box, slap some wrists, high fives and asses, pull some shit together and talk of how amazing it simply because I am actually amazed I did anything at all. That was my  magic, its commonplace to hear a kid call you a wizard simply out of hopelessness. The reality was that life was as grey as blinding cataracts and there are no distinctions about being alive. The mind has sublimated into a grey fog that shrouds all possible ways of acknowledging that lucidity can exist while consciously interacting with anyone. Why bother with attempting to bat away the fog that surrounds existence with an inquiry, is the grey fog not simply enough, it surely will suffice. The mist clears enough to see what is in my hands, so sets my refreshing reminders of possible priorities.  Always falling back to what’s accessible, am I going to reach for the stars when I surely cannot grab them? i would say I am a pessimist but rather I could just say I’m cynical. Through the latherance of my haughty pompousness, my presence would cripple those of less peaked baseless confidence and assurance. I would break things as if I were a bull wildly bucking with my brashness. I exert my towering mass over all present bodies chasing people were I a dragged tree, stumbling on my way before deliberately falling onto somebody. Were I to land on these victims in anyway physically, mentally, or otherwise it is seen fit that there is due paralysis, fear, and perhaps a wish for death, but I, like the tall trees, am here to thrive in my natural environment preying on any who may even seem to be lumberjacks. The weight of my authority crushes upon these innocents, pinning the weak while others simply play Atlas until their wits fail. This is how I crush progress into a scenario, this is marginal success. So is life. 
    There was something happening today, somebody remembered something menial or trivial. That was quant as we were often simply reminded simply of failures. The glumness and lack of appreciation in the partisan bled his false sincerity and apathy. If I were haze there’s a bit of smog today, who could this be sitting so indifferently. The crowd that lay before my loins surround this downtrodden chap. This look that may have been vestigial piqued interest, some even with their most sincere empty emotionless faces. I could see a man rightfully confident in his own prowess, giving of a virulent indifference and a growling amount of potential physical dominance. The man was drunk off of his own pride in my absence, boldly splashing his coffee with his vicariousness. I stare him down, “Say fella, don’t drip that drink now” as the coffee teared from the crease of his mouth. His spins his mug around “I know you like carpets there, cowboy.” some of the coffee slides over the edge of his mug as he spins it. Slowly dropping down the mug. He glares at me, then he drops his head to the side of the mug and violently tongues the mug, licking away the sole drip, eyes still meeting me with direct contact, both of us sporting bold grimaces. “Because your mother likes it when you lick it off her face, doesn’t she, kiddo”. I tort, him echoing with “Because your mother likes it when i lick it off her face, kiddo.”  I smile saying “She swallows for everyone else, you know.” Rocito testifies “It’s true.” I continue to inquire about his papers and he states they regard legality, it seems the indefinite government funding had gone bankrupt. Nobody had heard about them in years, the government does little but policing nowadays. The money still always came through and the banks cleared it. We had a small corporation of people pulling numbers papers from the mail, others simply toting the money we had to throw around. Business proposition, this was our tax funding’s title and the name of what we called our business. We there ideas around and every now and again they come through. We opened a body massage parlor, that and the gentleman’s club, we had little to peddle, and we simply threw money on tables expecting sorcery to occur. It wasn’t hard to count the number of times the money manifested into some form of money fueled dragon. Some days our spells would do nothing at all to propagate the seeds of any form of life.
    Life was tedious and the combined ignorance made attempting any sort of negotiation impractical, making a business agreement was like setting down winning takes on a gamble. There was a lack of foresight, blind to the hindsight as well as nearly so in common vision. If you talked the talk and showed promise you were given a fair show. This was to see if you would dance for it, if he dances for it they’ll take you, otherwise you left, some how if you actually qualified on paper they might look into you. I didn’t expect anybody to know how to read at that level, as I had no real means of literacy in myself, that was sent to the more majestic main office sorts to deal that out. Those flowers had the real money. Sitting there flauntingly printing it by now, I’d say. I just get told to spread the wealth. Some Finlander had fucking hit the pot too many times like he knew something. Everybody would miss but this guy would strike twice in one take. Fuck it strike the deal again next year, strike it ever year because it’s just fucking cigars to smoke. There she was start to finish all the elements of maintaining myself with a tad bit more self esteem, see to it that something got done, my taste was to play the horses because I had fucking money why not put some taps on the house. Some times you would see your money fly. If these saps weren’t just a gas station selling tickets betting against their own success. It was just about finding the ones deluded enough to keep working enough just for the money we gave them. For some reason money made enough sense to everybody. Everybody put faith in it for some reason and always cared to accept that it had value. The fucking man always had it out to wash the money every now and again, clean bills were nice. Fun with the money drive burn your old dollar for a new dollar, Even the machine that will take your old dollar and burn it in front of you, then hand you a new one. When you just take the child’s dollar machine, we all know you’re just in it for the money, granted it was a new dollar, take the tip, I suppose. The currency had enough meaning because everybody had some regardless of whether or not they knew anything about how or why there is currency. Somebody told me it was out of the guilt of having people do you favors, just to say “Have something or some things worth 30 dollars to me.” Of course the world will feel twice as bad seeing you do something out of your way and choose to try to take after you just out of shame and insolence, those were the old ways. These days it just seems to be stoking a fire that was lit by some other man, there’s no shame in that, say.
    What happened between the peers is simply nonsense or mischievous shenanigans. There was a comfort in having a job that required so little knowledge, we felt secure because we’re always told we do the job right. The taste of our efforts was lil licorice, not the most decadent but classy enough to be a luxury. We staved at the masses for the taste of that licorice. More so in a thirst mistaken for hunger, so appeased by the ease of goings in the workmanship. This thirst was what held man back more so than his petty hunger for wealth. The thirst would be from the lack of personal fulfillment, draining away at them as if they were dehydrated. This meager bit of refreshment is all I took from the people, damn near licking it off of their beading brows. These people either had the same ill intent I had were they not driven completely by hapless absentminded indifference. This was enough to collect this wonderful dew as they wandered aimlessly, this treat was why I treated this people so well in return. I looked over them through the window playing a smooth light cream to ponder my own grizzled appearance. Was this enough to sway people under you, would one accept one’s authority simply on fear alone? Indeed it still seems they rile up to their own authority if given the chance. This was the tenderest drop of shame to drink. It pains me to see a man slipping so much in his character. The joy is solely in the thought of him depriving me these tastes and usher in complacency. The others do this, it is marvelous. We are a mean talking sea worthy ship when i’m the captain. This is for no good reason, I strive to feel like a competitor, and I instill this in my coworkers. Healthy competition means workmanship, and there’s no thrill like winning a meaningless competition. Such is life, the pinnacle one’s every meaningless competition with winners being bathed in the unreasonably copious amount of dignity, and such was work just shining and buffing the competitors with coins and dollar bills.
    Being the government, they beat people so well into reading I have a personal literate to transcribe my life. This is just a thanks for my service. They are bounding with people, faith in no means must be justifiable by reality, there was something there, nothing that resembled any form of government, more so a group of people treating the capitol as a tropical island, commanding the lowly natives into service. There was no constituency with the nation, running the chariot without a hose, the only legend was that it had wheels. No one would support it after the falls of the poles, most had no war or knowledge of how to do so. It was still a shiny green token of hope for the world, everyone loved greenbacks. So many truly worthless alternatives thrown at people that the old established dollar whet their delusion and spun dreams. The paper and the ink buy itself, its not hard to run a port city they say. Somehow these fools would sit in the town itself to accrue careers paying worthless money in the town that was built off of worthless money. I was simply told to spread the word, and I took to it like a street preacher.Any sort of conglomeration was my church and I go tell them to do some dance for some money. If they do it nice for me i throw them the money. It’s a good deal of money they say only fetch respectable looking clients and I am a man of my tastes when it comes to persons, i fetch I high number in peoples eye with my sharp looks on many affairs. One expects to perform on par with someone at some level. Why not see myself as equally if not more so successful in my own eyes, who would ever dare to discredit me? I will talk louder and possibly fight you over trivial matters, i live life on the erge. There is no standards to which I am held, I am an officiator of judiciation. This amount of respect means I could possibly be given a gun if I was ever promoted, I didn’t plan on that happening.
    I saw the clock and said it was time to sesh, so we hit up my pipe smoking that LA Haze sitting there attempting to gamble over who could predict the future. I had to have a hearty drink of my syrup provided by a federally funded pharmaceutical sponsor and affiliate, for symptoms such a thirst from that burning.
     I stared the men down sternly, still completely serious, the fools just laugh and patting their backs state how “great” it is. I didn’t see too much greatness in them, just enough meekness; thats all you have to provide, something to appear as progress. All were successful enough. Nearly all wits in the situation barely if at all able to comprehend any sorts of signification or meaning from the situation to discern any dignity above derelict jetty of death. I simply rode the breeze out to find ways of fancy, fancying the ideas of a patrolman, before I eventually return to work to orchestrate terms with more hopeful applicants.  I always take my pick of the city, it’s a big day any day I strike deals because in the street because I’m a big name. I mean business, and at least some form of tendency to exist for any prolonged period of time. I peruse the dames walking the street, tell them “You see all this money ho’s? you’ve got to be big time to get this money” if they ever wanted any, most times I would just say I was fighting inflation, tell them to give me that ass for the war effort. I fuck these bitches like dogs in the street. The suit just doesn’t mean much.  Its hot in the hell house and I’m looking for water. It seems like that at most times, it seems. I just tell these bitches “I’m an athlete; I’ve got to run” as I hit up every lane saying “I would pimp all of these hos if I didn’t make so much money.” I slap the hands of homeless people “share the love, not the wealth” went up to this tiny asian lady say “Bitch, you could ride my dick like I’m a horse, I must be an exotic species in your part of Asia.” i entertain the world, slapping bitches asses as I cross the streets, living down the commute of some kilometers in order to return to work. This was the day to day ends of the business that had no ends in the spectrum. It lived it’s self through while the bitches bustled in our little city. Day in, day out; every day but the weekends and holidays because it’s the government of course. I do other things with my life in my free time, but that’s the mantra of a boy scout in times like these. It was a dear code of honor.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Theories regarding the Singularity

The singularity in the big bang was a particle that came from a larger object, much like a paticle emission. As the singularity traveled farther away from its source, the temperature fell, and this caused the pressure of the singularity to fall, which eventually induced it to implode onto itself Perhaps a dynamo made by similar particles as the singularity that kept the energy confined by its differing gravitational currents and differing charges. The object that emitted the singularity was traveling at a high speed and continued to move away from the singularity at a speed faster than light, or at an angle contrary to our perspective to that it moved away from our current location at the time of its release. This is why the object that littered the singularity into a void of space cannot be seen.


Singularities that had attracted each other into orbit had eventually lost one of the singularities so that if fell out of the orbit that was keeping it together

The singularity was a particle emission from a very large substance  that is made up of singularities and traveling through space faster than light, perhaps from an explosion. This substance is made of singularities much like molecules are made up of atoms.

