Sunday, February 2, 2014

Human Rights

so many human rights at the end of the street I can do a U turn

like two more rights than you and down the street see my tires burn

so many human rights i could drive the indy 500 on a reverse track

so many human rights i end up selling the rights so I count stacks

so many human rights like fuck your shit human rights violation

i’ve got all the human rights i’m like my own first world nation

it’s like i went to a pawn shop under hitler and the 3rd reich

put their legal papers on the table for collateral one night

then i go in and collect now it’s my human rights kikes

human rights like attribution creative commons copyrights

so I copped that shit in my name now its my human rights

human rights like I’m hammurabi and you fuckers all thieves

got a pile of these human rights cut off on account of greed

human rights like I got the inheritance from Martin Luther King

nigger never got his but over his dead body i’ma let freedom ring

human rights like i steal them from the every day people I kill

the country has the bill of rights but fuck if i’ma foot that bill

fuck you and your bullshit and trials over out in Nuremberg

your human rights be like the Titanic and i am the Iceberg

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