Friday, January 31, 2014



although its up to the jewdiciary

between jew and me

the child’s candy was jew delicious to resist

between all of the jewsury and the taxes

on grape jews these days, between tossing

the man the schillings or simply taking the candy

from the child,  it was too easy to jews the

easy way. If i see something I kike, I can’t help myself.

When mortal combat says, “jews your destiny”, my

actions are as common place as your mother

telling jew to “jew your food” or “jew the laundry”.

I see this jew reading the jews and I think,

“hey, i kike those blue suede jews he’s got”

so i went with a rock and torah his face up

the brain conjewsion that man always wanted.

The subsequent conjewsion on the streets

as enough for me to ride my kike away from

the scene of the alleged wrong jewings.

I mean I didn’t want to overjew it or anything,

but there isn’t anything the rejewncy would do

so to tell the whole jewth, and nothing but the jewth

accounting for his increjewlity I took 40,000 kilojewls

of current from a downed power line right into the man’s

crown jewels for his rampant ridicjewlousness.

The mounting recklessness and jewsurpation

that was injewced by such actions of the injewry

I had inflicted upon the man was jewbiquitous.

were I to somehow face the grand jewry for what

I have done they could all well compare that to

The Final Soljewtion. Somehow Hitler never found

the hebrews Jew.F.O, however by my own injewition

I figured it was my jewty to preserve all things left

in the world that were in any way jewtiful. Such is the

conjecture of the jew.

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