Perhaps a ship powered by primordial singularities that contain themselves much like stars, however once exhausted by the ship using them as fuel, they cannot hold their form anymore and explode as the singularity did.

The singularity was placed by a higher intelligence that surfed the waves of dark matter that were created by the explosion in order to escape faster than the speed of light.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

the old business


errs day derry deri day ahhh d’hey
all day dibble script and scribble
delly dibsi diddur dirc dric cuculucuc
scuhquaa scchqchheeqqquuusq scvicicu
 write the music for which I dj
just the scratch noise fuck the music
knack up crack up its back up
piddling pedantry of the shanty
mitrichondromancy imminently
magnanimous finger dance
fiddle finger and prance
hat man glad bag man
catch a winner jar bag
chronic romancing
smile thrive on the dial
belittle letters littlingly
titilatingly belittle languidly

hey there words and letters of the best friends fun just running along like a good dog
today what are you going to be today you’ve got everyone guessing were it anything
your going to be a book aren’t you, you’re the fucking greatest fuck the documentary
write that book all with your words and letters you fucking know how to do don’t you

looks like a real book doesn’t it every kind of those papers left livid sitting so strewn
with its sentences so sadly drifted about in the driftedness lifted loftily through hewn
real fucking good really fucking reading it to me all its meaning because its known

looking like it seems like we werent going about places like it wasn’t anything where
paragraphs diddnt catch the breeze alone not that they can but still you know breezy
today doesn’t seem to cross at a reasonable hour of the day of the week if it asks
it, three to five maybe once along were anything asking about it today of the week,
maybe if it comes one way of the end of either of it’s ways we can take the west of it

so many letters look them all around making all of it sense and sensibility in reality
one two three ok with me it makes more sense than giving freely all of it easily
look at me just enough for it to be enough it just happened to need to be it really

they say millions it was just passing by in some part of somewhere around her
fuck you all of you bitches just being somewhere or something fuck things

ill sit here making this fucking letters at all of it because they are small and petty
at it all the time in their natures, even in the culmination, text and literacy

quite small thinking about the spacing you poor fucker writing fortune cookies
poorness is everywhere but you still rise above the grave stricken and meager
poetry still rises above the moon somewhere fucking amazing man lives as a god

elements trouble me i don’t know every fucking thing elementarily
so many fucking elements don’t fucking have compression elementary
still smoke pcp literally but still only fictitiously still mantra is pcprecicely
federally I just mean i sell pcp to every first second and third world country
fuck with me got to turn the bricks i make running the old time racketeerery
rack in the stacks stackrackery fuck the factions in anguish meekly. merely

Still and Always, Sir Stillsburry

some people say that lives should be books in biographies, my life is like a short story
i am a majestic man i am beautiful i run forever in a fueld of magical love i’m naked and it just thrives on my being. it lives because of me, I am it’s fire. There is a land of blackness around me that imbibes of me and finds me delicious, i am so passionate it ripples with my essence were it a puddle floating in space, intent on being liquid capable of taking any form, the radiance i exude comes from the sea of all knowledge that dwells within me. I am omniscient yet i still reflect upon myself, channeling my eminence into solid tangible existences, creating parallel worlds in the fabric of existence. I exist much like a volcano of latent emotion that explodes from the fields of tangibility I dwell in. the surge knows no bounds and exudes from myself uncontrollably. My presence is the soothing spring of water that quenches as it is so painfully refreshing. The mind knowing no bounds of the refreshment wrought by this presence, unable to comprehend the glory of the overpowering refreshment. I am greatness because I am a cloud.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tithings of Life (Prose PDF download)

This is the first attempt at prose in a while. Feel free to read and share if you like it. It's a short novella of sorts. It is a draft, do forgive any glaring inadequacies.

It's Called ~~ The Tithings of Life


Friday, September 26, 2014

The Meaning of Life

Were there a meaning to life, the same meaning would apply to a tree’s life as much as a human’s life.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Self-Insulating Building in Desert/ Snowy land.

Water Collection Unit (might have taken this from dune)

An Application of Communism

to provide a peaceful, friendly
productive, diligent and practical
western legacy in eastern lands

magnificent communism in the lands of western China, Tibet, and bordering land, and former Soviet nations renewing and reestablishing the applicability and respectability of communism while providing a corridor for communication, development, cooperation, and success encouraging transparent, efficient, economical and social support between  between all neighboring, supporting, nations.

honoring all great feats of communism, the success of communism is thankful to the astounding efforts of the people devoted to the success and the greater good of the people.

Replicating and innovating upon successful, remarkable, modern and applicable communism practically, efficiently, productively, and respectably

To harbor and bring forth success locally and internationally, and  encourage global cooperation, development, livelihood, fervor, progress, and harmony. 

To apply functional and applicable development resources* in order to successfully supersede subsistence and envision practical solutions for the application of viable substantiating efforts in effort to coalesce the efforts of the people into unifying cooperation and support of practicality, distinguishability, dependability, and stalwartness to ensure the glory and the greatness of mankind.

To encourage and support harmony, mirth, good health, reciprocation, supportiveness, respectability, responsibility, connectedness, happiness, prosperity, and peace among the people.

To ensure safety and peace to allow for proficient, resourceful, applicable, productive, healthy and confidant people. 

To provide a fruitful haven for interpersonal communication, relationships, development, enrichment, education, discovery, enlightenment, culmination, appreciation, aggregation, utilization, and creation.

To instill wisdom, knowledge, and grace among the party allowing, accepting, and respecting disparity to ensure unity, peace, prosperity, and civility.

To respect and preserve the lands, nature and there children as the gods and goddess that provide nourishment, health, and life to the people, for without nature, human life could be feasible, leaving none to innovate, learn, invent, and ensure progress, development, purpose and meaning.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rearing a Model Citizen

Consolidate and expand state and federal services for efficacy.

Public Education could expand to cover all levels of education including trade skills.
Truancy laws apply to university and trade school if an individual is unemployed.

Individuals are expected to succeed, however with cumulative failures they are redirected towards alternate routes of work and education.

Unemployment could only be given to those that are attending education full time.

A state and federally funded school educates employees for each specific branch, department, organization, and aspect of the government.

Individuals are assessed throughout school to see that they are placed in programs that are appropriate for their level of learnedness and their own abilities.

Government provided healthcare is provided by students learning the associated fields at the government run facilities.

Public Housing is provided to insure individuals do not have excessive commute to school or training.

Education up to any level is paid for by tax money, to ensure properly educated employees, seeing to it that successful employees pay taxes back into the systems that helped them throughout their lives.

Individuals in school are given opportunities such as internships and apprenticeships, with laws much like truancy laws due to their inexperience.

All citizens are expected to fulfill a role in a reserve style military, incorporating mandatory physical fitness to counteract unhealthiness and ease healthcare bills.

Necessity and Commodity stamps to dissuade petty or consumeristic lifestyles and wasteful spending.

Mandatory tests that assess fluency and capability of an individual in fields pertinent to every day life and the management of one’s own life. This including a multitude of things including civility, personableness, social fluency, and responsibility.

With a shortage of labor, youth are expected to provide a number of years of full-time or part-time skilled, manual, trade, or any type of labor with the options of attending school part-time.

State and federal subsidies control the costs of fields, professions, and products to avoid commercialism and the coddling of extravagance.

Those being trained in a field by the educational system are asked to teach the lower levels of classes they’ve taken given they pass a test of the required knowledge beforehand. This duty can even be assigned to teenagers, much like a part time job, easily having the numbers fulfilled by the sheer number of people enrolled in the educational system.

Differing political ideologies are each allocated their own land to educate their party constituents and create business under loose federal guidelines.  These sections being governed under a system similar to states rights, allowing each of the parties to govern themselves as they see fit. This being done in an attempt to appeal to individuals enough for the individuals to become affiliates or advocates of the party without raising much of the dispute and discord that is seen today across the political spectrum.

Other countries could apply to receive the same rights as a political ideology in order to encourage international business relations. These areas would function much as embassies and would be allowed to grant visas and what not to accommodate international cooperation.

A rigorous standard of success would be held. Those unable to achieve at the standard are assessed and provided additional mandatory hours of training or schooling in order to achieve at an appropriate level. These hours would be enforced much as truancy.

Individuals that work part time are expected to fulfill 20 hours of schooling a week at minimum, while individuals working full time are not obligated to attend the educational system. Retired individuals are not obligated to attend, however anyone can attend by choice in their free time.

Individuals would follow a rigorous national path ensuring the individual becomes applicable, pertinent, and impactful within society, as well as encouraged to fulfill a personal path towards achieving goals, mastering hobbies, and becoming fluent and informed in any interests.

A system such as this removes many of the social and economic barriers impeding individuals and hindering their attempts to become successful. This system embraces the American Dream and when implemented successfully turns the dream into the American Reality. Everyone can be successful, however the obstacles and hurdles that are present in todays society inhibit success in many ways that this system does not.

Monday, September 15, 2014

P vs NP (attempt 2)

(The first one was garbled. Here's attempt two.)

P vs NP

to resolve this issue, one would allocate data to a computer

If X, defined as Z, is true, Set Y proves that X is true, Set Y is the provided data.

Is George Washington alive in year X? = Question Q

Question Q is also Statement S

George Washington is alive in year X.

If Statement S is true, then the answer to question Q is yes.

If Q is true, all attempts to disprove Q are false statements.

Each defined word is bound by a mathematical set so long as its physically veritable.

Alive is defined as A:

Given X is the year,
Definition (Alive)  = Date of Birth < X < Date of Death = Range of Definition

If X is within the range of the set, then Statement S is true.

If statement variable X as defined by reality is true, then data from set Y will verify the statement.

So long as variable X is within the range as defined by set Y and set Y is the range of possible correct answers, then variable X has verified statement S.

 Any statements on the contrary stating that statement S is false will fall outside of the range of possible correct answers, and be verified as false statements.

Statement S states that Variable X falls within a range defined by definition A and the data from set Y.

If variable X falls within a range defined by definition A, with a truth basis provided by the data from set Y, then X fulfills the criteria of relative truth.

If variable X fails to fall within a range defined by definition A with a truth basis provided by the data from set Y, then X fails to fulfill the criteria of relative truth and is false.

Theoretical Magnetic Torque Increasing Drive Shaft Companion

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sextodeath Revision 5 Link

Sextodeath Rev5 ~still attempting to clean it up, a bit more functional now is the hope.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Wanderer

I know not what I do nor why I do it, for the machines are the only ones who truly know.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Black Pulsar Theory

Outer space is surrounded by a thick heavy coating of dark matter that is falling towards something else, larger and more massive beyond it perhaps a larger layer of dark matter.

The matter in the universe is falling towards the coating of dark matter after being expelled from an explosion of a very high concentration of matter. This was the big bang.

A black hole large enough can attract its fair share of matter and these fall in tandem with the mass inside of the universe towards the heavier dark matter coating attracting it with its gravity.

