Sunday, February 16, 2014

Space Travel

Manned space travel is seemingly is impossible thinking about the volatility of humans + technology as a subcritical nuclear collection

perhaps some sort of long term storage coasting off of initial velocity with some sort of gravitational accelleration from the sun a ship could carry some sort of vital chamber which to release the foundations of terrestrial life upon impacting a planet. It would be very hit or miss but the only possibility honestly.

as 1000 km /h is 0.0001 Lightspeed, a reasonable average rate for a serious attempt. This means it would take 100,000 years to travel a light year, effectively 1,000,000 years to travel 10 light years

earth is 4,500,000,000 years old, so this is not very much time in a geologic standpoint, however humans only being 200,000 years old as a species, that is 5 times humans have evolved from feral creatures into modern sapiens.

The effort is a shot in the dark but could be accomplished through sheer luck given the raw materials and astronautic strategy.

The living ones here no, but there is a possibility to send biological data as a sort of biovirus to infest other planets with its existence.

The odds of hitting a planet with a habitable atmosphere to support terrestrial life are quite slim, as onboard calculations would need to be done by the computer system or something to direct the pod and crashland it safely onto a terrestrial planet.

while it may be much more difficult to spawn complex life, simple things such as seed based life could possibly fare decently. Complex life would require a sort of massive cloning room to spawn the first generation, this would be suited and separated for each class of life.

Simple life certianly. Think of this as a petri dish scenario with no ability to have any impact or communication with such.

After the first 1,000,000 years, perhaps the pods land somehwhere. After 200,000 up to 500,000 years after such perhaps a sapient race has evolved from one of the species that dominated the landscape of the new world to the point that their technology could contact the planet by array...

The only advantage these creatures would have is the ability to look at 1,000,000 year old technology that came encoded or stored in some way on the crash pod in the case their archaeology is enough to uncover the existence of it.

This is the most plausible scenario I can think of. Star Trek / Light Speed Travel. that bullshit is nonsense in my opinion.

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