Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Origin of Life (Hypothesis and Conjecture)

Origin of Life

Life could easily be looked at much like a combination of chaos theory and a jigsaw puzzle. Random impetus occurs and occasionally things occur that will both reiterate themselves and act as a catalyst to their own success. Life operates on a similar level to a fire, save instead of combustible materials and oxygen, Life instead operates on a model using any bioavailable resources as the reagents, where exhaust products are rather negligible to the species that creates them. While one may not notice this, life, much like a fire, would extinguish itself were it to run out of available resources for which to replicate itself.

Life as individuals know for the majority of its existence was never heavily if at all sentient, and such it’s actions were derived from impulse. This can be seen much like a chemical reaction which does not “choose” whether or not to react, it simply does. As said before, with itself acting as a catalyst, with little to no hindrance for the most part the spontaneous creation of life in a simplistic manner could be seen as the non biotic forces stirring earth as a cauldron watching as reactions would occur, catalyzing themselves in the case of life, and watching this reaction develop over the years as a chain reaction increasing in volatility and diversity.

As the cauldron was being stirred by the primordial elements reactions would occur time and time again that would much like an individual shaking a box full of 3 dimensional interlocking puzzle pieces, occasionally find themselves in the correct position to conjoin and with the nature of chemistry these bonds would happen to be stronger than the surrounding forces and hence continue to exist.

With these forces in play the simple building blocks of life would appear, and as more and more pieces would come together, with any sort of impetus or catalyst such would assemble itself, simply by random chance. The ability of life to replicate would come from the availability of resources required to facilitate the occurrence of such, where the organism to collect enough resources to essentially have a set of two or more of each required reagent, so long as this standard were met there would be no hindrance from the two organisms splitting into two self sufficient organisms such as the first individual, as the reagents have been met.

This process would continue to catalyze itself as the reproduction rate of multiplication can  be seen by squaring a number 2, as the first individual has obviously completed the first addition by assembling the reagents to fulfill it self and rather than be burdened by the weight of carrying double or more of each reagent, the formation of the life form being so stable compared to it’s surroundings would shed a carbon copy of itself to preserve the effectiveness of life.

 Life at this point being a simple collection of reagents adrift amongst resources collecting at it’s own reactive rate, much like a chemical would bond with another chemical and not with others, life can be seen as a parallel to this reaction, some life interacting and utilizing some resources while refraining from utilizing others.

Biological Aging

Aging can be seen in an allegory as the standard of mechanical upkeep and use. In the same way that a car could be preserved by looking after it’s well being with proper maintenance, it can also lose functionality and efficiency by neglect of upkeep on certain parts which can fail (organ failure), simply erosion and degradation of the source structure materials (aging in general), as well as the spontaneous events of automobile collisions (random sporadic causes of death by physical outside means (i.e struck by a rock, tumble off cliff)

The physical means of entropy will indeed present themselves amongst any and all  physical existence across any and all mediums, these forces that see that reaction of chemicals occur is the same that induce degradation of a machine such as an automobile and as well define and induce aging in a biological organism.

Extraterrestrial life

The statements above regarding the origin of life are in no way specific to the planet earth and could easily be applied to any planetary situation. The building blocks of life are not set in stone, however the chemicals that would become essential elements in any life form would simply be the most biologically available chemicals with enough volatility to enact steady reciprocation among catalysts and the local trophic cycle.

Paradox of the Plankton

Easily the different types of plankton could have evolved in separate areas and subsequently intermingled throughout the ocean. As it would take much time to traverse the entire ocean. Limiting factors do not present themselves at any substantial rate and a lack of predators would leave little necessity to compete, and the ability for any one species of plankton to dominate the ocean enough to hinder the access to sunlight seems farfetched.

The Changes of the environment of the earth over it’s lifespan have been enough to facilitate localized success and failures of plankton in different areas where each belonging to a niche would be successful on its own without impacting the life of others. As the environment changes the habitable area of each type of plankton would be adjusting to the changes.

The relatively small size of plankton and the inability to effectively block sunlight through it’s own dominance would leave no extinction mechanisms available to otherwise terminate the existence of any type of phytoplankton. Competing for an otherwise limitless resource being sunlight there is seemingly no way for any plankton to inhibit the existence of other types of plankton other than a natural defense mechanism against predators such as poisoning which would condition the predators to hunt other types of plankton.

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