Ones have perhaps manipulated black holes and accelerated their spin greatly enough to attract massive amounts of matter. The matter is emitted through a hole created by these. The individuals could have captured the emissions by concentrating them very rapidly due to the speed of the expulsion of the space and essentially creating a new body of matter with a gravitational pull. Still effectively attempting to capture the essential beams of matter that are created by the black holes.

Ones could incur a sort of pulsar between two black holes orbiting around a very dense stellar body the intersecting beams created in-between them , keeping both of them in orbit together. Charging the magnetic materials to a certain pole to keep them averted in the remnants of the two galaxies. Easily Two spiral galaxies collide, and  orbit each other face each other, eventually advanced technology begins accelerating the spinning to increase the gravitational amount and matter concentrating  ability of the black holes.

On a massive scale, this could be done utilizing multiple galaxies to fuel both the spin and momentum of the black holes as well as the amounts of matter being captured by the black holes, compelling the orbits of other galaxies to be attracted to the massive body being created, condoning their orbits into the black quasar manifest.  With enough control and ability, Ones could manipulate matter on this scale through the use of any powers that be including technology, machines and advanced knowledge of impactful fields such as physics, the quantum world, and the interactions between extremely dense and extraordinarily massive celestial bodies interact.

This event is perhaps something similar to what caused the big bang, or perhaps this could even occur naturally. Through random chance, due to the amount of matter in the universe. The universe perhaps much like a snow globe, were these events common. These black quasars recycling the matter in a sort of spectacle of fireworks and snowflakes falling in beautiful patters and creating the quintessential minimalism of individual planets and life itself down through the many magnitudes of feasible observability. .

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Human Accommodating Complex

This regards a Child Rearing Complex and an accompanying Human Accommodating Complex. This is an attempt to both spur economy and care for the people in ways that are economic, productive, educational, capable, practical, effective, and capable of rendering employable individuals by providing a platform for respectability and success. This is a mix of college and public school for children at from an early age.

Take a child and raise them with a house cat or a dog, they are eventually expected to care for and clean up after the cat or dog. This is the only supervision in a room the children live in, possibly with other children.

keep them in a room with food, a bathroom, sink, refrigerator, a bed, and other common household accommodations.  One can lock the door in case the children cannot leave unaccompanied safely due to being too young. There should be a door or fire escape to the outdoors, such as a fenced in area, in case of fire. The child is reared to behave as a house cat, emulating the house cat that behaves well induces good behavior in the child.

This would work well for children that are old enough to find and eat food for themselves, as well as busy themselves for hours, a buildings could also have rooms accommodated as a nursery for small children that would be manned by volunteers or employees if need be.

While a kitchen is a fire hazard, there are the possibilities of serving the child food in person, with the possibility of teaching the children to cook eventually installing a a kitchen, in the case there are multiple units in a taller building, a kitchen can be installed as a communal area, compliment to the outdoor area. Also, in the case that the child is unable to leave the living area safely, there can be a case where there is simply a wall on the interior of the room, without a handle, where a caretaker releases the child from the other side of the wall in a hallway.

The child receiving treats for good behavior and exceeding expectations while being expected to accomplish human tasks in order to get food. These would vary on the age and skills of a person. This could possibly work for multiple persons in the same room as with multiple cats. The persons could accomplish anything possible in a small area such as exercise, reading, writing, school, paperwork, painting, music, speech, sewing, carpentry if the outdoor area permitted.

For activities requiring supplies or facilities, the person would be directed to facilities in walking distance or to public transport. Provided a quantity of people the children could be accompanied as a group to a restaurant manned by other occupants of the complex of employees to serve daily meals.

Larger buildings could offer more specialized communal areas on the floors of the building, a lobby, a gym, a kitchen, a lounge, a porch(roof). Larger buildings and sporting pavilions would be placed at central locations. Social rooms would fare far better than specialty rooms, however a school or educational area could provide access and use of equipment such as a kiln, workshop, garage, or a band area publicly when available. These perhaps at the same rate as public parks, sporting fields, and recreational facilities such as a pool.

The number of bedrooms would vary with the size of a unit, the a living area designed for multiple persons could comfortably house anywhere from two to eleven or even higher number of people. With more people the bedroom would offer a desk and provide some space to accomplish activities alone.

Units could be tailored to certain professions, around an industrial area or otherwise proximate to any or many professions, allowing the children to interact with business places and eventually try to find work or internships at the proximate businesses. Schooling could be focused on local professions, providing some grounds for applicability of the person.

A computer would allow the possibility of directing the person towards the proper manners or activities, as well as when to wake up. Social activities could be attempted through a computer via the internet (i.e. one lists activities one is willing to do, looking for others doing activities ones self would be willing to do.) These activities include proper athletics and physical activity and be vectored to any approachable sporting. The computer also functions as a typewriter and can accommodate computer related studies. Internet access would be limited, however a local server or something could accommodate small things.

Areas would stock and dispense everyday items to the buildings, chores such as these could be distributed among the occupants. Providing a community maintenance perspective along with occasional work experience. Everything from delivering mail, cleaning pools, gym upkeep, laundry, garbage, receptionist, as well as most if not all of the jobs that interact daily with the complex. The building would also stock supplies for specialty work.

This would organize children as well as instill proper motive for personal success and accomplishment. This system could take much of the economic load of children from people providing a sort of residential schooling for children. The number of people a community of buildings could support would be quite high, allowing for concentration of the resources, as well as the facilities needed.

Schools could be built to provide a safe place to leave children and teenagers during the day, as well as the possibility of providing higher learning and aids to employability such as certifications.

By organizing and essentially providing spontaneous urbanization, this creates employees and a market. The possibility of this being funded privately, by a state or federally subsidized would be an effort to provide a market for marketable goods domestically. The benefits of the housing provides a place for busy people to safely leave their children as well as any adult housing concentrating employable and trainable individuals into an area that will easily accommodate them and their training and possibly labor en masse.

With enough participation, self sustenance and interdependence of people as members of functioning inter-dependently providing the services of each other, in an aid to fulfill their own needs and as a respect to the community. Occupants would take up learning at any point in the chain of how to sustain and maintain a small town, attempting to endear the knowledge of how a society maintains itself, as well as one’s role in it.

This could easily minimize transportation costs by planning the communities with walking and biking distance in mind. The lack of figures in power confers that the persons success is solely their own making. The accommodation of communication encourages social and societal structure, community, teamwork, congregation, confluence,  and collaboration while developing social skills.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Denting Force (2) and Simulation possibilities

Denting force ( ~ 2nd breaking force attempt)

f = (size / density) velocity

f x W

n = specific density of object N
V = Volume of object N
D =  depth of object N or the depth of the side being stricken i e up down when struck from the bottom

the direction of depth is the same direction as the direction the impacting object is traveling

(f ( V / n)) / D = dent amount A or denting force A

if force of impacting object O
is ≥ minimum denting force value
the object N is dented in the shape of object F
at X,Y, Z point of impact

if denting force value is ≥ the minimum breaking value of object N, object N is broken

In a game, calibrate temperature, to see how much burning would occur

If temperature Z is the specific ignition value of object n, then object n ignites.

many things have temperatures, explosives and characters could use lighters

features such as petroleum use could yield gasoline on the streets, due to difficulty of controls ( a game controller controlling the two hands of a person) as well as smoking cigarettes


non-bone injuries
(g)force= force or g-force

if (g)force is ≥ harmful force

p% probability to sustain x injury to z bodypart

z body part is limited to f% of function, object interaction

if (g)force is > X impactful force

y occurs to individual n

thrown from bike,
bottle moves around



Residential / Office

Ally have  similar floor plans

bathrooms usually vertically parallel, on approximately if not on top of each other.
bathrooms often in center of building
many public areas have different bathrooms for different sexes
commonly one or two (set) per floor depending on the building

much uniformity in offices, offices tend to be similar sizes
common office : utility office (meeting room, break room, etc.)
in residential
bedroom: non-bedroom

a lobby is on the ground floor

building contents tend to follow decor pallets for any  = office, school, upscale, lower class, historic, modern, commercial, specialty,

contents can include items such as the food inside of a food store

common things such as vending machines occupy many places

Ratio of closet (small janitorial or electrical closet) to room

closet:room ratio

trends exist

unique architecture does exist

commercial stores will tend to have one type of item : food, clothes, hobby supplies, wine, alcohol, jewelry or have one type of stock i.e. gas station, arcade, bowling alley

even a salon would be a hobby
specialty places have varying contents ; museum, bar,  theatre

showers are at schools, recreational facilities, beaches, hotels, and some offices while not in other places

generally only restaurants, food service areas, residential buildings have significant kitchens if any

specialty buildings such as hospitals, military, prison, or otherwise will have highly varying contents and design when compared to a commonplace building, however many aspects can be similar

lower ratios

street corners with people vending wares : street corners

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Classics ##

I will shit down your nose and hold your ears like a horse
bootlegged knife fingers with the needle tips never bores
in the eyes dirtying your viscous taste through the sinus
so spicy it just makes you thirsty begging the tricking ass

surgically attached penises of people sewn as my fingers
a giant’s fingers a flying circus bitchslapping bell ringers
bug collection in the greasy cone flask into your anus
just pele rainbow the jar into the colon, break it heinous

gouging out the eyes I start to pour the paint thinner
everyday the butane makes the poor man a winner
my rope and post I just tie you having fucking dinner
drown gasping can’t but choke, shit covered quivers

I might of got tired let alone fall asleep oh sadness
but Ive got to let you go small child of wilderness
i suppose you might one day conquer the madness
for the wilds are truly peace after this bewilderedness

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pitch for Jesus

I propose building a church on a vacant lot of land. I would build the church to preach the books of the day people want to hear. I am quite the powerful speaker and can do many impressions. Preaching is respectable and it is honestly free and wholesome.  I can sing songs and play instruments such as the piano. This is also  respectable lumberjacking and carpentry as the fellows that revere Jesus and many others do appreciate.

The church would likely be condemnable, it is however more so a lean to or shelter, and given that has no merit either under construction or a statue. The Amphitheatre concept would also be applied, as with other outdoor activities such as sports.

I feel as a church makes no income, this would be due to preaching being at the economic level of panhandling, somehow the church donations and a building would be the step above panhandling. A building can add a lot to a community, and a church can provide a space for community events to occur that cannot find any more establishment for their affairs.

I cannot provide much, so this would be much like other churches. The only charity I can accost is preaching, with the possibility of lumberjacking and carpentry given any sort of woodland.

i can travel to any place an individual would appreciate, or fund such a church given adequate material to provide an establishment. I am not as much to preach all the day. ‘

I’ll throw together the shoddiest A-frame and you’ll pray to god you don’t die under there, but fuck it it would be something. The A would slanted, but that roof would be miraculous.

I don’t have legitimate means sadly. The hat of the internet is a cruel master, it’s a dance for the hat.

This sounds a lot like a tourist kind of a attraction such as mini-golf due to the illegitimacy. I can dazzle you with my latin, and have all the fire and brimstone an alchemist.

The steps would be honestly

Try to find land donated or otherwise somehow requisitioned

 lumberjack the able bodied trees and get railroad spikes or something to nail the logs together making a ramshackle structure to eventually roof in some sort of native american thatch style roofing.
// ^ \
|| || ||
Natural Church would likely be the name.

I also speak spanish to some extent.

    The Preacher

Swinging Single

Computing is like fucking a girl, where programming is like being in a long term relationship

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Is NP = co-NP

Is NP = co-NP

Where X and Y are random proofing numbers

A scenario such as this would hold true at any point given that NP = co-NP

Using an equation such as this to validate the equality of NP and co-NP

If NP = co-NP, then (X (NP)) + Y = (X (co-NP)) + Y

Any equation will suffice to prove whether or not NP = co-NP

P = NC capable logic (Conjecture)


Given NC= P, then any form of the situation would be true.

Were NC addition 47+32= P
Since X+Y=Addition=P
This would be something as in

Is P = (NC Set)

NC Class being a defined set.

If P = (X +Y = Z) then P = (NC Set)
If P = (NC Class) then Solve

One would define all possible cases that P = (NC Set) attempt to match.

NC Set = NCS

(X+Y=Z)= NCS
((A)(B)) = NCS
((A)/(B))= NCS

Etc. until each element of any problem that is NC is defined as a formula in the NC Set.

Perhaps utilize a subscript by each element of the NC set to give it individuality, as well as allow for P to equal one unit of the NC set.

Then If P = NCS is True, then P = NC

Stabbing Rocks with A Knife ~ Geology Questions Answered

Saw these questions and I was bored. Nobody seems to ask me questions anymore.

    •    How did Earth and other planets form? Were planets formed in situ? Or are orbital changes relatively frequent? What determined the different deep layering of the solar planets? [1]

The sun formed before the planets, the sun provided the gravity for orbit, mass gets caught in the orbit of the sun, mass is also effected by the gravity of other mass. The location and entry point of the extrasolar mass would effect where it would lay in orbit.

More massive objects being more attracted to gravity would retain closer to the star, less massive objects drift farther away. The mass accumulates in orbit by density and is attracted by larger satellites.  This would explain mercury being more dense than venus, and mars being less dense than the earth, mercury, and venus. As the earth is larger, its founding satellites would have attracted more matter.

The weak pull of gravity on gaseous and light elements explain why the gas giant planets formed in the outer reaches of the solar system, eventually becoming more dense due to the temperature, allowing them to coalesce with themselves and be attracted by the gravity of any founding solid planetoid in a similar orbit.

So the planets were formed in situ, as explained by the statements above. Small planets that orbit well outside of the solar system are easily captured extrasolar bodies that crossed into the suns gravity near its extremities.

The different layering of the solar planets would largely be affected by the density of the elements that found them, the more dense elements being more so effected by gravity would sift towards the core of the planet, as well as be more so inclined in the beginning of formation to settle in an orbit within the effect of a founding satellites established gravity.

The circular rotation of planets would rid them of their lighter elements were there not as much gravity, the lack of impact imparted by gravity on the lighter elements would explain why they will consist much more so near the outer limits of a planet. Rocks move just as water does, simply very slowly. In water, the denser objects sink more so readily than less dense objects. This would apply to the elements allowing the dense elements to sink with more fervor than the lighter elements that surround them.  The impact of the planets tectonics of equivocal would also hasten the process of sinking the denser elements.

    •    Was there ever a collision of the Earth with another planet Theia, giving birth to our satellite? [2] There is compelling evidence, such as measures of a shorter duration of the Earth's rotation and lunar month in the past, pointing to a Moon much closer to Earth during the early stages of the Solar System.

Given that there was another planet, this would differ from the usual notion that a large asteroid body such as an had created the moon. In order for this to be determined, one would use geologic aging to view rocks that were around at exactly the time the moon was formed. This would tell the size of the impacting body that created the moon by the levels of disturbed material.  This may not exist as the layers that had recorded such events may have slipped into unreachable depths or been erased entirely by the heat of the core.

    •    What is the long-term heat balance of Earth? How did its internal temperature decay since it formed by accretion of chondrites? How abundant are radiogenic elements in the interior? Did a "faint young sun" ever warm a "snowball Earth"?

To see the change in direct input of the sun one would lineate the rate of the expansion of the sun and correlate that to an output of energy. This would state the amount of light received by the Earth, how much this has changed. The temperature correlates with the amount of light emitted by the sun, and given that the temperature was below freezing with the amount of light an early sun put out, then the Earth could have been partially or completely frozen at the time.

Highly radioactive elements are abundant at a rate determined by the age of the elements. Highly radioactive elements slowly lose their radioactivity over time, and eventually become inert lead. The amount of radioactive material will correlate inversely with the age of the planet. Accessible parts per million measurements of radioactive elements have been determined, being the heavier elements, a guess of a solution is.

((p%done)-(89/90))(percent of crust))

where p%done = percentile density of natural element

 e.g. U = 100th percentile= 1-(89/90)=1/90th,or perhaps

((1/90th) ( percent abundance)) = an estimate for total abundance in the planet

    •    What made plate tectonics a dominant process only on Earth? [6] How did the planet cool down before plate tectonics?[7] Was the Earth's crust formed during the early stages of its evolution or is it the result of a gradual distillation of the mantle that continues today along with crustal recycling? Is the crust still growing or does its recycling compensate for crust formation at mid-ocean ridges and other volcanic areas?

Plate tectonics is a sensitive process. Things that could easily impact plate tectonics are the density of the Earth (higher than other planets), the pressure from the ocean, and the length of the day on earth (the amount of rotation).

The density would add to the equation, as density, temperature, and pressure correlate, this would accelerate the rates at which the materials inside of the earth become molten. Molten rocks are essentially the butter of rocks, allowing rock faces to slip more easily.  The pressure from the ocean could easily apply high water pressure into volcanic vents and volcanoes beneath the sea. This would halt some of the expulsion of molten material from the vents, and effectively working as a lid to keep pressure inside of the cauldron.

The rotation of the day easily could effect the plates just as spinning a bottle, the rotating motion creates little whirlpool currents inside of the bottle, this effect could be adding to the equation by creating molten volcanic currents.  Mars has a day of the same length, however it lacks the density of Earth, which was a major impacting figure in the Plate tectonics.


Many things such as vents could easily form in any area where there is relatively low density or areas where the constituents have a low melting point, this could allow any exceptionally hot magma to boil to the surface in the event there were no volcanoes to eschew the substance from the deeps.


The crust is made up of many elements. The layers of the crust have been identified and demonstrate the major constituents of the planet. Due to subduction, much of the crust has likely been recycled and forms itself over and over again. The crust is formed by many things, however before the was very much if any organic life, the majority of the crust would have been contributed by the expulsion of magma, rather than the intake of crustal elements by life-forces.

Subduction likely counters any effect of crust growth, given that the crust grew at any rate, the crust would not coat the earth so fittingly and uniformly as crust would pile up faster than subduction would return it to the magma.

Can the now widely available topographic data be used to derive past tectonic and climatic conditions (in the multi-million year scale)? Do we know enough about the erosion and transport processes? Does the stocasticity of meteorological and tectonic events reflect in the landscape? How much has life contributed to shape the Earth's surface?


The topographic data in terms of altitude cannot, as topographic data only shows new and current growth; however geologic data does confer much information about the past. This is limited by the technology that would provide information from deep layers of the crust, as well as the amount that the crust has been effected by the heat of the earth.

    Erosion is predictable and can be demonstrated in a laboratory to provide rates at which certain substances and mixtures will erode. Knowing enough is different from having the data on current climate problems such as desiccation, agriculture, mining and deforestation. These impact both erosion and the transportation of soil. These are much different impacting forces than simple erosion and transportation of soil, as these forces greatly accelerate both erosion and transportation.

    Yes, the consistent metrological and tectonic events do reflect in the landscape, think the San Fransico Earthquake in 1906 or the flood from Hurricane Katrina. The natural events that are not disasters are prevalent in formations such as the San Andreas Fault, however these are quite subtle. In terms of stocasticity, one could use a distribution of probability to attempt to notice a trend, however the randomness of such things makes them very difficult if not impossible to predict, one will notice that Mt. Saint Helens effected the landscape after it erupted, however using this data to predict a future explosion is relatively inaccurate.

    Life contributes to the shape of the Earths surface very subtly in some ways such as the Pyramids, or the mounds of the Mississippi Mound Builders. In other ways man made devices such as canals and strip mines impact the surface. These things are subtle and quite small, so the impact on the shape of the surface is quite minimal. The impact on the biological aspects of the surface and very well known and proven to be harmful.


Can classical geomorphological concepts such as 'peneplanation' or 'retrogressive erosion' be quantitatively understood? Old mountain ranges such as the Appalachian or the Urals seem to retain relief for >10^8 years, while fluvial valleys under the Antarctica are preserved under moving ice of kilometric thickness since the Neogene. What controls the time-scale of topographic decay? [Egholm, 2013, Nature]


    For anything to be quantitatively understood there must be sufficient data. Given there is no way to collect the data, then no, the forces cannot be quantitatively understood. One would have to collect data by finding a current area where peneplanation is occurring to attempt to formulate an equation that would quantify a rate at which this occurs, in a geological time frame this could take a very long time.

In Antarctica there is simply nowhere for the eroded dirt to go, the erosion is trapped under the ice. This means the erosion will erode, however it will not escape, the lack of running water in Antarctica would explain much of the lack of erosion, as the snow protects the dirt from the majority of the erosion from wind and desiccation.

Many factors control the time-scale of topographic decay, everything from sunlight, water, wind, flora, fauna, geologic activity, and man-made interaction.


What are the erosion and transport laws governing the evolution of the Earth’s Surface?[Willenbring et al., Geology, 2013] Rivers transport sediment particles that are at the same time the tools for erosion but also the shield protecting the bedrock. How important is this double role of sediment for the evolution of landscapes?


Erosion and transport laws would be predictable using physics to create a general normalized trend, however this would be quite difficult as it is a particulate mixture with many impacting forces.


The double role of sediment allows for deeper layers of the crust to remain unfettered by erosion. This means mountains and hills will retain their shape longer as the sediments protects their founding layers.  Sediment in rivers also focuses erosion into the rivers, sculpting river valleys and such things.


How resilient is the ocean to chemical perturbations?


The ocean is as resilient to any other water mixture. The ocean becomes polluted or dangerous at the same rate that a bottle will. Chemicals will disperse evenly eventually, however they will likely remain and accumulate in a parts per million reading. If a fish tank with a PPM of a dangerous chemical kills the fish, given the ocean reaches that PPM of the dangerous chemical, it will likely kill the same fish.

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Second Revision of Strategy Game Sextodeath Released

Second Revision of Strategy Game Sextodeath Released

file with two charts, a map, a sample display and full write up of the game and the revisions.


This is a more complete file, the second revision of this perhaps a bit more polish one day. Comments will likely still go to the original.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A petition for public STD Awareness

A petition for public STD Awareness

This is a petition to mandate tattoos on the fingers of people infected with incurable sexually transmitted diseases in order to raise awareness and encourage informed decision making when contemplating relations with the individuals at hand.

Many people would choose to practice safe sex were people informed that their partners were infected. One tattoo could be placed on each finger per infection.

a + for for HIV or Aids
a B for Hepatitis B
an H for Herpes
and a P for HPV

There are four fingers, and a small tattoo could easily be covered by a glove or anything, however these could easily be checked by individuals contemplating relations in order to decide which methods of ensuring safety is appropriate.

Contracting an incurable sexually transmitted disease can be scarring, detrimental to livelihoods, and fatal. These are reasons why awareness should be raised. By legally requiring small tattoos on the fingers, this allows people to become informed and make wise decisions in key moments where diseases could be spread simply by looking at the hand of their partner.

I feel this could reduce the transmission rates and raise awareness within communities.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ratio between Material, Specific Density, and Breaking

All materials have a specific density, interaction with a force can impact and damage the materials in a relatively calculable way.

The denser the object, the more force it will take to move the object. This includes warping and denting.

X = material (in coordinates)
Y=specific density
F= force (in the shape of the object that impacts the material)
D= Distance moved  / Distortion (of the material)

D measured as=  (Start Shape Coordinates)  - (End Shape Coordinates)
B=breaking point - where the material breaks ~

(XY)+F= D

If D> B, a new unit of material breaks off of the original material, perhaps at the point where D < B again.

This also applies if F per Unit is > B per unit

X:Y:F:D is a ratio that could be used to correlate and determine the strength of materials for calculations, in terms of simulating impact of different materials against impacting objects (cars on poles, cars on hay, etc).

Each area would have a different X, and different Y, given they were different materials.

In terms of shape of material, this would be measured as breaking point for a shape of a material, where a point of weak structural integrity would have a lower B than a point of high Structural integrity.

impact at one point, carries force to warp a point beyond the impact point of a curved structure beyond the breaking point and where D>B or F>B the material breaks.

B would be impacted by the angle of impact, and the shape of the material.

Perhaps useful for simulation, who knows, the equations could easily be incorrect, I have no experience in the field.

Army Man Game Write-up (working)

Army Man Game

Amry Man | Range | r  s p f  o i  c
 Rifle        3    1 2 2 1 2 2 1
SMG        2    1 1 2 1 2 2 1
Pistol/Radio    1    2 2 2 2 2 1 1
Flag/Blade    0    Kills All
Specialty    3    1 1 1 0 2 1 2
auto-rifle    3    2 2 1 1 2 2 1
sniper        6    2 2 2 2 2 2 1
car/horse    2    1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2

All Units have 2 Health

1 Movement per turn

Even Grid is the map (graph paper)

Car Has Double Movement

Sniper takes one movement turn to shoot. (e.g, can't move and shoot in the same turn for a sniper)

Accuracy = 1 / Distance (from target)

Distance is one linear unit of the grid.

a unit can fortify during movement phase to sacrifice movement, allowing it to roll to shoot during an enemy's turn given an enemy comes into sight, so long as the fortified unit doesn't move from the position it fortified in.. The fortified unit would roll simultaneously, where 1:1 is a draw, and both units roll again.

perhaps put up walls or buildings to limit visibility and to provide obstacles, obstructing the shots attempted.

Units have visibility so long as it is unobstructed.

Given there were vehicles, a box where a half a line of a graph paper unit could represent a door to a building, or an obstacle vehicles couldn't pass through, where the units could get through the doors and over the obstacles.

Game Play Scenario

Turn Order

Move -> if unit has a shot (roll to shoot) -> end of turn . with the option of standing still. Sniper setting up has a movement cost of one

The board can be confusing, either play as battleship notation,

(I move to my unit to B7, neutral watching map says "Unit in view at D7", I roll to shoot.)

(I move my unit to B5, neutral party says "No unit in view")

Each unit and its movements being listed on player papers, to be checked by a neutral party to relay information without giving away troop locations that are out of sight.

The enemy stating when a unit is in view is the only way to do it without making a sort of post-it note maze, even then hand motions would give away troop locations)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Roller Dome Front-Wheel Drive Concept

Mechanical Debris Filter?

Hinge Basis for Eliminating Variables or Narrowing of Inequalities.

Hinge Basis

The hinge basis provides a crutch for truth, given and questions, the hinge allows one to provide a source for correlation, statistically, or via a constant.

Where one cannot test for Q given X / (YZ) = Q, due to a lack of data, the hinge allows for educated guesses to be made based on any prior knowledge, even broad inequalities justified to a lack of specific or useful data.

X being a number or constant that would prove itself in the scenario, this being applied to quantitative variables in question through the equation providing proof of Variable X

X also being accompanied by equations and uses that affirm it, adding to the statistical set of the proof.

The proof and logic provides its use for a regression to estimate where the unmeasured variable might fall.


Variable X = Statistical set^Variable X)

If Variable X is true, then variable X= Variable Name.

(Variable Name = Statistical set^Variable X) = Truth^Variable X Proof)

Proof= equation correlating numbers, such as the equation of a law or theory

Variable X = Statistical set^Variable X) = True if Truth^Variable X Proof)  is true.

This provides an X to be utilized given any correlation of data where the provided variables are quantitative aspects that can be applied in part of the equation of the Truth provided,

This does not provide answers but rather an angle to see something. Where one does not know Y.

Q = X/(YZ) , Where XY=R , One can find R as a justification to see a ratio of XY where R is involved. This would leave Q: # : # : Z  which would fall into the field of possibility given the inequality range defining the equation was A<Q<B.

This provides a graph saying, were the ratio of X:Y when X:Y = R, knowing Q is <3R, provides a ratio to look for correlation between Q : X : Y : Z in terms of proportion or balance, in a simplification aspect.

This leaves Two Numbers to guess on a plot rather than three, however the truth of the W is dependent on the ratios and correlation between the accessible proof to provide a basis for calculation and correlation, rather than by giving a distinct precise number or measurement.

Toy Army Men Fighting Game, or simple board game

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Latin Life Lessons #25

Latin Life Lessons #25

Gentleman’s dice is a game of craps played while parties involved have strippers dance during a standard game of dice as one would play on the streets, the hope passersby throw money on your stripper, essentially placing bets for you. The gentleman wins through persistence. Pimping ain’t easy, but it pays well.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Pen and Paper Style Strategy Game (Easily a Computer Game)


(Revision 1 ^)

file with two charts, a map, a sample display and full write up of the game and the revisions.


(Revision 2 ˆ)
This is a more complete file, the second revision of this perhaps a bit more polish one day. Comments will likely still go to the original.

Putting edits in the comments section....


(Revision 3 ˆ)
The two bonus maps did not make it into the file, but can be downloaded from this site. (Click the picture, on the right column [2014 > August] and one should see it.)

5th Revision is available...

(Revision 5 ˆ)


This contains a couple of images for this

Sextodeath Write Up “sexdecagon” ~~~~~ colloquially “Sextogon”
1st Ed. M.A. Thaden


16 Color/ Element - 4 combo per sex tile - 5 present elements in sextogon

    Color         RGB                Element      Letter / Symbol
  Red          255 0  0             Earth               E
  Blue         0   0  255           Water              W
Orange      255 165 0          Fire                  F
Light Blue  0 191 255          Air                    A
Teal            0  128 128       Aether             Æ
Gold       255 215 000         Time                 T
White     255 255 255          Light                L
Purple     75 0 130              Space               X
Black       0    0  0                Dark                 O
Lime        0   255 0               Life                  V
Grey       128 128 128          Death             M
Green        0   128  0            Nature            N
Brown       139 69  19            Order             R
Orchid       153 50 204          Chaos             K
Cyan         000 255 255       Technology       H
Dark Red    128 0    0           Barbarians        B    

Rolling for Color

 Determined by map layout. See map.

In general [( Left Opponent Color : Player Color : Right Opponent Color)

Where Center 2x2 Tile is 100% player color.

Odds tend to amount to a total of 6. When amounting to other number (i.e) not six. If using manual die, (say ratio is 2 : 1 : 1) for a tile. if player rolls 5 or 6, roll again.

This can also be done with a  coin  A : B : C = 2 : 1 : 1

i.e 2 : 1 : 1 Heads is A ; Tails ; flip again Heads B ; Tails C

Odds will lean towards proximity of opponent.

Proximity towards center is in favor of home color.
Proximity towards adjacent opponent leans towards adjacent opponent color

Regarding Spacing, Size, and Roll Distribution of Color

The Square of one inscribed Sextogon =  256 Dociunit squared.

 Meaning per Sextogon each square tile (Docitile) has an area of 16 x 16 Dociunit.

One Dociunit squared (Decitile) = 16 Deci unit squared.

In Size Decending Size

Sextogon = 42 Docitile = 256 Dociunit squared

One Docitile = 16 Dociunit squared = 16 Decitile

One Decitile = 16 Deciunit squared = 16 Sextile

One Sextile = one Deciunit squared

In example…. for simplicity µ = unit ( feel free to use † as tile symbol)

One Hero Unit = 1 Deciµ Squared = 1 Deciµˆ2
Building = 8 Deciµˆ2 ≤ x ≤ 64 Deciµˆ2

Creature Stacks….

Deciµˆ2 /  x Number of Creatures (Stack Size) [Max Stack size = 256]
1               x < 32
2              x  < 64
4              x  <  128
6              x <   192
8              x ≤ 256

Rolling for Color

Meaning each whole Square tile has an area of 256 Deciunit.
Area follows suit mathematically. One Docitile = 16 Deci tile


An equilateral triangle has ((16 x 16) /2 ) Dociunit area. So 128 Deciunit.
The (32 x 16) Right triangles. An area of 35 and 7/9 deciunit. The Fractional Deciunit will lie along the border, and be compensated with the neutral zone of the Diamond Wheels.

Rolling for color can be done with simplicity or with as complexity as desired.

In Example
     W  -   F - E

Minimally every Docitile could be rolled

4, every roll counts 4 times, i.e on  a 0:2:1 South by Southwest docitile (SxSW) i.e
odds W : F : A  = 0 : 2 : 1

Player picks low (1,2,3,4) = Fire ; (5,6) = Air

4 rolls - player picks high/ low or otherwise. Say rolls 3 , 5, 1 , 6

This means of the Doci†, and the 16 defining deci†; a 50/50 ; (1:1) ratio has been rolled of Fire and Air. Either to be assigned per stratagem or otherwise flippantly by the player.

Minimally 8 deci† Fire and 8 deci† Air; to be organized on the 16 x 16 grid of the Doci†

This can be distributed and refracted down to the minutiae,
down to the sex† (deciµˆ2 )
Fire : Air

Per Doci† = 8:8 Deci† - 128 : 128 Sex†

Rolling can be done per Doci†, minimally, and optionally by Deci†, and even Sex†
 RNG would be favorable for rolling the smaller denominations.

 Player Roles /Terrain / Map Layer

Map Teirs / Realms

|2| = God and immortals tier ; owned controlled by a god, enterable by player upon the God’s bidding
|1| = Earth realm / Underworld =Player Tier ; players based here, Sextogon bases,
0 = Spirit Plane / Ghost Realm’


|2| = Provide Deus Ex Machina ; plot; furnish neutral creatures, structures, happenings, (i.e) weather, disaster, anything good or bad; and  of course plot, in |1| and 0 tier. Bless/Curse or otherwise be swayed by the actions of the |1| tier players. If tempted provide aid to the heroes, capitals, or any who please the god or gods, through sacrifice or devotion; just as god may just as much hinder the player for irreverence or sacrilege. 

These players can impact the luck of dice rolls and given a proper roll impact the outcome. The formula would be for a 1/6 chance roll, a 1/2 roll from a |2| player can either upgrade the chance to 1/3 given a success from the |2| player, or choose to force the player to reroll the dice effectively creating a 1/12 chance roll.

The map of the |2| level is essentially a plane |1| players can easily access, however is malleable by the |2| level player to the point that “tests of faith” can be created where |1| level players can sacrifice time, turns, effort, and energy in order to sway the favor to the |2| level player in an allegiance of sort.

A |2| Level player can control any number of |2| level planes based upon it’s own decision and the number of |2| players.

|1| = Standard fare for battles, adventure, conquest, and the livelihood of reality, establish, construct, and maintain a capital; conquer and vanquish foes.

0 = Ghost realm, testing fortitude of heroes, fighting ground, transcendence plane between realms, the dead are swayed and manipulated by gods, lest necromantic, or otherwise divine magic is manipulated by the player.

Names :

2 : Cíeladieux
1: Übitierregarde
0: Nyxhíelgeist
-1 : Üntierregarde
-2 : Odíeumortdeus

Passage between tiers

 This is done through construction of transcendence shrines to transfer from
-1 to 0 and 0 to 1 ;
From -1 to -2, and 1 to 2; these shrines can only be placed by gods, and are under the whim of the gods.

Passage between Sextogon kingdoms

There is a wheel of neutral land that base that has no impact towards color bonus, all is neutral. This has minor impassable terrain features that are marked as the 1/4 units on the rough map provided.

The Center of the Diamond that joins the four adjacent Kingdoms can be rotated at any agreed upon rate of damage applied to the center unit that would rotate the wheel one quarter rotation.

The advantage is a ledge that overlooks the wheel, allowing units to descend while being impassable to armies that attempt to reach the wheel in the middle to turn it.

The clear areas of the map are passable by default, and the Diamond areas in the middle have an elevation of two.

Individuals can occupy the diamonds between kingdoms at their own risks. They however offer no resources nor can they be changed in terms of color or elevation.


6 Mountains
5 Heights
4 Hill
3 Flatland
2 Valley
1 Coast/ River
0 Lake / Ocean
-1 Deep Ocean

- Coast / Ocean on exterior tiles,
 i.e perimeter of the board; otherwise lake / river

Rolling for terrain
Odds per height
0 : 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : 5 : 6

2 : 4 : 6 : 8 : 6 : 4 : 2

 For Dice
Use 32 sided dice with #s 1-32
Terrain : Dice Roll
6 : 31-32
5 : 27-30
4 : 21 - 26
3 : 13 - 20
2 : 7 - 12
1 : 3-6
0 : 1-2

Rolled in the same style as color.
Terrain is allocated per type per tile
The player choses where to place what terrain,
in what order, per stratagem.

Conditions : 
The adjacent tile must be ± 1 terrain height
 or equivocal to be place

i.e from a 4, one can place both a 5, and a 3 adjacent
however, cannot place a 0,1,2, or 6

Complementary Elements

16 Color/ Element - 4 combo per sex tile - 5 present elements in sextogon
Bold = Complementary Color in Üntierregarde;
 the same player color still applies,
mark if need be with a black two dots or if black, white

    Color         RGB                Element      Letter / Symbol     Üntierregarde Element
  Red          255 0  0               Earth               E                              Moltentae                                  
  Blue         0   0  255             Water              W                              Vapor
Orange      255 165 0            Fire                  F                               Wisp
Light Blue  0 191 255            Air                    A                               Whisper
Teal            0  128 128          Aether             Æ                                  Soul
Gold       255 215 000           Time                 T                               Timeless
White     255 255 255            Light                L                                Knowledge
Purple     75 0 130                Space               X                              Void
Black       0    0  0                  Dark                 O                              Sense
Lime        0   255 0                Life                  V                               Damnation
Grey       128 128 128           Death             M                               Revered
Green        0   128  0            Nature            N                                Sprites
Brown       139 69  19           Order             R                                Stalwarts
Orchid       153 50 204         Chaos             K                               Torments
Cyan         000 255 255       Technology       H                              Fate
Dark Red    128 0    0           Barbarians        B                             Destruction

Üntierregarde functions the same way as Übtierregarde, save the Üntier sextogon could be mandated and controlled by a separate player, if there would be enough players, otherwise it is controlled by the Player commanding the complementary Übitierregarde color.

The maps are independent, however, and one can wage war upon a players Üntierregarde fortress should they requisition their troops to assail upon the Übitierregarde lands.

In an 8 player double sex game; the player to god ratio is 4 : 1
In an 8 player single sex game the ratio stays the same,
This follows suit with a 16 and even 32 player game if acquired the players
16 colors, 16 compliments, 1 player each, 8 gods, 4 Übitierregarde gods and 4 Üntierregarde gods

1 player per sexton, controlling both the color and it’s Üntierregarde compliment

A God has power over 4 Sextogons, by default the adjoining 4 sextogons. In general swayed by the actions, devotion, and reverence of the individuals it resides over.

Change of Possession / Terrain and Tile Color 

Change of tile color.

Should a castle fall; the occupant can inhabit the space and place conquered.

This would continue to function and yield as if in the hands original occupant.

The occupant can chose to allocate production based on the yield of the tile in an attempt to change the color.

These odds are based off the color of the land, and the color of the hero / occupants.

Per land, i.e - if land yields at 12.5% , where 100% is full yield per turn; i.e fully developed; the upon rolling would be 1/8 of the tile rolled, ( based on the production “bet”  of 12.5% where all production went to the color change) would be changed to the color rolled.

[A : B : G : D ] = Conquered tile color
{A : B : G : D } = ratio, if any, of color match per hero

in this example

[ 3 : 2 : 1 : 0 ] : { 0 : 1 : 2 : 1 }
at 12.5% ; (1/8) tile yield

A and D = nil =  no odds to convert, no match, no skill or viability

B = 2 :  1 =  2(1/8) : 1 =  0.25 : 1 = 1 : 4 :
 meaning 25% chance for the hero/player/occupant to roll and take 1/8 the tile (Doci;deci; even sex) gambled as color B

G = 1 :  2 = 1(1/8) : 2 =  1 : 16 , meaning odds = 6.25% chance to roll and take 1/8th the tile as color G

For example in rolling. A 32 Sided dice.
# 1 - 8 = Success for color B conversion
# 9-10 = Success for Color G conversion
# 10-32 = Not successful, no conversion, tile yield of that turn is spent.

To increase odds, increase the production value and develop the land.

Were the land at (1/2) 50%; the odds increase.

B becomes B = 2 :  1 =  2(1/2) : 1 =  1 : 1 = 1 : 1 = 100% success rate to convert 50% of the tile to color B, if 100% of tile yield is gambled.

G = 1 :  2 = 1(1/2) : 2 =  1 : 4 , meaning odds = 25% chance to roll and take 1/8th the tile as color G.

The commitment is optional, should somebody win of course, and if they choose to roll, and win on a color they did not desire, they can nullify the win, stock the resources, and the color stays the same.

Terrain Change

(production pool) - (labor) allocated per [( Labor pull ) / (Dig or Fill ) Rate)]

Rate of (Dig/ Fill) determined by ratio

Rate being

per tile per turn the rate of change

i.e at a rate of 1x where 1x labor changes 1x tile 1 height per turn

Were the tile 3 height

0 : 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : 5 : 6
Labor yields at a rate per x labor spent per turn

1/2 : 1  : x : 1 : 1/2 : 1/3

where it would take 3 times the amount of turns to change from a 3 to 6 than it would to change from a 3 to a 4.

The ratio pertains from whichever x elevation is being worked.

1/4 : 1/3 : 1/2 : 1 : x : 1

Useful for defensive and strategic purposes.

Labor is is effected by the strength and weakness of color chart, where labor can be effective or ineffective at changing the terrain.


Resources are gained by holding control of nodes through
 the transition, and combat movement phases of a turn: meaning resources are accrued at nodes at the end of each round of turns, ready to be utilized at the start of one’s next turn.

Items, Resources, Pick-ups, Finds, and the like are accumulated during ones turn and are accounted for given the completion of the action that would accrue such.

Structures improve nodes, yield, and resources.

There are 4 Resources Per Color, as well as Currency.

Per Each Color the resources are Structure, Energy, Luxury, and Power. Each color also has a different currency.

Currency being accrued by civil buildings, taxes, and fiscal management. These nodes are often buildings or places that economic yield is visibly present. Currency is also acquired by kills, quests, missions, errands and the like.

Currency is a resource in that it can be utilized to haggle as a form of exchange for transferrable things. Things such as items and creatures that are dependent on the four resources can be bargained for using Currency as a swaying factor in trades.

Structure resource is accumulated through nodes and is separate from Currency.

Structure and Energy are the two main forms of resources.

Energy provides a counter balance to Structure. Think of Structure as a Barracks where Energy is the training of soldiers, where one or the other is sufficient, both are not necessary for warfare, however, both play hand in hand quite well.

Luxury, and Power each are secondary resources and effect the development of structures and units alike. These function much as Structure resource, however are rarer and offer more specialization as opposed to the production value of the common Structure resource.

Resource Placement

To determine whether or not a tile has a resource, one must first flip a coin, call the coin in the air, and given the individual is correct, the individual can roll for the resource that is placed.

Construction odds are 2/6, meaning a dice roll of 1, or 2 yields the placement of a construction resource node on a tile.

Energy has the same odds as Construction, meaning a 3 or 4 yields an energy resource node on a tile.

Luxury, and Power resources both have a 1/6 chance, meaning a 5 will yield a luxury resource node on a tile, and 6 will yield a Power Resource node on a tile. Luxury would be similar to a higher quality metal to forge weapons with, where Power would be that of a charismatic or knowledgeable General to lead troops.

The color of a resource is rolled following the roll for the presence of a resource node. Given a 1:1 Color Split tile, the odds will be even, where 1,2, and 3 yield a resource of color one, and 4,5,6 yield a resource of color 2. This functions on a 1:2:1 tile the same way, where color A:B:C represented by 1A:2B:1C are rolled for on a die, given one rolls a 5 or a 6 roll the die again to yield a number 1,2,3,4 representing the two 25% probable outcomes and the outcome that is 50% probable.

For efficacy rolling for the resource lay of a tile can be done at the same rate rolling color for the tile is done. Transposed as the following.

The territory roll following the determination determines the wealth of the node, a roll of 1 through 6 determines whether the node yields one through six of the rolled resource per turn.

Given there is an unoccupied castle that one is able to capture, given that no resource nodes have been rolled for the Kingdom then one can subsequently roll for the resource placement on the newly conquered Kingdom.

Rolling for Resources

Meaning each whole Square tile has an area of 256 Deciunit.
Area follows suit mathematically. One Docitile = 16 Deci tile


An equilateral triangle has ((16 x 16) /2 ) Dociunit area. So 128 Deciunit.
The (32 x 16) Right triangles. An area of 35 and 7/9 deciunit. The Fractional Deciunit will lie along the border, and be compensated with the neutral zone of the Diamond Wheels.

No resources would lay in the fractional Deciunit, any resources in the neutral zone of the Diamond Wheel would be rolled upon by |2| players at the digression of the |2| players.

Rolling for resouces can be done with simplicity or with as complexity as desired.

A resource node takes up the same amount of map area as a structure tile. Structures can be build on top of resource nodes to improve yield.

The wealth of a node correlates with the size of the node on the map.

8 ( Wealth# of Node) is the number of Deciµ^2 a node occupies on a map.

The placement of a node is determined by either the |1| level player of the proprietary sextogon, the |1| level player with the base element color that the node is, or the |2| level player of the corresponding color as the |1| level player.

Resource Yeild

Each Color in each Plane has separate resources.
Ub: Yields solely Ub resources
Ny: Ny yields both at half rates
Un: Un yields solely Un resources

The Equation for Resource yield being

The Base Hero Bonus and Mayor bonus being 1, representing 100% yield, things such as skills, talents, items, polices, improvements, etc. can impact the yield of a tile through the Hero and Mayor Bonuses

((Node Wealth + Node Improvement Bonus)( Stationed Hero Bonus)(Mayor Bonus))

Occupied nodes are effected by the mayor and by improvements and provide resource per resource yield per turn up to a maximum of 16 turns holding 1600% of the resource base, resources being collected by visit by a hero and

It is possible to move resources from a node to another place utilizing labor which is effected by movement as all creatures however is similar to the mayor in refraining from attacking.

Creature/Structure Format

Buildings and the yield of which be it items, creatures, or passive bonuses, are determined by the resources that comprise the composition of the building. These are known as Constructs.

There are 16 levels of Construct, where the type of resource that is used to add to the composition of a Construct occupies a level of the Construct.

¢= Currency impacts trading for resources as well as societal impact such as workers and labor efficiency

€= Energy
Ω= Luxury
¶= Power

Structure provides bonuses to basic Attack Variables
Energy provides bonuses to basic Defense variable
Luxury provides bonus to Skill and Spell Development of Creatures and Heros
Power Provides bonus to Variable Aptitude, Ability, Society Progress and things such as Tile Improvement and Structure yield.

There is a 1:1 resource cost to Construct yield, meaning one resource spend on a Construct adds one level of building to the Construct in question.

The equation of bonus towards yield of constructing Constructs is

where %color is the % of the color that is the player color

((4(%tile color)) (4(%mayor color)(4%hero color)) in terms of resources spend to actualized resources . Meaning one can spend one resource and it would yield as if it were 8 resources given that tile is 100% player color and the mayor is 100% player color given that the resource being utilized is player color resource.

Mayor Bonus applies to the building supply, as well as the creature production. Labor also accounts for the rate at which resource population is accrued, one pays labor at a rate of 1:2:4 structure resource to luxury and power resources.

Structure resources return both passive benefits and offer the ability to create creatures. The strength of creatures correlating with the surroundings as well as the cost effect of the creature.


Mayors effect the resource yield at a rate of number of tiles of area the commercially yielding tile is from the center of the tile.

The Mayor Provides an effect based on the color of the mayor, this can be enhanced by other effects.

((%(passivebonus%)(%(mayor color))(%tilecolor) where passive bonus is calculated before the percent aging of the land, including any contribution or disaccord.

where resource yield is  (Rs.Yl. / Turn) + (BaseHoldings/tax/detriment)

800% resource yield per turn in  the hub 2x2 square of the center.
600% resource yield per turn in any of the hub 3x3 square of the center.
400% resource yield per turn in any hub of the 4x4 square
200% resource yield per turn in the 5x5 square,
with 100% resource in the 6x6 square.

A Mayor essentially  Occupies a 2x2 Docitile Square on a map of a 7 square shares and 4 angled corners of a hat representing the polygon.

On a battle field the Mayor is  however represents a stack of solely one unit. The mayor can be of any one of a creature or individual that is amassed by the size the owned constructs. The mayor does not fight, however, and a player can only have one mayor. Mayors stats can effect statistical yield on an effect that would effect any other and presents a radius of effect that is the same as the resource yield as a universal effect upon all of ones creatures so long as the creatures stay within the area of the effect of the resource yield.

Buildings and Creatures effected by Resources

creatures and buildings representing the lions share of knowledge the map entails, these occupants represent themselves by an informative name regarding the number and type of resources that consist of the creature.

Resource Name of the creature was simply the 5 stats with currency holdings separate from the rest (¢) [((§)(€)(Ω)(¶))]
with the statistical symbols are the sum total of worth of each broad statistical number.

any affixes would be addressed as a benefit or detriment on the slate representing the character or creature, effecting the creature after the benefit.

Each statistic weighs evenly in a fight, while specifics can be manipulated only by Attack and Defense given any benefit of an item, attribute, effect, or ability

Building name is represented upon the building. For a building to advance a building must achieve a Resource name (X¢) [((X§)(X€)(XΩ)(X¶))] with all currency equating a number. This represents the sum amount of work or sacrifice upon the advance.

The number 17RT with the Rt representing the resource tag whether or not on play. A 17 alone representing a 17 as each stat across the board would be an Empty simple 17.

An RT can represent two colored letters given the two major constituents by a percentage breakdown.

A 17 RT is where the sum # of resources  equals 500%  the sum of the buildings resources would be in a CT or Construction Tag.

A creature with an RT in the tag representing an equal number range of 500% of the level number in front of the RT. Essentially.

 (500%)(Sum of Res)(XLevel)=(500%)(Sum of Res)(RT XLevel).

The Four Stats giving a different one of the 4 Major Stats

Construction Gains

Each level gives an opportunity to invest in construction as well as creature production in order to further ones abilities and power in the game. Each Stat represents key benefits while determining attributes, abilities, and aptitude for spells and items.

Each Stat was a 64 Level tower with 4 sub stats represented as selected bonuses added per level of the creature.

 The points are attributed per resource spent when the resource is added to the stock of resources present in the form of any construct yielding bonuses into the stats in whichever selected variable at the time of exchange at any rate equivocal to the Level %stat raise where each level added a flat bonus at 17% on top of the stats as a bonus as part of the resource tag when given into questioning.

The (17%stats attributed by a level 17 or a level 17RT) is determined by the level.

Each Resource could be seen as

So long as Resources = (1¢) [((1§)(1€)(1Ω)(1¶))] = (¢V) [((W§)(X€)(YΩ)(Z¶))] per creature, the amount of represent resources was true as the stats lay as seen, each sub stat mirroring the larger stat in terms of attack abilities against special defense would be Represented as 1Xlv= [(W§(Z¶ ))] with the bolded aspect representing the major stat, and the plain styled representing the lower investment.

A Resource offers a 1:1:1:1 yield per every creature regardless of anything. The Resource can be moved into specific so long as 1 Resource = (1§) = [((1§)(1€)(1Ω)(1¶))] = (¢V) [((W§)(X€)(YΩ)(Z¶))].

Strength Offering
The strength offering impacts the calculations, essentially adding levels of depth into statistical calculation.

the represented strength of resources being determined for a specific individual 
1 Resource § = (1§) [((1§)(1€)(1Ω)(1¶))] =   (1§) = [((W§)(X€)(YΩ)(Z¶))]  where the equation represents the expenditure of a resource.

Neutral Dwellings

Neutral Dwellings can be created by |2| level players in the same way they are created by the |1| level players. Neutral Dwellings can produce creatures to roam about and terrorize the |1| level adventurers. Neutral Dwellings consume resources and can receive improvements at the same rates as |1| Player controlled dwellings, as well as be seized and captured by |1| level players.

Neutral Dwellings that have been captured can revolt and return to being neutral given that the garrison of creatures spawned Neutrally achieves a combat victory over the |1| player’s units that are garrisoned. |2| players can control Neutral Dwellings on the |1| level of the map of the correlating color that the |2| player controls.

Development and Progress

Development revolves around the 4 branches; Resource, Labor, Order, and Organization

 Each development branch with 4 sub branches representing the impact of the resources spend towards the development of such an aspect.

Each Development branch is based around the central color of an individual player’s origin Castle in the center of the Sextogon.

Resource Tree

The Resource development branch includes the Army, Heroes, The Town, and General Development.

The yield is generally 1% per resource spent across each field, impacting the resource that was invested. With a maximum at 64% bonus. Resource development is calculated before active effects and item bonuses.

Investing Structure into the Army Aspect of Resource yields a 1% decrease on cost of creature creation/recruitment, structure building, and structure upgrade that accumulates per turn (e.g having 10% decrease from structure resource investment means a 10 structure cost will only cost 9 due to the investment),

Investment cost rounds down, while statistics round up,  so having the 10% decrease on a unit that costs 5 structure resource, effectively costing 4.5 resources will only cost 4 structure resources, where were the bonus 5%, the cost of a 5 structure resource at 4.75 will still cost 5 structure resource.

Investing in Heroes will yield the same rates, save replacing creatures with the cost of recruiting and training heroes, as well as benefiting the statistics of the heroes.

Investing in the Town yields the same rates on any construction and improvement that occurs on any tile that is 100% Town color, with a % yield per any mixed color tiles, e.g. a 50% town color tile would receive 50% bonus.

Investing in the Development yields at 25% of the above rate, however, development effects all fields including creatures, structures, costs, heroes, etc.

Labor Tree
The Labor Tree effects that labor rates, the rates at which buildings and improvements can be established, as well as the rates at which resources can be transported from place to place.

Laborers are created in the Castle, and can be captured. A Labor unit costing one structure resource and move one structure resource, and utilize one structure resource in construction and improvement of a tile, including terrain modification.

Labor rates are effected by the same color based chart that determines strengths and weaknesses of combat of different colors against each other. This also determines the efficacy of the labor and the rates at which labor yields.

Labor bonus accumulations do not round, however extra labor bonus accumulations do not disappear and simply count towards the next labor bonus accumulation.

The Labor tiers are : Number; Skill; Cost; and Efficacy

Number increases the amount of laborers one is able to create. Where the 1% rate applies, this accumulates as fractions of a worker. (e.g at 10%, every 9 resources spent creating workers yields one free worker ; this applies to each specific color resource individually and accumulates per labor unit created)

Skill effects the rate at which Laborers are able to impact tiles, a 10% rate means per every 9 units of labor of the specific resource that is utilized one unit of labor is accumulated of the specific resource ( e.g utilizing 9 green structure units of labor yields a tenth unit of green structure labor)

Cost effects the cost of impacting tiles via labor. At a 10% rate, for every 9 units of resources utilized by the labor, a tenth is accumulated. (e.g utilizing 9 green structure resources effectively provides and extra tenth resource at the site where the green structure resource was utilized, as a free green structure resource)

Efficacy improves the rate at which labor occurs. A 10% rate in efficacy provides a bonus that accumulates over turns that provides an extra unit of labor. (e.g. a 10% bonus invested in green construction labor efficacy means that per 9 green construction resources utilized by labor, an additional labor unit is accumulated and able to be utilized in the place that the labor bonus was achieved at, where a construction that costs 10 green construction resources would be completed with 9 green construction labor units.)


Order effects the rate at which resources are stolen or lost to crime, as well as the rates at which misdeeds will occur by any subversive occupation of an enemy. Order also effects all aspects of the mayor including resource bonuses at a rate of 1/10%

Stealing and Murder in this case work much like a spell or ability, where an enemy can utilize these skills to thwart, capture, or murder labor as well as steal resources from a construction site given they are undetected or unopposed in their attempts.

Law will reduce the rate at which labor and creatures are murdered by usurpers, as well as the rates at which enemy usurpers are detected and apprehended. (essentially a bonus to detection rolls on a tile. Providing a 1% bonus where at 10%, a success rate of 10% for detection and apprehension becomes a 12% success rate for detecting and apprehending usurpers.

Order prevents the loss of resources to negligence and luck rolls of discontent in society. (essentially at 10% order, a 10% chance of losing a resource to criminals and usurpers becomes a 9% chance of losing resource to criminals or usurpers.)

Executive effects the rates at which the mayor accumulates the mayor bonus. This effect applies at a 1/10% due to the broad spectrum of mayor bonuses, this accumulates just as labor bonuses do. ( At a 10% rate, (1%) the 800% resource bonus of the mayor becomes a 808% resource bonus per turn.

Diplomacy provides additional bonuses at a rate of 1% into the resource that is being utilized to barter, haggle, or otherwise attempt to coerce peace out of any rival player. (a 10% bonus invested in Diplomacy by Green Construction Resource will upon any gift or trade of 90 Green Construction resource to another player be received by the other player as 100 Green Construction resource.

Organization provides bonuses to Creatures, Structures, Policies, and many aspects that fall under its spectrum.

The aspects of Organization: Spiritual; Societal; Military; and Political

Spiritual provides a bonus to luck rolls with any sorts of spell, magic, luck, non-physical effect, and with interactions with |2| level players at a rate of 1% on luck rolls that impact the color resource invested as well as luck rolls of creatures and structures that have the same color resource invested in their respective Resource tag.

This works at the same rates the military below, however impacting non-physical combat and out of combat effects.

Societal provides a 1% bonus towards non-mayor, non-military bonuses provided by structures  that have the same color resource invested in their respective Resource tag. This includes statistical bonuses provided by buildings such as defense and resource improvements.

Military provides a 1% bonus towards non-mayor, military bonuses such as the improvement of creatures, heroes and statistics that have the same color resource invested in their respective Resource tag.

Investing into the Military yields a 1% increase in the representative stat that correlates with the resource spent across each creature that contains the specific home color resource in their Resource Tag. (e.g 10% bonus from green construction will yield +2 attack statistics were a creature to have a base of 20 attack provided by green construction before any benefit, effectively establishing the base attack statistic at 22 before any new gains from other sources.)

Political provides a bonus similar to the executive effect in the order tree, providing the (1/10%) rate as a bonus towards investment of Development trees that utilize the same color resource as is invested in Political branch of the Order development branch.


There are four major statical groups, each is represented by four sub statistics that summate to provide a statistical reading as well as provide the basis of aptitude for utilization of items, spells, weapons, etc.

The main stat groups are: Physical Damage; Magic Damage; Defense; and Character

Physical Damage consists of the four stats Strength; Dexterity; Speed; and Finesse

Magic Damage consists of Intellect; Potency; Concentration; and Prowess

Defense consists of Constitution; Evasion; Magic Resist; and Guile

Character Statistics consists of Charisma; Wisdom; Luck; and Presence

Stat Layout

Each Hero and Character is defined by the four major stat groups, where one selects, rolls for, or creates a creature defined by a primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary statistic.

A Hero can select which statistic one chooses as primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary, where a Creature or Building has P,S,T,Q stats defined by the resources it takes to create such a Creature or Building

A hero allocates statistics, while a creature is defined by the resource cost.

Upon recruitment a new hero has the following unspent statistical points to allocate.

Primary Stat group is given 32 Points to allocate across the sub-stats
Secondary Stat group is given 24 points to allocate across the sub-stats
Tertiary Stat group is given 16 Points to allocate across the sub-stats
Quaternary Stat group is given 8 Points to allocate across the sub-stats

Both heroes and creatures statistics are effected by bonuses such as items, training, and active abilities. Items being a bonus that is can be traded and drops upon death, where training dies with the unit. Both items and training are achieved through resource investment.

A single resource investment provides four statistical points that can be utilized in any of the sub-stats of the major stat group that correlates with the invested resource.

Stats can be translated from primary into secondary, Secondary into tertiary, and tertiary into quaternary. This sacrifices 6.25% of the statistics being translated in order to move. a Minimum of 8 Stats is required to translate, and this number rounds down, e.g move 8 from P to S, yield of 7.5 S, rounds down to 7 S.

Other Stats
Other Stats are also prevalent.

Skill power determines the power of specific abilities.

The Equation of Base Skill power is

((Color Bonus(Airs(Align(ItemsBonus(Effects(Terrain( Roll)))))))(Ability))

Roll would be the Result of the Combat Grid

Ability will be a a separate number, whether defensive of offensive, impactcting the calculation of combat, Defensive spells are % less than 100% and Offensive Spells are % Greater than 100%

Airs and Algin impact certain spells and not others, these are by default a 1, however given a creature or hero is aligned with any sort of alignment or has correlating airs, these will yield 2x bonus for match of airs or alignment, where a contrasting alignment will yield a bonus of 0.5x where alignment is a factor in the ability of spell (e.g civilian murder or dark magic for a good character, blessings for an evil character: the same applies to airs)

Terrain can impact combat, attacking uphill will yield a 0.5 modifier. The base is one. Attacking Downhill yields a 2 modifier.

Item bonus would be a benefit of a skill provided by an item.

Effects include buffs, curses, and any skill modification provided by a non item source
Color bonus is determined by % of the Res Tag that matches the color of the spell or ability. The greatest % of the color Res Tag is the primary, where in defending order greater color % yield primary, secondary, tertiary, or base color%

8x bonus for Primary color
4x bonus for Secondary Color
2x bonus for Tertiary Color
1x Bonus for base color or no match to color

Combat Grid

Combat Grid can be represented as a 4x4 grid representing the four main statistical groups.

Where Bold represents the attacking player and Italics represent the defending player, P,S,T,Q representing each players primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary statistics.

P-P = A
(S+A)-S =B
(T+B)-T = C
(Q+C)-Q = D

D= the Combat Roll utilized in the above expression for skill power.

The Combat Grid also determines base attack given no spells or abilities are used rather than a simple attack.

The Statistics are the base Statistic before items or bonuses, which come into effect during the calculations of base skill attack power.

Given an attack has an area of effect, one rolls a combat grid against each monster in the area of effect of the attack.

Combat Roll

The Combat Roll is what is utilized after the Combat Grid and impacts the base attack

Rolling a six sided die

Roll: Multiplier
1: 0.5
3: 1.5
4: 2
5: 2.5
6: 3

Attack Roll Formula
(Roll Multiplier(Ability Power)) = (Ability) in Base Skill Power

Roll: Multiplier
6: 2

These both input into the Base Skill Power equation in the (Ability place). Use the appropriate multiplier for Attacking or Defensive spells.


Movement of a Unit Stack or Hero is determined by the color strength and weakness chart.  Base movement is 16 Decitile per turn, represented at 16 movement units.

Movement is effected by the type of terrain being crossed.
By level where T is the Terrain Level

T6= 4 movement units per decitile crossed
T5= 2 movement units per decitile crossed
T4= 1 movement unit per decitile crossed
T3= 0.5 movement unit per decitile crossed
T2= 0.5 movement per decitile crossed
T1=  2 movement per decitile crossed

T0 surrounds the map and can be traversed by boat, which is a labor unit that can cross the ocean. Boats must be created on the edge units of a Sextogon.
A boat also provides a battlefield of the color determined by the Res Tag of the defending boat that is created.

Effect of Color

The net color of an individual, be it a creature, hero, structure, item, or anything, is determined by the %breakdown of color. Where (X Color Res / Total # of Res) is the %color for each color involved in the Res Tag of a creature, hero, structure, item, or anything.

The Attacking or Traversing color is the input against the constant of the terrain or defending color.

There is a color strength and weakness chart.

Skills and Abilities

Skills and Abilities are created by choosing a sub-stat and applying a formula.

Skills and abilities are each assigned different Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary sub-stats based on the type of spell. Each type of spell and ability will be represented by the one of the major stat groups and is effected by the sub sets

the formula of ((4( P )) (3 ( S)) (2 ( T)) (1 (Q)) )= Ability Power

Abilities can provide offensive, defensive, or otherwise non-combat bonuses. A unit that has abilities can utilize one ability after the combat grid during the Base Skill Power calculation.

Abilities can curse opponents to lower stats, deal damage, heal or buff allies statistics, summon creatures, and provide tactical advantages among other things (be creative)

Movement as a result of ability power would be done as one ability power= one sextile of movement.

The Strength of Creatures that could be summoned based upon the roll would effectively be the statistical strength of the spell that casts them. Creatures are summoned indefinitely and last until killed or the end of the turn.

In Size Decending Size

Sextogon = 42 Docitile = 256 Dociunit squared

One Docitile = 16 Dociunit squared = 16 Decitile = (One (1x1) graph paper square unit on map)

One Decitile = 16 Deciunit squared = 16 Sextile

One Sextile = one Deciunit squared

In example…. for simplicity µ = unit ( feel free to use † as tile symbol)

One Hero Unit = 1 Deciµ Squared = 1 Deciµˆ2, a hero representing an army of followers moving throughout the land.

Construct / Building = 8 Deciµˆ2 ≤ x ≤ 64 Deciµˆ2

 Tile ~ Graph Paper square units
~4 x (2x1)  Tiles (eight 2x1 triangles) = 2 (2x2 Squares)
4 (1x1)  Tiles (four 1x1 right triangles) = ( 4 ( 2x2 Squares)
4 (1x2)  tiles (1x2 rectangles.) = ( 4 ( 2x2) squares)
4 (4x4) tiles (8x8 squares) = ( 16 (2x2) squares)
12 (2x2) Square tiles ( 12 ( 2x2 Squares)
4 center (2x2 Squares) ( 4 ( 2x2) Squares)

30 + 12 = 42 tiles

Creature Stacks….

Deciµˆ2 /  x Number of Creatures (Stack Size) [Max Stack size = 256]
1               x < 32
2              x  < 64
4              x  <  128
6              x <   192
8              x ≤ 256